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** ''Legends Walking'' (1999)


** ''Legends Walking'' / ''Changer's Daughter'' (1999)
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* CompanionCube: ''Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls'' has an interesting twist -- inanimate objects constantly talk telepathically to the autistic main character, Sarah. And no, she's not imagining it: they sometimes tell her useful things, like the combinations to locks and safes, or the location of hidden items.
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: In the short story "Ruthless", this trope is {{subverted}}: The long list of people other than Crown Prince Michael and Judith who can see it include a pair of plotters who intend to use their feelings for each other against Queen Elizabeth.
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Jane Lindskold is an author of SpeculativeFiction, especially UrbanFantasy, known for her association with Creator/RogerZelazny, who mentored her, and whose last two novels she finished posthumously.

!! Works with a page on this wiki:
* ''Literature/BreakingTheWall'' series (more commonly known as ''The Land of Smoke and Sacrifice'')
* ''Literature/FirekeeperSaga''
* "[[Literature/AssassinFantastic A Touch of Poison]]"

!! Other works:
* The ''Athanor'' series:
** ''Changer'' (1998)
** ''Legends Walking'' (1999)
* ''Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls'' (1994)
* ''The Buried Pyramid'' (2004)
* ''Child of a Rainless Year'' (2005)
* ''Donnerjack'' (with Creator/RogerZelazny, 1997)
* ''Lord Demon'' (with Creator/RogerZelazny, 1999)
* ''Marks of Our Brothers'' (1995)
* ''The Pipes of Orpheus'' (1995)
* ''Smoke and Mirrors'' (1996)
* ''When the Gods are Silent'' (1997)
!! Tropes in her other works:
* SpeaksInShoutOuts: In ''Literature/BrotherToDragonsCompanionToOwls'', the main character can only communicate via quotes from literature. It's heavily implied that she is autistic.
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