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* Tyne Daly's pregnancy was written into the show. In one episode during that time, Cagney and Lacey are out on the street and happen to notice a guy stealing a TV from an apartment--in broad daylight. At first they're amused at his sheer gall, and they shout jeers at him ("Hey, Mr. Television!"), but he winds up giving them a serious chase and they nearly lose him. That's until a hormonal Lacey rounds a corner and screams at him to stop, terrifying not only the perp but a shocked Cagney as well.
-->'''Lacey''' (as they take the perp into custody): I can't run like I used to, Christine.
-->'''Cagney:''' You're a dangerous woman when your feet hurt, Mary Beth.
* When a local game show is suspected of fraud, the detectives (Cagney, Lacey, Isbecki, and Esposito) investigate it disguised as contestants. Since it's sort of a blend of ''Jeopardy!'' and ''Let's Make a Deal,'' they wind up wearing costumes reminiscent of a Fruit of the Loom commercial, much to their disgust. Cagney lets the host know the jig is up when he asks her a game question and she replies by lifting up one of her pineapple "spines" to reveal her badge.
-->'''Cagney''' (big, game-show smile): This is a bust, Bob!
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