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--> '''Louise: [[GreaterNeedThanMine Take it.]]


--> '''Louise: '''Louise''': [[GreaterNeedThanMine Take it.]]

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* One word: NUTS
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* Sgt. Guffy and Louise bickering while splitting up their profits.
--> ''' Sgt. Guffy''': Here's your half, 320 dollars, now what'd you make?
--> '''Louise''': 1,230 dollars.
--> ''' Sgt. Guffy''': Oh? [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Whatta you been sellin?]] I don't see much stock gone.
--> '''Louise: [[GreaterNeedThanMine Take it.]]
--> '''Sgt. Guffy''': I won't take it until I know how you made it! What do you think I am?
--> '''Louise''': What do you think I am!
** An Guffy's initial reaction to Louise explanation that he must be in love with her.
--> '''Sgt. Guffy''': (''walks by the chicken box trying to think only to be interrupted by one of the chicken's cackles'') Shattup! (''kicks the box'')
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