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For those adding to character classes with a backstory, please keep using the same gender identification that is used in the '''majority''' of their promotional/NPC appearances. This means:


For those adding to character classes with a backstory, please keep using the same gender identification that is used in the '''majority''' of their promotional/NPC appearances. I.E. their canon gender. This means:

* '''Female''' for Mercedes, Jett, Kanna, Beast Tamer and Angelic Buster.
* '''Neutral''' for Aran, as Nexon of Korea has stated that Aran's gender is simply "Aran" and the player is given the choice to determine Aran's "canon" gender.

While we are aware that both genders are playable for almost all classes, sticking to the same gender for each character across this entire article will enhance its readability.


* '''Female''' for Mercedes, Aran, Jett, Kanna, Beast Tamer Tamer, and Angelic Buster.
* '''Neutral''' for Aran, as Nexon of Korea has stated that Aran's gender is simply "Aran" and the player is given the choice to determine Aran's "canon" gender.


While we are aware that both genders are playable selectable for almost all classes, sticking to the same canon gender for each character (for the characters that have one) across this entire article will enhance its readability.
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Added DiffLines:

** Inverted in [=FriendStory=], where they have trouble fitting in at Shinsoo International School and gain a reputation for being weird.
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* {{Badass}}: By end-game every one of these heroes is able to wipe out armies of monsters without breaking a sweat.
** BadassAdorable: Given the cutesy anime-style graphics, almost every character is this even while decked out in their strongest gear.


* {{Badass}}: By end-game every one of these heroes is able to wipe out armies of monsters without breaking a sweat.
BadassAdorable: Given the cutesy anime-style graphics, almost every character is this even while decked out in their strongest gear.
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* ButtMonkey: In the Gold Beach quest line, they are mistaken for an employee and are tasked with all kinds of grunt work without a chance to explain themselves. So much for a vacation.

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* OnlySaneMan: They serve as this in the [[CityOfWeirdos Mushroom Castle]] quest line.
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This is the list of playable character classes and notable [=NPCs=] from ''VideoGame/MapleStory''. This article contains tropes related to the storyline, skills and, in the case of characters with unique backstories, their personality as per WordOfGod, so '''beware of unmarked spoilers and proceed with caution, especially around the Legends section'''.


This is the list of playable character classes and notable [=NPCs=] from ''VideoGame/MapleStory''. This article contains tropes related to the storyline, skills and, in the case of characters with unique backstories, their personality as per WordOfGod, so '''beware of unmarked spoilers and proceed with caution, especially around the Legends Heroes section'''.

* TheChosenOne[=/=]TheChosenMany: All of them are special in some way or form. For example, the Explorers are people pulled from Earth to serve as heroes while the Legends are [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin legendary for their prowess.]]


* TheChosenOne[=/=]TheChosenMany: All of them are special in some way or form. For example, the Explorers are people pulled from Earth to serve as heroes saviours while the Legends Six Heroes are [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin legendary for their prowess.]]

* HeroOfAnotherStory: The special characters frequently reference each other in their storylines (most prominently the Legends classes) or other quest lines.


* HeroOfAnotherStory: The special characters frequently reference each other in their storylines (most prominently the Legends Hero classes) or other quest lines.

* [[Characters/MapleStoryTwo Legends, Nova, Child of God and [=FriendStory=] ]]
** Legends [[note]]Consists of Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, and Shade/[=EunWol=][[/note]]


* [[Characters/MapleStoryTwo Legends, Heroes, Nova, Child of God and [=FriendStory=] ]]
** Legends Heroes [[note]]Consists of Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, and Shade/[=EunWol=][[/note]]
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!! MapleStory Characters pages


!! MapleStory VideoGame/MapleStory Characters pages
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* [[Characters/MapleStoryNPC Antagonists and [=NPCs=] ]]


* [[Characters/MapleStoryNPC [=NPCs=] ]]
** Ereve [[note]]Cygnus, Shinsoo, Nineheart, Oz, Ickhart, Hawkeye, Irena.[[/note]]
** Other jobs instructors [[note]]Both Victoria and Resistance[[/note]]
** Companions/Mentors [[note]]Freud, Mastema, Lania[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MapleStoryEnemies
Antagonists and [=NPCs=] ]]
** Black Mage and his Commanders
** Black Wings
** Other Enemies
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** Legends [[note]]Consists of Aran, Evan and Freud, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, and Shade/[=EunWol=][[/note]]


** Legends [[note]]Consists of Aran, Evan and Freud, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, and Shade/[=EunWol=][[/note]]
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* [[Characters/MapleStoryNPC Antagonists and [=NPCs=] ]][[/index]]


* [[Characters/MapleStoryNPC Antagonists and [=NPCs=] ]][[/index]]]]

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[[folder: Tropes That Apply to All Playable Classes and Characters]]


[[folder: Adventurer Player Classes]]
The characters of the '''Adventurer'''[[note]]known as Explorer in GMS[[/note]] classes start the game as a Beginner. These were the first classes in the game, and are thus the most basic in terms of skills. Their overall role in the plot is just as simple. Adventurers basically wander the world looking for glory, running across dangerous monsters that the Black Wings are responsible for in some way.

After becoming one of the five Adventurer classes, the player character is expected to [[LevelGrinding level up]] [[PrestigeClass and advance]] to the second job of that class at Level 30, where they will permanently choose which weapon path to take. The player character advances to the third job at Level 60, and fourth job at Level 100.[[note]]The job advancement levels used to be 30, 70, and 120 and were lowered during the Tempest update.[[/note]] The maximum level of any Adventurer character is currently 250.

The ''RED'' update gives Explorers a plotline.



[[folder: Adventurer Player Classes]]
The characters of the '''Adventurer'''[[note]]known as Explorer in GMS[[/note]] classes start the game as a Beginner. These were the first classes in the game,
!! MapleStory Characters pages
* [[Characters/MapleStoryOne Adventurers, Cygnus Knights, Resistance
and are thus the most basic in terms Region Exclusives]]
** Adventurers/Explorers
** Cygnus Knights/Knights
of skills. Their overall role in the plot is just as simple. Adventurers basically wander the world looking for glory, running across dangerous monsters that the Black Wings are responsible for in some way.

After becoming one of the five Adventurer classes, the player character is expected to [[LevelGrinding level up]] [[PrestigeClass
Cygnus [[note]] Includes Mihile[[/note]]
** Resistance [[note]]Includes Demon
and advance]] to the second job of that class at Level 30, where they will permanently choose which weapon path to take. The player character advances to the third job at Level 60, Xenon[[/note]]
** Region Exclusives [[note]]Contains ZEN, Jett, Hayato, Kanna, Ayame,
and fourth job at Level 100.[[note]]The job advancement levels used to be 30, 70, Beast Tamer[[/note]]
* [[Characters/MapleStoryTwo Legends, Nova, Child of God
and 120 [=FriendStory=] ]]
** Legends [[note]]Consists of Aran, Evan
and were lowered during the Tempest update.[[/note]] The maximum level Freud, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, and Shade/[=EunWol=][[/note]]
** Nova [[note]]Consists
of any Adventurer character is currently 250.

The ''RED'' update gives Explorers a plotline.
Kaiser and Angelic Buster[[/note]]
** Child of God (Zero)
** Friend Story (Kinesis)
* [[Characters/MapleStoryNPC Antagonists and [=NPCs=] ]][[/index]]

!!Tropes Associated With All Explorers
* WhereItAllBegan: The Explorer plotline starts and concludes at Maple Island.
* ButThouMust: Even if you notice that "Olive" is acting strangely, you ''must'' give "her" the Nihal Jewel to advance the storyline.
* ChekhovsGun: The Maple Leaf used as a bookmark in the Explorer Book [[spoiler: becomes the Seal Stone of Maple Island]]
* DimensionalTraveller: Explorers begin in a mysterious black void that exists outside of Maple World. It is the fact that the Explorer comes from another dimension that allows them to enter the Door to the Present where the Black Mage is sealed.
* DoomedHometown: [[spoiler: When the Explorer inadvertently releases the Black Mage, he attacks Maple Island.]]
* FiveManBand: The RED Explorer plot puts the player into one of these. Their jobs will change based on the player's job so that they always consist of the 5 jobs.
* FunWithAcronyms: Including you, the main group of friends; '''S'''ugar, '''T'''ess, '''O'''live, '''R'''ondo and '''Y'''ou spell "STORY". Combine it with the acronym formed by the Legends classes and you get [[TitleDrop "MAPLESTORY"]]
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: [[spoiler: Upon discovering the seal on the Black Mage is weakening, the Explorer attempts to fix it, but he escapes instead.]]
* WhamEpisode: [[spoiler: The Black Mage finally explicitly breaks free of his seal in the Explorer plot.]]


->"Warriors are in many ways the physically toughest class. They will usually be found at the front of the party taking damage and bringing their powerful weapons to bear against monsters in one-on-one combat. Warriors are also able to use much of the weaponry in the game and depending upon which career path they choose to pursue, they'll be able to specialize and get really powerful with certain kinds of weapons."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Warrior'''

The bread and butter of melee characters, the Warrior deals up close damage while drawing the attention away from the other ranged classes. Warriors can take various paths at job advancement, becoming a Fighter, Page, or Spearman, changing their role in the party to some degree.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Warrior class as a whole. Tropes specific to certain job advancements can go under that advancement's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Warrior Classes:
* BraidsBeadsAndBuckskins: Their first and second job advancements come from a Native American desert tribe.
%%* DeathMountain: Their job advancement city.
%%* DoubleJump: War Leap
* HeroesPreferSwords: Or at least most do until job advancement. This is due to the damage formulas for swords being more balanced than other weapons.
* ImmuneToFlinching: Their shared Power Stance skill is what gives this technique its universal in-game term "Stance".
%%* MightyGlacier: They're basically the exact opposite of [[SquishyWizard Magicians]].
* StatusBuffDispel: Can remove [[StatusBuff enemy buffs]] and temporarily prevent them from casting new ones through [[AntiMagic Magic Crash]]

->"Fighters are a very balanced class, capable of doing good damage in the first 2 jobs and then players will see more dramatic improvement as a 3rd job Crusader with Combo Attack finishing moves Coma and Panic and then by fourth job as a Hero, players see a decent boost in damage when using Advanced Combo Attack."
---> '''- Basil Market entry about Fighters'''

Tropes associated with Fighters, Crusaders, and Heroes:
* AnAxeToGrind / HeroesPreferSwords
* AwesomeButImpractical: Spending combo orbs on special combo moves is usually considered impractical compared to simply keeping the combo orbs for their stat buffs and using basic moves instead.
* BoringButPractical: Compared to other classes, their attack patterns are very basic.
* ChargedAttack: Their signature passive, Combo Attack, features the collect style, collecting orbs to increase damage or to expend them later on specific attacks.
* CombatPragmatist: Chance Attack is a passive that increases damage done to stunned, blinded, and frozen enemies
* CounterAttack: Rage reflects damage taken back to monsters
* HealingFactor: Self-Recovery
* MakeMeWannaShout: Shout
* SuperToughness: Though it doesn't have the defensive buffs of a Paladin or the extra HP and draining of a Dark Knight, it's still a warrior and has high HP coupled with high physical defense.
* TemporaryBlindness: Panic can inflict this

!!Pages/White Knights/Paladins
->"Pages have traditionally been one of the least popular classes due to their relatively lackluster skills in 3rd job. However, as a fourth job Paladin, players can use the Heaven's Hammer skill which does an epic 199,999 damage. Few jobs can attack with this amount of force, but the amount of patience required to attain this level of skill is great and most people are not able to stick it out. Being a less popular job has its advantages. Blunt Weapon Pages benefit from some of the lowest weapon and scroll prices, making it a very cost-effective path to take."
---> '''- Basil Market entry about Pages'''

Tropes associated with Pages, White Knights, and Paladins:
* AwesomeButImpractical:
** Gets hit with this hard in end-game content, where having massive defense means nothing to bosses that all do health percentage based damage.
** They are ostensibly meant to use all four elemental attacks in a cycle, as evidenced by them continuing to get attack buffs in later advancements, but it's generally considered easier to just alternate between lightning and holy for the sake of building the Elemental Charge buff.
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: A Paladin can use Heaven's Hammer even if he has no surface to slam it against (such as swimming in Aqua Road or Soaring in the Dragon Rider scenario). Justified, maybe, as it's [[PureEnergy not a real hammer]], but it does look strange.
* CarryABigStick / HeroesPreferSwords: Stands out from other classes as the choice of blunt weapon or sword will trigger different passive buffs.
* ChargedAttack: Their Signature Passive, Elemental Charge, Increases their damage and defense when they use charge skills of different elements in quick succession. If Blast is used when fully charged they gain a strong offense buff
* DropTheHammer: Heaven's Hammer strikes the ground with a massive hammer, reducing the health of all nearby non-boss enemies to 1, in addition, all skill animations when equipped with blunt weapons are hammer based.
* ElementalPowers: Gains skills to attack with FireIceLightning [[PlayingWithFire as]] [[AnIcePerson Pages]] and [[ShockAndAwe White Knights]], and Paladins get the ability to attack with [[LightTheWay Holy]], and they benefit from using all elements, as quickly switching between elemental attacks gives them a buff that increases their damage, as well as inflicting a debuff on enemies that make them take more damage from the next element.
* HealThyself: HP Recovery allows them recover a certain percentage of their health. The amount healed decreases if used in quick succession.
* IShallTauntYou: can threaten enemies to make them attack with less strength.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: They gain Shield Mastery, improving their defense and chance to block greatly when using a shield.
* MagicKnight: They mix in elemental attacks alongside their standard blows as of the RED update.
* MagikarpPower: As it says in the description, most players don't have the patience to stick it out for a Paladin and Heaven's Hammer.
* NecessaryDrawback: Parashock Guard reduces the Paladin's guard chance and defense but increases damage of the paladin and guard chance of party members while reducing the damage party members take.
* StoneWall: Tied for the highest defense out of all characters and has very good magical defenses too. CherryTapping seems to be the only way to kill a Paladin.
* ThePaladin

!!Spearmen/Berserker/Dark Knight
!!!Berserkers were formerly [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons Dragon Knights]].
->"Spearmen are essential during Boss runs for their Hyper Body skill which increases Max HP and MP by 60% for all party members. Without this skill many jobs would die in a single hit. Even in later jobs Dark Knights are able to do great damage with skills such as Spear Crusher and Berserk. Spearmen start out as a great job and get their main attacks early on, but by fourth job many players become disappointed by the fact that their skills are mainly buffs and not new attacks."
---> '''- Basil Market entry about Spearmen'''
!!Tropes associated with Spearmen, Berserkers, and Dark Knights:
* TheBerserker
* BlackKnight: Well, ''Dark'' Knight...
* BladeOnAStick
* CastingAShadow: Their attacks are all dark themed
* CastFromHitpoints
* CounterAttack: Revenge of the Evil Eye allows your Evil Eye to counterattack any enemy that hits you.
* DarkIsNotEvil
* DeathFromAbove: Gungnir's Descent drops a legendary spear on an enemy
* DevourTheDragon: Sacrifice consumes the Evil Eye to temporarily boost damage and remove the cooldown of Gungnir's Descent
* {{Familiar}}: Their Signature Passive, [[FacelessEye Evil Eye]]
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Dark Impale repeatedly stabs multiple monsters in quick succession.
* InjuredVulnerability: A variant of, Final Pact also provides them with bonus speed and damage if their health is above a certain threshold.
* LifeDrain: Lord of Darkness passively provides this
* LivingOnBorrowedTime: Post-RED patch, their 4th job skill [[ComebackMechanic Final Pact]] can allow them do this, and even give them a full resurrection if they can attack enough in time.
* NonIndicativeName: Spearman can also use polearms.
* SpinAttack: [=LaMancha=] Spear


->"In terms of sheer power, almost no other class can compare to the Magician. Unlike many of the other classes in MapleStory, Magicians prefer to attack monsters and defend themselves using magic rather than weapons and armor. While they have the ability to attack with a staff or a wand to defend themselves, their physical frailty makes this a poor choice for most magicians. Depending on how they choose to advance their class, Magician characters may become damage dealing Wizards who use fire and poison, crowd-controlling Wizards that use ice and lightning, or even Clerics that can use their magical abilities to heal themselves and others!."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Magician'''

MapleStory's main magic using class. These masters of magic use large amounts of MP to attack their opponents from afar. At job advancement they can take on different roles, Clerics, who focus on healing and support, Ice/Lightning Wizards, who freeze large groups of enemies, or Fire/Poison Wizards, who specialize in damage over time.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Magician class as a whole. Tropes specific to certain job advancements can go under that advancement's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Magician Classes:
* ElementalPowers
* {{Familiar}}: F/P mages get Ifrit, I/L mages get Elquines, and Bishops get Bahamut.
* TheLostWoods: Their job advancement city.
* ManaDrain: MP Eater is pretty much the only way to slowly save on MP potions.
* ManaShield: Probably their common & most important skill. Forgetting to use it will be the most common reason why magic classes die, usually in one or two hits. ''With'' the shield on, and while chugging potions, they become [[SuperToughness nearly impossible to kill]]. They're even harder to kill when a Magician combines their [[ManaShield Magic Guard]] with a familiar that restores MP (such as Jr. Boogie 1).
* SquishyWizard: Subverted. At first they appear as this, but their Magic Guard skill allows them to absorb astoundingly large amount of damage. Played straight however, if they don't use Magic Guard...
* TeleportSpam: Their method of transportation. Becomes BoringButPractical.

!!Fire/Poison Wizards/Mage/Arch Mage
->"The Wizard (Fire/Poison)'s abilities revolve around the ability to inflict massive damage via fire spells or do damage over time using poison. As might be expected, the Wizard (Fire/Poison) is one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game, though this is balanced out by their physical fragility. Fire magic is also not as effective against fire-based creatures. If the ability to just destroy through massive damage appeals to you, you'll love being a Wizard (Fire/Poison).'''
---> '''- Acorn Story, playing a Magician'''
!!Tropes associated with Fire/Poison Wizards, Mages, and Arch Mages:
* ColonyDrop: Their ultimate skill, Meteor Shower.
* CombatPragmatist: Burning Magic enables them to deal extra damage to and have their DamageOverTime effects last longer on [[StandardStatusEffects stunned, frozen, paralyzed, or blinded]] enemies
* DamageOverTime: Dedicated specialist. Their Signature Passive, Elemental Drain, increases their total damage based on how many DamageOverTime effects are laid out.
* GlassCannon: Compared to the other two. At least until they get paralyze.
* GradualGrinder
* ManaBurn: Can inflict extra damage this way.
* MysticalPlague: Plague may be pushing it, but monsters can be infected with summoned [[TheVirus Viral Slime]] which deals damage over time, clings to other monsters and spreads.
* PlayingWithFire / PoisonousPerson
* SetTheWorldOnFire: Through Ignite, all fire attacks will leave flames at a target location, which will continue to do damage to enemies caught within them
* StuffBlowingUp: Poison Breath, Explosion, and Myst Eruption.
* StandardStatusEffects: Paralyze and Poison.
* TechnicolorFire: Meggido Flame is a strong blue flame

!!Ice/Lightning Wizards/Mage/Arch Mage
->"Like his fire-based counterpart, the Wizard (Ice/Lightning) wields ice-based spells that do great damage to enemies, though not as much as a Wizard (Fire/Poison). The tradeoff for doing less damage is the ability to use spells which can stun and freeze creatures and can attack large groups of monsters. Ice magic does more damage to creatures made of fire but does less damage against ice-based enemies. "
---> '''- Acorn Story, playing a Magician'''
!!Tropes associated with Ice/Lightning Wizards, Mages, and Arch Mages:
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Stacking Freeze on enemies allows Ice/Lightning Mages to ignore their defense
* ChainLightning
* CombatPragmatist: Storm Magic enables them to deal extra damage to [[StandardStatusEffects stunned, frozen, or blinded]] enemies and instantly ko low health enemies
* GlassCannon: Just as frail as the F/P types but freezing mean you get hit a lot less.
* HarmlessFreezing: the freezing itself does not kill. It does, though, make an enemy vulnerable to further attacks. Their Signature passive, Freezing Clutch, increases the max [[CriticalHit critical damage]] they do to a target based on how many freeze stacks they have. [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] with Freezing Breath, where you freeze ''yourself'' while attacking, becoming temporarily invulnerable.
* AnIcePerson / ShockAndAwe
* PersonalRaincloud: Thunder Storm is a weaponized version.
* WeatherManipulation: Their ultimate skill, Blizzard.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: Can pull monsters with Glacier Chain.

->"Clerics set themselves apart as the only class that can heal and are thus highly desirable for Boss runs. They are very important in training parties as well thanks to their 3rd job Priest skill Holy Symbol which gives a 150% EXP boost to all party members. Clerics and Priests are very useful in parties but may find it difficult in the first 3 jobs to train on their own."
---> '''- Basil Market entry about Clerics'''
!!Tropes associated with Clerics, Priests, and Bishops:
* BarrierWarrior: Emphasized in RED with several new shielding skills.
* BeamSpam / HolyHandGrenade: Their ultimate skill, Genesis, bombards the area around the caster with ''many'' pillars of light.
* CriticalHitClass: Bishops have the highest ''base'' chance of getting a CriticalHit among all Adventurer classes, at 75%. A Bishop can deliver a critical hit every time if they are wearing equipment and using skills that make up the remaining 25%.
* DamageIncreasingDebuff: Big Bang (even Heal!) have this as a side effect.
* HealingHands: Apart from buff skills that increase the offensive and defensive thresholds of party members, Bishops have Heal and Resurrection, both skills being ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, which makes them essential in big fights.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Summoning their dragon familiar, Bahamut.
* ThePowerOfFriendship: They get stronger if there are more members in the party that they [[StatusBuff buffed]] through their class passive, Blessed Ensemble.
* ReviveKillsZombie: Although the second job skill, Heal, is not the most effective way to do so, it can be used as a weapon against monsters weak to holy damage, such as ghosts and the undead.
* WhiteMage: The Bishop is primarily a support class and the only reason why they are a welcome addition to any party is because of their buffs, not because they can destroy enemies easily. However, their high CriticalHit rate and offensive fourth job skills mean that they are not slouches in combat either.


->"Bowmen are what are called "range fighters" or a "DPS" class. "DPS" stands for "damage per second" and refers to the fact that Bowmen attack from long-range using weaponry that causes a great deal of damage. The trade-off Bowmen make for being able to deal great damage is that they need to be mobile and flexible. That's because they're not armored like Warriors and can't take as much damage before they die. Bowmen use bows and crossbows and can also use light swords axes,and blunt weapons."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Bowman'''

As the non-magical ranged class of MapleStory, Bowmen specialize in dealing long range damage by raining arrows down upon their foes. Bowmen are probably one of the least popular classes in MapleStory, but one of the more powerful, (and frequently more friendly) classes in the game, especially after the Jump! patch. After job advancement, they can continue on as a Hunter, who uses bows, or a Crossbow Man, who uses [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Crossbows]].

It's worth noting that while they are referred to as Bowmen by various guides, the official site, and several NPC's, the first job advancement is actually know as an Archer. Bowman and Crossbowman refers to what weapon they use, dictating further job advancements.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Bowman class as a whole. Tropes specific to certain job advancements can go under that advancement's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Bowmen Classes:
* AnnoyingArrows: Bowmen damage is absolutely piddling in early stages and without optimal equipment and buffs they will still deal less damage per hit compared to the average Warrior. However, the ''number'' of hits they can dish out per second is only rivaled by the Thieves and Corsairs amongst Explorers in the case of the Bowmaster and Marksmen avert this trope entirely with high damage piercing shots.
* TheBerserker: They can invoke this even further by reducing their defense (Bowmaster) or avoidability (Marksman) to increase damage.
* BottomlessMagazines: They can use [[EnergyBow Soul Arrows]] to attack without consuming arrows. Archery Mastery removes the need to consume arrows.
* DoubleJump: Not as useful as the Thieves' version, given that it propels them upwards more than it does forwards and Bowmen's movement speeds are permanently boosted by passive skills.
* ElementalPowers
* GlassCannon: Bowmen have ''serious'' survivability issues at higher levels.
* GrapplinghookPistol: Arrow, in this case. Pulls you to the farthest enemy within range.
* GreenHillZone: The area for the first job advancement.
* NobleBirdOfPrey: The Phoenix for Bow Masters and Frostprey for Marksmen.

!!Hunters/Rangers/Bow Master
->"The path of the Hunter is the path of elegant violence. You are fast and agile, able to dodge monsters as though you rode the wind. This is important as you cannot take much punishment. You are also able to quickly launch your missiles at enemies for tremendous damage, even using Hunter tricks to damage many foes at a time. Let your friends worry about other things -- your job is to kill, and you're very good at your job."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Bowman'''
!!Tropes associated with Hunters, Rangers, and Bow Masters:
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Attacks have a chance to ignore 50% of the enemy's defense.
* BlowYouAway: Gritty Gust
* KillItWithFire: Flame Surge and Phoenix in the 3rd job advancement.
* MoreDakka: Hurricane and Arrow Blaster, Covering Fire to a lesser extent
* PlayerGuidedMissile: Arrow Blaster can be moved as its shoots.
* StuffBlowingUp: Can attach bombs to arrows.
* TrickArrow: Quiver Cartridge, their signature passive, allows them to switch between [[LifeDrain Blood Arrows]], [[DamageOverTime Poison Arrows]], or [[MoreDakka Magic Arrows]]
* TheTurretMaster: You can set Arrow Blaster in one spot and attack normally.

->"Unlike the Hunter, the Crossbowman is as subtle as a sledgehammer. Your job is to drop the hurt on monsters and equipped with your powerful crossbow, you're more than capable of doing so. Your weakness is that you're not as fast or as agile as the Hunter, but when you can dish out this much punishment, that seems like a good tradeoff."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Bowman'''
!!Tropes associated with Crossbowmen, Snipers, and Marksmen:
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Besides having passive defense ignore, they can increase this by attacking from afar.
* BarrierWarrior: A minor version: they can turn their damage into a protective barrier thanks to Aggressive Resistance.
* BoringButPractical: Their late game strategy when it comes to bossing is spamming [[AttackItsWeakPoint Snipe]] until the boss dies, it's not as flashy as other classes but still gets the job done.
* ColdSniper: [[IncrediblyLamePun Puns]] aside, their playstyle encourages this, especially with their specialized skill, Rangefinder, which does more damage the further an enemy is.
* AnIcePerson: Their NobleBirdOfPrey, Frostprey
* InescapableNet: Net Toss: has a chance to restrain enemies it hits or slow down bosses.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Dragon's Breath.
* MagnetismManipulation: Arrow Illusion creates an illusion of an arrow on the ground which draws in enemies and allows the Marksman to [[CounterAttack reflect damage when hit]]
* OneHitKill: With the Snipe skill as Marksmen, which does around [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill 50,000,000 damage]] to normal {{Mook}}s. Against bosses, it only does massive damage instead.
* OneHitPolyKill: Piercing Shot, their best mobbing skill, gets stronger when it attacks more enemies. High Speed Shot takes this UpToEleven
* ShockAndAwe: Explosive Bolt.


->"Good Thief players understand their class very well and are comfortable moving around a lot. It's not an easy class to play, but when played well, Thieves are tremendous fun and a great asset to an adventuring party. Many Thieves wouldn't play any other class."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Thief'''

Thieves are probably the most varied class in MapleStory, due to their separation at the very first job advancement. Those who advance to an Assassin will use Lucky Seven, while those hoping to become Bandits will put points into Double Stab. Assassins and Bandits vary right from the start, as opposed to Bowmen, who are pretty similar until the Fourth Job Advancement. From the start, Thieves are a powerful class that excels in defeating their adversaries quickly and quietly.

Like Bowmen/Archers. Their first job is referred to as a Rogue. Most people call them thieves for convenience, or [[RougeAnglesOfSatin to avoid confusion]].

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Thief class as a whole. Tropes specific to certain job advancements can go under that advancement's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Thief Classes:
* DamageOverTime: Venom and Toxic Venom are passives that make attacks inflict poison by chance.
* DifficultButAwesome: Their damage output is fantastic, but you need to get used to their limited attacking range and inability to take many hits first.
* DoppelgangerAttack: Shadow Partner.
* DoubleJump: Despite being {{Fragile Speedster}}s, most thieves do not have a very high movement speed or jump, so this First Job skill more than makes up for that by propelling them forwards at a good speed as well as upwards by a significant height.
* FragileSpeedster: Highest avoidability out of all Adventurer classes, but has substandard HP and defenses. Subverted by Bandits with their Meso Guard skill.
%%* {{Ninja}}
%%* OutlawTown: Kerning City looks like a LighterAndSofter version as a whole.
* PlayingWithFire/RainOfArrows: Showdown, a fourth job skill. Summons {{Assist Character}}s that fire a rain of fiery arrows hitting every monster on the screen.
* PowerCreep: Once a defining characteristic of thieves, Double Jump is slowly becoming a standard now, with most new job releases since the ''Legends'' update came with a DoubleJump skill in their first job, and the ''RED'' update giving an equivalent skill to most of the other Adventurer classes. Though Thieves do get a Triple Jump to make up for it.
* UselessUsefulStealth: While Dark Sight is definitely helpful for navigating maps without getting hit by contact damage, it doesn't protect against actual attacks, which makes it useless against bosses. Even some normal enemies automatically attack you on sight, which is the norm in higher levels. On the other hand, Dual Blades can activate it automatically during attacks and gain a power boost upon leaving it, making it a zig-zagged trope.

!!Assassins/Hermits/Dark Lords
->"The path of the assassin is one marked by constant practice to master accuracy. Unlike the bandit, assassins strike from afar with throwing stars and knives. They're very agile, very fast and can attack while they're in the air. They're extremely fragile though, so it's important to be aware of skills that help you escape if you find yourself in close up combat. '''
---> '''- Acorn Story: playing a Thief'''
!!Tropes associated with Assassins, Hermits, and Night Lords:
* AbnormalAmmo: You can throw oranges, paper planes, wooden tops and icicles. This is not including Cash Shop items or Event items.
* BlowYouAway: Gust Charm, a second job skill, which inexplicably uses two throwing stars to summon a wind charm that knocks enemies back, doing damage.
* BottomlessMagazines: Can consume a small amount of stars to temporarily have unlimited stars with [[EnergyWeapon Shadow Stars]].
* DoppelgangerAttack: While all thieves get Shadow Clone, Night Lords get Shade Splitter, which sends out shadow clones to rain stars down.
* FuumaShuriken: Dark Flare, which reflects damage, Death Star, which rains smaller shurikens surrounding the Night Lord, and Avenger, which [[OneHitPolykill goes through enemies]]. Avenger was arguably one of the most heavily used skills in this class, and its removal during Big Bang was heavily criticized.
* HavingABlast: Another second job skill, Shuriken Burst, throws an exploding knife that damages everything around it on impact.
* IShallTauntYou: Their Showdown skill "taunts" enemies, which makes them give more EXP and increases their item drop rate.
* MoreDakka: Assassin's Mark, their signature passive, marks a target. The next attack that hits the target sends out more throwing stars to attack nearby enemies
* PistolWhipping: Enemies are punched with the claw when they are too close, as opposed to throwing stars at point-blank range. This only applies to basic attacks, however, although it also applied to skills before Big Bang. The punch was also significantly weaker before Big Bang, often doing only 1 HP damage.

!!Bandits/Chief Bandits/Shadowers
->"The path of the bandit is dangerous but rewarding. Rather than striking from afar, the bandit gets up close and personal by using a dagger. Their attacks don't do much damage, but they're so quick, the bandit can often hit a target multiple times before they're even aware of what's going on. As they rise in levels, their new skills work to increase this advantage, focusing on helping the bandit to strike from the shadows ForMassiveDamage."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Thief'''
!!Tropes associated with Bandits, Chief Bandits, and Shadowers:
* BackStab: Assassinate works like this in spirit: if it's used while in Dark Sight, it will deal extra damage.
* ChargeAttack: Can accumulate Killing Points with Shadower Instinct, which can be used to power up Assassinate.
* CriticalHitClass: Their signature passive, Critical Growth, increases their critical hit rate between every interval and attack, resetting after attacking when capped at 100%
* DeathOfAThousandCuts / SpamAttack
* GlassCannon: As of ''Reboot'', they deal significantly greater damage than before, but also have much weaker defenses.
* InNameOnly: The Khanjar thief "shields" are actually daggers.
* KnifeNut
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Although their Shield Mastery isn't as potent as a Paladin's.
* ManaShield: Except it uses money.
* SmokeOut:Smoke Screen can be used as a barrier, pretty much, but it can also be used rebuff or heal.
* StuffBlowingUp: Bandits can turn money into bombs. [[RuleOfCool Don't ask how that works]].
* VideoGameStealing

!!Dual Blades

->"There is a secret war raging in the heart of Kerning City. Lady Syl, Dark Lord’s former flame and the daughter of his great mentor, wages a silent war against the Dark Lord and his Thieves from an unknown location simply known as the ‘Secret Garden.’ Dual Blades have fast, slashing, stabbing, and assassination skills, similar to the traditional Thief class. They also have unique skills such as Mirror Image and Final Cut!"
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Thief'''

Wondering why they get their picture up here unlike the other Job Advancements? Well, Dual Blades are a [[SpecialSnowflakeSyndrome special]] Adventurer class that has their own little backstory, a more diverse set of skills, more power, all the individual things that made the first Thief classes good, and were generally considered to be a GameBreaker prior to their nerfs.
!!Tropes associated with Dual Blades, Blade Recruits, Blade Acolytes, Blade Specialists, Blade Lords, and Blade Masters:
* BribingYourWayToVictory: To realize the full potential of a Dual Blade, real money must be shelled out to pay for Skill Books. Thankfully, the ''RED'' Update allows one to simply buy the Skill Books using ingame currency.
* CastFromHitPoints: Final Cut
* ChainPain: Chains of Hell
* {{Combos}}: Many of their skills can be linked with one another
* DeathOfAThousandCuts / SpamAttack: Like their bandit brethren.
* DualWielding: The Dual Blade's primary weapon is a dagger. The secondary weapon is a katara, which is [[CallARabbitASmeerp also a dagger but not considered as one in the game]].
* LifeDrain: A passive of theirs
* TemporaryBlindness: Invoked with [[TrickBomb Flashbang]]


->"The Pirate is one of the most interesting classes in MapleStory. Depending on how the player chooses to advance them, Pirates can become Brawlers, powerful melee fighters that do great damage to monsters when in close. They may also choose to become Gunslingers and become ranged attackers. The interesting aspect of both types of Pirates is that they have a wide variety of attacks and abilities. As a result, it takes some effort to play a pirate well, but you can never be bored while being one!"
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing a Pirate'''

Meet the Thief Mk. II. Pirates were released several years after the original four adventurer classes, and as such, many players made a Pirate when they first came out, this holds true whenever a new class is released and has become for Nexon a sort of a BandwagonTechnique, getting new players to play whenever a new class comes out. Like Thieves, when Pirates reach the job advancement, they can take on a ranged or melee role in the party, wielding guns (ranged) or knuckles (melee).

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Pirate class as a whole. Tropes specific to certain job advancements can go under that advancement's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Pirate Classes:
* DoubleJump: Octopush for Buccaneers and Corsairs, Monkey Push for Cannoneers
* TheGambler: They gain the Roll of the Dice skill, which gives them a random buff depending on which number they roll (unless it's 1...) Taken UpToEleven in the 4th job where you can roll TWO dice for more buffs.
* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: The original official artworks and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSbvaSLSzac release trailer]] for the Pirate class depict a male Brawler and female Gunslinger. All subsequent official art for the Pirate class (as well as trailers for game updates) shows either the female Gunslinger or the Pirate Job Instructor, Kyrin, holding guns.
* HyperspaceArsenal: Pirates start out with more Equip, Use and Etc. space than other Adventurer classes thanks to their Master of Organization passive skill.
* {{Irony}}: While Thunder Breakers [[MakingASplash use water in their attacks]], regular adventurer pirates do not use water yet swim better than they do.
* OlympicSwimmer: Pirates can move faster underwater than other Adventurer classes thanks to their Master of Swimming passive skill.
* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: As a class, they are just Adventurers. This is lampshaded by Kyrin, during the first job advancement, who claims that serving the greater good is more profitable than pillaging.
* SubmarinePirates: Their "city" is a massive submarine called the Nautilus.

!!! Also known as Brawlers/Buccaneers/Vipers
->"From very early on Brawlers have high damage which is anchored by the fact that they're a melee class so they are limited to hitting up close, similar to Warriors. However, as they progress, Marauders in 3rd job and Buccaneers in 4th job get more range with attacks such as Shockwave, Energy Orb and Snatch. This job is able to do incredibly high damage with cool looking skills such as Energy Blast, Dragon Strike, and Fist Enrage amongst others.'''
---> '''- Basilmarket entry on Brawlers'''
!!Tropes associated with Brawlers, Marauders, and Buccaneers:
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Has a chance to ''completely'' ignore the monsters' defense.
* BareFistedMonk
* BattleAura: When fully charged.
* ChargedAttack: Energy Charge changes increases the damage and/or range of of some of their attacks after being fully charged.
* HealingFactor
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Dragon Strike.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Can easily stun enemies, and they have passives which increase damage against stunned enemies. Even bosses!
* PureEnergy: Could [[EnergyBeing become]] [[SuperMode it]] prior to [=RED=].
* TimeMaster: Their Time Leap skill resets the cool down for all [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything non-Time Leap]] skills, for the entire party.
* WaveMotionGun: Buccaneers/Vipers get a skill like this in the Justice update.

->"The gun based Gunslinger (nickname: slinger) and Outlaw classes are the least popular out of all the classes due to the relatively weak damage in comparison to other classes during the first 2-3 jobs. But with patience and perseverance, the fourth job Corsair has some of the coolest looking and hardest hitting skills in the game by being able to ride a Battleship and shoot Torpedos and Cannons.."
---> '''- Basilmarket entry on Gunslingers'''
!!Tropes associated with Gunslingers, Outlaws, and Corsairs:
* AssistCharacter: Eventually learns skills that summon things such as fish, [[CombatTentacles octopi]] and parrots to help. Their specialized skill, Scurvy Summons, summons members of the Nautilus Crew for help.
* DamageIncreasingDebuff: Parrotargetting.
* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: Several skills use octopi.
* FantasticNuke: Ugly Bomb, one of their attack Hyper Skills. Creates the signature mushroom cloud upon exploding and does immense damage to 15 enemies within range. The mushroom cloud is also visible in the background of the skill icon. Like the N2 Mine from ''Franchise/NeonGenesisEvangelion'', however, there's no lingering DamageOverTime after the blast.
* GlassCannon: They can dish out INSANE amounts of damage at high levels. Their ability to take damage, however, is rather lacking.
* TheGunslinger
* MachoMasochism: Jolly Roger, a fourth job skill, lets them do more damage and resist some status ailments, but reduces avoidability.
--> As a pirate who does not fear death, you shouldn’t bother with dodging attacks as often.
* MoreDakka: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Rapid Fire]].
* NotQuiteFlight: Wings let you [[RecoilBoost jump]] up high then glide, allowing you to quickly descend over great distances.
* NukeEm: Ugly Bomb
* OneHitKill: Their [[BoomHeadshot Brain Scrambler]] works like the Marksman's Snipe: Insta-killing normal enemies, while dealing heavy damage to bosses.
* RecoilBoost: Recoil Shot. Acted as a pseudo-DoubleJump until all pirates got a proper one.
* RocketJump: A variation with bullets rather than explosives in the aforementioned Wings example.

!!Cannon Shooters/Cannoneer

->"Cannoneers are a ranged pirate class that brings two main skills to parties. First, their cannon is a surprisingly versatile weapon that can do massive damage to single targets or less damage to multiple targets. The Cannoneer also has a number of excellent knockback skills that allow it to do a certain amount of crowd control. The best reason to bring a Cannoneer along though, is their “Monkey Magic” skills with provide an incredible buff that applies to an entire party."
---> '''Acorn Story: Playing a Cannoneer'''

The Cannoneer[[note]]Cannon Shooter in some regions[[/note]] is a Pirate class released during the ''Legends'' update and has a unique (but short) backstory, similar to the Demon and the Legends. The Cannoneer was originally a Beginner travelling to Maple World to undergo the same process as other Adventurers. En route, however, the ship the Cannoneer was travelling on was attacked by a Jr. Balrog and he was knocked out and sent flying into the water. When the Cannoneer wakes up, he finds himself on an island with a monkey screaming in his face. With some helpful head-nodding and shaking from the monkey, the Cannoneer deduces that the monkey saved his life and brought him here. Thanking the monkey and leaving it on the beach, the Cannoneer travels inland and meets a man named Cutter. As it turns out, Cutter is the Pirates' weapons designer. He became stranded on the same island after he wrecked his ship while test-firing a secret weapon he intended to deliver to the Pirate Job Instructor, Kyrin. With the Cannoneer's help, Cutter manages to retrieve the materials he needs to use his weapon as a mass driver to shoot the both of them back to civilization.

When the Cannoneer wakes up in the medical ward of the Nautilus, Cutter explains that the monkey they met on the beach stowed away on their cannon ride and followed them aboard. Cutter thinks that the monkey is attached to the Cannoneer and suggests that they explore Maple World as a team. He also gives the Cannoneer his original weapon, reworked to a portable size, and recommends that they join the Pirates as a unique Adventurer class, which the Cannoneer accepts.

In a similar vein to Evan, the Cannoneer has a monkey following him everywhere and helps him attack enemies. The Cannoneer uses a hand cannon, a {{BFG}} that can deliver massive damage against single targets or moderate damage to a group of targets. Additional skills include party buffs as well as mobility skills such as a RocketJump, mitigating the class' slowness and lack of mobility to some extent.
!!Tropes associated with Cannon Shooters:
* AbnormalAmmo: Your cannon is apparently compatible with drills, punching gloves, and lasers among other things...
* {{BFG}}: Biggest in the game with his only rival being Xenon's 4th Job skill Mecha Purge.
* CounterAttack: Has a chance to block & [[PistolWhip smack]] enemies with the cannon.
* DamageOverTime: Monkey Furious shoots a large cannon ball from a cannon, also inflicting a DamageIncreasingDebuff that only boosts your own damage.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys
* EverythingsBetterWithRainbows: Rolling Cannon Rainbow as a room clearing Hyper Skill.
* HollywoodMagnetism: Anchors Aweigh (Away), a fourth job skill, sets up an anchor that pulls enemies towards it, within a certain range, using [[ShockAndAwe electricity]].
* HyperDestructiveBouncingBall: After their revamp, the Cannoneer's new skill Monkey Fury works like this, despite the fact that you're still shooting ''cannonballs!''
%%* MightyGlacier: Very slow compared to other classes, except when they are underwater, where they become {{Olympic Swimmer}}s.
* MightyGlacier: ''Terrible'' horizontal movement compared to the other Pirate classes (Corsair has Wings, Buccaneer has his movement speed buffs from Energy Charge and Rush, Angelic Buster has a triple jump, and Xenon has outright flight) and has a slower attack rate than almost every class in the game. But they land big numbers and are much better at taking hits than the average Pirate.
* MusicalAssassin: Monkey Wave has the cannoneer smack a large drum to unleash a sound wave attack.
* RecoilBoost: Blast Back. Acted as a pseudo-DoubleJump until all pirates got a proper one.
* RocketJump: Cannon Jump, a third job skill, is this.
* ThisIsADrill: Cannon [[NonIndicativeName Spike]] makes you shoot a rocket-propelled drill. From your ''[[AbnormalAmmo cannon.]]''
* ThrowABarrelAtIt: Barrel Bomb, an exploding variant.


[[folder: Cygnus Knight Player Classes]]
!!Cygnus Knights
!!! Also known as the Knights of Cygnus

As a whole, the Cygnus Knights are [[ElementalPowers elemental]] versions of the five base Adventurer classes, each one using a specific element. They originally had a level cap of 120 as opposed to 250[[note]]or 200 before the Tempest update[[/note]] like the other classes, but from a purely statistical standpoint they overpowered other characters of the same level (Cygnus Knights received 6 AP per level up until 70 as opposed to 5 AP for other classes).
They are named after and follow the eponymous young Empress of Ereve, [[spoiler:perhaps [[HeelFaceTurn even against their better judgement]]]].

The Cygnus Knights are overhauled in the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, starting with the Thunder Breakers before moving on to the other classes. They can now reach the same level cap as the other classes and gain a fourth job, but lose their AP advantage as well as the ability to [[NewGamePlus create a Cygnus-enhanced level 50 Adventurer using a completed Cygnus Knight]].

* AltumVidetur: The Cygnus Knight's guardian spirits are all named in Latin based on their element with the sole exception of Thunder Breaker (whose spirit is simply called Lightning):
** Light: Sol means sun.
** Fire: Ignis means fire.
** Wind: Ventus means wind.
** Darkness: Umbra means [[PunnyName night]].
* ColorCodedElements: Especially after the revamp, giving almost all skills of a class the same color
** Light - Yellow (But Orange for Sun stance and Blue for moon stance)
** Fire - Red
** Wind - Green (With purple and pale blue for some skills)
** Lightning - Blue (Though Gale is red and Arc Charger is yellow)
** Dark - Purple
* BadassArmy: Regarded as the single most powerful fighting force in Maple World short of the Legends, they took over in one bad future where the Black Mage corrupted Cygnus and her knights. There's a reason all of the Chief Knights are boss level opponents.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution: The original Cygnus Knights were more or less Adventurer classes with elemental attacks and only a few of their own unique skills to them. The ''Cygnus Returns'' update revamps them into completely original classes.
* DoubleJump: All of them get this as a baseline skill. Unique from other classes, it can be used to double jump straight up in addition to forward.
* MyMasterRightOrWrong
* NewGamePlus: The original Cygnus Knight class allowed the player to create a level 50 Adventurer class imbued with buffs from the Empress once they reach the level cap of 120. This was removed in the Cygnus Returns update.
* FairyCompanion: Every Cygnus Knight gets a Guardian Fairy that's correspondent with their element. They used to be summons, but the revamps have downgraded them into buffs.
* TookALevelInBadass: As of the Cygnus Returns update, the Cygnus Knights are now being empowered by Cygnus's new powers. Thus, not only can they reach the level cap, but they can now match up to the rest of the classes.

!!Dawn Warrior
!!!Also known as Soul Master

Dawn Warriors are, at the very core, Paladins. They have an even greater fixation on the light and the holy element. Most of their skills, like other Cygnus Knights, are carbon copies of Adventurer skills, but they have some unique skills, notably the summoning of the Spirit of Light, Soul Runner and, most famously, the [[GameBreaker game-breaking]] Soul Driver. They are considered to be one of the most powerful Cygnus Knights, and are one of the most popular, even after Soul Driver's Nerf.

In the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, they receive a major rework, using new buffs that allow them to attack with the power of the [[{{Lunacy}} moon]], the [[ThePowerOfTheSun sun]], or both, changing their attacks depending on which one they're using.
!!Tropes associated with Dawn Warriors:
* BladeSpam: Many of their later Moon Stance skills deal a great number of hits, with their Crescent Divide and Solar Pierce dealing ''twelve'' hits per use after a point in Master of the Sword!
* {{BFS}}
* DeathFromAbove: Sunset Splitter brings down a Dawn Warrior's sword down on the opponent after a jump or after using Speeding Sunset.
* DualityMotif: The sun and the moon, with each pair of stance skills doing the exact opposite of each other and to drive the point further, the combination of the two stances is represented with a ball that is half sun, half moon, instead of an eclipse as one might expect.
* FairyCompanion: Soul
* HeroesPreferSwords
* LightTheWay
* ThePowerOfTheSun / {{Lunacy}}: Post-revamp, their main buffs revolve around these tropes.
* StanceSystem: Luna stance reduces attack power, but increases critical rate and attacking speed. Sol stance increases attack power, but lowers attacking speed. Soluna Stance stacks both effects together and makes skills alternate between Sol and Luna versions.
* StormOfBlades: The Soul Driver skill. Replaced with Impaling Rays post-revamp.
* SwordBeam: Their Soul Blade skill creates one. Removed post-revamp.

!!Blaze Wizard
!!!Also known as Flame Wizard

->"As expected of any great Magicians, Blaze Wizards posses powerful magic. They can call on Ignis, the spirit of Fire, to fight with them. They can also merge with Ignis to release massive fire magic. Those who always strive to better themselves and are wary of self and enemy can become a Blaze Wizard."
---> '''MapleStory entry on Blaze Wizards'''

Blaze Wizards are essentially more focused Fire/Poison Wizards, and they borrow many of their skills from them. They have some serious advantages over their Adventurer brethren, at least until they reach the level cap. For one, they get a skill that can hit 6 monsters in second job, like Ice/Lightning Wizards, and they also get Magic Booster, which increases attacking speed, earlier on. They also get several new, powerful skills notably Fire Strike, Flame Gear, and Summon Fire Sprite.

In the Cygnus Returns update, they lose many of their similarities with their Fire/Poison brethren, focusing more on barraging foes with {{Fireballs}} and creating [[DeflectorShields barriers]] and [[InstantRunes pentacles]] to protect themselves and boost their Allies' offensive capabilities respectively
!!Tropes associated with Blaze Wizards:
* AltumVidetur: Ignis means "fire" in Latin
* BoringButPractical: Like a few other classes, Blaze Wizards revolve around using same skill in all four jobs as their primary attack, other skills being mostly situational.
* DamageOverTime: As one might expect from a user of fire magic, Blaze Wizards can burn enemies with their skills causing them to take extra damage over time, as well as explode on death.
* DoubleJump: In stark contrast to most other Mages' TeleportSpam
* FairyCompanion: Flame Elemental, which can be replaced with Fires of Creation in 4th job, taking the shape of either a Lion or a Fox.
* FantasticNuke: Towering Inferno, Cataclysm takes this UpToEleven
* FireBalls: Orbital Flame, a skill that shoots balls of fire that return to where they are cast and Blazing Extinction, a large, slow moving ball of flame that fires pillars of flame at nearby enemies.
* MakeMyMonsterGrow: Can invoke this through Cinder Maelstrom, blowing a single monster up in size to create a vortex of fire around it, sucking in nearby enemies.
* MoreDakka: Each job advancement allows a Blaze Wizard to have one more Orbital Flame on screen at a time, and Dragon Blaze, which assaults a single target with a rapid barrage of FireBalls.
* PlayingWithFire / KillItWithFire

!!Wind Archer
!!!Also known as Wind Breaker, [[{{Fartillery}} unfortunately]].

Wind Archers are arguably the most unique class of the Cygnus Knights, even after taking [[RuleOfCool the]] [[ThreateningShark shark]]-[[ShamuFu throwers]] into consideration. They borrow a lot from Bowmasters (sans fire) but have many unique [[BlowYouAway wind-based]] skills such as Wind Piercing and Wind Shot, and can summon the Spirit of the Winds.

In the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, they are the second Cygnus Knights class to receive a major rework, losing their famous TransformationSequence and having their FairyCompanion downgraded to an AssistCharacter, but getting a BattleAura, ScarfOfAsskicking, NotQuiteFlight and ''[[UpToEleven even more]]'' [[MoreDakka dakka]] to compensate.
!!Tropes associated with Wind Archers:
* AltumVidetur: Ventus means "wind" in Latin.
* BattleAura: Albatross, a third job skill that was added to the revamped class, is this, first creating a temporary SphereOfPower around the player before dissipating into several green lines that circle the player and giving them a BadassCape. It also has the very nice effect of drastically increasing the player's attack, health and CriticalHit rate.
* BlowYouAway
* CallASmeerpARabbit: Does the [[http://orangemushroom.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/emerald-flower-effect.gif Emerald Flower]] look like an actual flower to you? Makes even less sense when upgraded to Emerald Dust in the 4th job advancement... while keeping its visual effect intact.
* FairyCompanion: Ventus is this to the original Wind Archer, but gets downgraded to an AssistCharacter in a first job skill post-revamp.
* ForMassiveDamage: Pinpoint Pierce, a third job skill, increases damage dealt to a single target it hits by up to 20%. [[MusicalAssassin Song of Heaven]], a fourth job skill, does extra damage if it hits only one enemy.
* GreenThumb: The rework has given them a nature theme in their powers.
* MoreDakka: The pre-revamp version of this class was based on the Bowmaster, so this is to be expected. Post-revamp takes this UpToEleven by adding a passive that gives a chance to fire an extra homing arrow with ''every'' attack. Combined with Song of Heaven's extreme fire rate and you have a class whose dakka can only be matched by Night Lords, Bow Masters, Wild Hunters, and Night Walkers.
* NotQuiteFlight: The revamped Wind Breaker gets Wind Walk, a first job skill that shunts the player forwards, ignoring all collision damage during the movement. It can be used indefinitely even when the player is in mid-air, allowing them to ride a tornado horizontally across maps as long as they have the MP to spare.
* RainOfArrows: The revamped Wind Archer gets Sentient Arrow, a third job skill, which is essentially this with PlayerGuidedMissile strapped to it.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: Fairy Spiral, a post-revamp second job skill, slams enemies away with a powerful gust of wind shaped like a massive scarf.
* TransformationSequence: The original Wind Archer had this as a skill. It was removed post-revamp.

!!Night Walker

->"Luck, a bit of dexterity, skill, and being quite cunning separates the Night Walkers from the rest. Though marked and assisted by the spirit of darkness, Umbra, Night Walkers put great importance in independence, which leads some to learn poison skills. Night Walkers serve justice in places where light does not reach, so those who are willing to serve in the shadows may become a Night Walker."
---> '''MapleStory entry on Night Walkers'''

Night Walkers are very similar to the Adventurers Night Lord Class, in that they both use throwing stars/knives, [[FuumaShuriken Avenger]], and have many of the same skills. [[RecurringElement Sound familiar]]? In addition to the class staples such as Lucky 7, not to be confused with ''Manga/LuckyStar'' or ''Anime/HappySeven'', and ''Triple Throw'', they also have access to several poison and dark skills, notably Vampire, Poison Bomb, Venom, and calling on the Sprite of Darkness.

After the Cygnus Returns update they develop a greater focus on [[StockNinjaWeaponry throwing star]] [[MoreDakka attacks]], [[AnimalMotifs Bat]] [[LifeDrain summons]], and [[CastingAShadow shadow play]]
!!Tropes associated with Night Walkers:
* AnimalMotifs: Bats
* BatScare: Dark Omen summons a whole flock of bats, increasing based on the amount of enemies around the Night Walker.
* BottomlessMagazines: Like Pirates, Archers, and the Thieves they have a skill that allows them to spend a few stars to give them unlimited ammo for a short duration.
* CastingAShadow[=/=] DarkIsNotEvil
* CripplingOverspecialization: The combination of their bats and their high speed star throwing makes them incredibly strong bossers that are hard to kill due to their ability to constantly drain HP from their foes. The trade-off is that their reliance on bats led them to have very little in the way of strong mobbing skills, forcing them to farm for quests one monster at a time.
* DamageOverTime: Through Adaptive Darkness
* DarkIsNotEvil: Their motif. Night Walkers are considered the Black Ops unit of the Cygnus Knights, taking assignments that would make other Knights queasy. Nevertheless, they're just as heroic as their Explorer counterparts.
* DoppelgangerAttack: Shadow Servant is comparable to Adventurer Thieves' Shadow Partner except the Shadow Servant mimics all actions of its master after a short delay rather than instantly. Taken UpToEleven with Shadow Illusion, adding two extra servants.
* DoubleJump: A triple jump like the other Thieves.
* EmergentGameplay: Because of how their Shadow Servant works, throwing stars while jumping at the same time causes stars to be thrown twice as fast as usual. This jump casting mechanic was eventually determined to be worth keeping as it gives them a unique bossing pattern, and patches simply balanced them around it instead of removing it.
* FairyCompanion: Umbra
* TheGambler: They have a luck and gambling motif going on.
* FragileSpeedster: Incredibly high attack speed and mobility but will drop like wet paper if they ever stop attacking and moving.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire: They're not actually vampires, but they might as well be with all of their life-draining skills along with their heavy bat motif.
* ICanStillFight: When downed, Night Walkers can resurrect themselves once every thirty minutes, regaining health proportional to the number of bats that are flying around at the time of their defeat and briefly rendering them invulnerable.
* LifeDrain: Through Bat Affinity.
* MoreDakka: Post revamp, they one up Night Lords in terms of star throwing at every level, throwing 2 instead of 1 at first job and 5 instead of 4 at fourth job. And then they get a buffed version of Shadow Partner that gives ''three'' shadow clones, allowing them to quadruple the amount of stars they throw. And this still doesn't take into account the bats.
* {{Ninja}}: If their shuriken reliance didn't tip it off for you.
* ShadowPin: Shadow Stitch binds enemies around the Night Walker
* ThemeMusicPowerup: Their post revamp Hyper Skill, Dominion, temporarily changes the battlefield to a nightscape, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or2OSeGbPV0 changing the background music in the process.]]

!!Thunder Breaker
!!!Also known as Striker

All you really need to know about them is that they are the Cygnus Knights' equivalent of the Brawler class, and that they throw [[RuleOfCool Sharks.]] [[ShockAndAwe OF LIGHTNING.]] But they wouldn't like that. In contention for the title of "Most Unique Knight" along with Wind Archers, Thunder Breakers use the element of lightning along with powerful strikes from their Knuckles. They do gain the Brawlers' SuperMode and share some other skills with them, but for the most part, they have unique punch skills and [[ShamuFu can throw]] [[ThreateningShark LIGHTNING SHARKS]]. They also have some more lightning-based skills, but none are quite as iconic as the [[RunningGag LIGHTNING SHARKS]]. Did we mention they throw [[OverlyLongGag Sharks? OF LIGHTNING?]]

They are the first Cygnus Knights class to get a major rework in the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, using a new battle style that revolves around delivering massive damage through chaining attacks to each other in rapid succession.
!!Tropes associated with Thunder Breakers:
* AnchorsAway: One of a Thunder Breaker's fourth job skills is called Bolt Anchor[=/=]Thunderbolt, which [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin as its name implies, allows you to smash an opponent with an electrically charged (albeit stylized) anchor]].
* BareFistedMonk: They use knuckle coverings, but otherwise fit the bil
* BlowYouAway: Gale (Whirlwind) and Typhoon (Advanced Whirlwind).
* {{Combos}}: Their biggest post-revamp feature is the ability to chain almost any skill into any other skill, creating powerful combos of attacks to obliterate enemies.
* ChargedAttack: Similar to Heroes, they can accumulate Lightning [[StealthPun Charges]], which lets them [[ArmorPiercingAttack ignore some defense]], or power-up Annihilate. The charges can also be spent on Gale or Typhoon to power up the rest of your attacks for a set period.
* DifficultButAwesome: Besides being fragile, you have to keep track of your MP (due to rapid skill usage), while continuously using flexible skill combinations to maximize their combo boost. Get hit a lot, or use too much MP [[note]]MP is a non-issue with a monster familiar, such as a Jr. Boogie 1[[/note]] and you will have to use a potion, which will interrupt your combo.
* FairyCompanion: Lightning.
* FlashStep: They gain a skill that lets them do this as part of an attack post-revamp.
* FragileSpeedster: Faster, yet not quite as durable as their explorer counterparts.
* MagikarpPower: Lightning Punch. Although it is easy to overlook as a weak first job skill, because of its fast animation and how Thunder Breakers work, it allows Thunder Breakers to do significantly more damage with Annihilate or Thunderbolt than trying to cycle between those two skills together.
* MakingASplash: The Revamp changes their skills from pure electricity to a combination of electricity and water.
* ShamuFu: Can throw [[ThreateningShark sharks]] made of [[RuleOfCool lightning]] at high levels. Gets taken UpToEleven in their rework, as they gain a lightning shark punch (1st job), kick (2nd job), uppercut (3rd job), charge attack (4th job), and the ability to summon a giant whale (Hyper Skill).
* SpamAttack: You have to interrupt and chain attacks together to maximize damage, something not normally available to other classes. As such, they have relatively high attacking speed.
* SuperMode: Lost their [[EnergyBeing transformation]] post-revamp but made up for it with a skill that charges them with electricity, [[RapidFireFisticuffs doubling the number of hits they deal with each skill attack]] [[DeathOfAThousandCuts (but for reduced damage on those extra hits)]].


[[folder: Legend Player Classes]]
!!The Legends of Maple World
!!! Also referred to as 'Heroes'

The '''Legends''' consist of a group of individuals (Aran, Freud, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous and Shade) who fought the Black Mage in the past and, with Shade's HeroicSacrifice, managed to seal him away. However, the Black Mage did not go down without a fight, and with the last of his power, he laid a curse on the remaining five, tainting Luminous' light with his darkness and sealing the rest in ice for centuries; Freud survived since Afrien [[TakingTheBullet took the curse in his stead]], and went to hide his last Onyx Dragon egg. Now, with the Black Mage returning to power, the heroes of the old world, plus Freud's successor, Evan, must rise up to once again help restore order to the new world.

Each of the Legends are all actual individuals (thus not really classes), hence the naming scheme and NPC dialogues treating the player as if they actually are the specific Legend. Some of the Legends may use the same equipment and rely on the same stats as their Adventurer and Cygnus counterparts—for instance, Mercedes' base stat being DEX like a Bowman or Wind Archer, and Shade using knuckles as his main weapon like a Pirate or Thunder Breaker—but all of them have unique styles of gameplay, such as Aran's combo counter or Luminous's equilibrium system. Also, while all of the Adventurers and the Knights of Cygnus share the same general story across all of their respective classes, each of the Legends have a separate story, with completely different starting points and quests.

Two things should be taken into consideration. The first is that the Demon and Cannoneer are ''not'' Legends. They were released during the game's ''Legends'' update, but are a Resistance class and an Adventurer respectively. The second is that Evan is ''not'' one of the original six Legends, but is the successor of Freud, who was. After sealing the Black Mage, his partner, the Onyx Dragon Afrien, left his egg with Freud; he hid it so one day, one would rise up who could take up the title of Dragon Master. This happened to be Evan, making him Freud's successor and, by extension, the new Legend (eventually).
!!Tropes associated with all Legends:
* BadassCrew: They're a group of several of the most powerful heroes in Maple World but are also extremely close friends.
* CharacterFocus: The 2nd Maple Blockbuster ''Heroes of Maple'' focuses on them.
* FunWithAcronyms: The initials of '''M'''ercedes, '''A'''ran, '''P'''hantom, '''L'''uminous and '''E'''van, in that order, spell "MAPLE".
** Alternatively, the E in Shade's Korean name, '''E'''unWol, could be the missing E, which accounts for all the surviving, original heroes.
** Presumably '''S'''hade" was chosen as [=EunWol=]'s Global name to pluralize the acronym into "MAPLES".
* LevelDrain: Part of the Black Mage's curse was to drain the Legends' levels from 200 to 10[[note]]or 1 in the case of Aran[[/note]]. The exception is Freud, whose cause of death is unclear after sealing the Black Mage. [[note]] Though given the fact that the main story takes place 400 years after the Legends' battle with the Black Mage, it's not improbable that he succumbed to age, though Grendel's claimed longevity somewhat complicates this event. [[/note]]
* SealedGoodInACan: Aran, Mercedes and Phantom were sealed in ice by the Black Mage's curse.


->"Aran comes with their own specific backstory and character concept that will reveal itself as the character levels up. In summary, Aran was one of five great heroes who confronted the Black Mage during his first attempt to rule Maple World. In their final confrontation with the Mage, the evil wizard was defeated, but at a terrible cost—the loss of the five great heroes. Contrary to popular belief though, the five heroes were not destroyed. Aran was frozen inside a glacier for hundreds of years. When they were finally freed, most of their great powers were lost and they had to begin retraining to get them back."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing an Aran'''

The first Legend class released in MapleStory, Aran is the Warrior Legend and uses a polearm as their weapon. Aran's story starts with them recovering from their injuries in an evacuation camp. Against Athena Pierce's advice, they choose not to leave for Victoria Island but join the other Legends and confront the Black Mage. The resulting battle ended with the Black Mage defeated and sealed, but with them cursed and frozen in ice. Centuries later, a young girl named Lilin discovers them frozen form on the SlippySlideyIceWorld of Rien. When Aran thaws out, Lilin realises that the curse has robbed the Legend of all their memories and abilities and, with the help of the [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins penguin]] inhabitants of the island, decides to help them regain both.

Aran's play style revolves around ButtonMashing and a combo system: hitting many enemies allows them to utilise their stronger skills by executing a sequence of key commands. Their story details their quest to regain their memories and strength while exploring the world they have forgotten.
!!Tropes associated with Aran:
* AnIcePerson: Learns many ice-based skills and starts out on a snow-covered island.
* ATasteOfPower: In the Tutorial, you play as a full-power Aran, with Maha and all of their combo skills. Then once you finish the tutorial, [[BagOfSpilling it's back to level one with you]].
* BareYourMidriff: Just ''look'' at her art!
* BladeOnAStick: ''Legendary'' for this in Maple World.
* BoringButPractical: While rather flashy, many Arans will find that the majority of their damage output comes from spamming their basic swinging attack due to how fast and powerful it is and the fact that it doesn't need any fancy key inputs.
* ButNotTooBlack: NPC depictions of Aran use a tanned skintone lighter than is actually obtainable in-game.
* ButtonMashing: Gameplay with Aran revolves around the attack key and racking up a high enough combo to fire off a more powerful attack via pressing a bunch of keys, then starting over. Following a job rebalancing patch after the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, several of their skills can be bound to keys, as opposed to being executed through a series of key commands, thus reducing emphasis on this trope.
* {{Combos}}: Aran's original play style involved chaining many hits together within a time frame of about five seconds between hits so that they can utilize a stronger skill that also resets their combo count. A rebalancing of them immediately following the ''Cygnus Returns'' update removes the time limit and causes skills to only reduce their combo count by the skill's minimum requirement instead of resetting it, allowing them to maintain their combo count until the player leaves the current map.
* ContinuitySnarl: The end of Aran's tutorial shows an image of silhouettes of the Legends rushing in to fight the Black Mage. Two major problems with it are the archer is holding a traditional bow (Mercedes uses [[GunsAkimbo dual bowguns]]) and the fact that only Mercedes, Freud, and Luminous fought the Black Mage directly. Aran fought off the hordes of {{mook}}s while Phantom did... something.
* DarkSkinnedBlonde: In official art, Aran has tan skin and white hair.
* DeathFromAbove: Judgment drops a giant ice-covered polearm to the ground to damage and freeze enemies over time.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Unlike the other re-awakened Legends, Aran starts at level 1 and acts like a beginning Adventurer (and even has the same skills) before reaching level 10. This could probably be explained by Aran predating the Big Bang and even the Cygnus Knights.
* EmpathicWeapon: Maha the Giant Polearm is aware enough that he manifests a ghostly human form and can talk to Aran. He's ''very'' unhappy about being forgotten.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: The upgraded swings become spinning attacks, in addition to Rolling Spin.
* GenderFlip: Aran was originally depicted as male, but since the ''Advance of the Union'' update, the female Aran has made many more appearances and is even mentioned as female by other {{NPC}}s. This has led to some inconsistencies, such as a male Aran being seen in Phantom's opening cutscene, but Phantom later interacting with a female Aran, and is also lampshaded in the Warrior Adventurer's questline; prior to meeting Aran, Lilin will ask the player questions about Aran. Either response to Aran's gender is correct and will determine the gender of the Aran the player meets. It is implied that Nexon of Korea has chosen to leave the gender inconsistency in place by officially declaring that Aran's gender is simply "Aran". Artwork for future Friend Story updates suggests the spinoff will work around this by having two separate characters. Their most recent rework sticks with female Aran in cutscenes and story (along with her new official art), implying that she might become the canon gender in the near future.
* HorseOfADifferentColor: Rides a wolf as their class mount.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Aran is the only Legend to be hit with this, and it creates tension between Aran and Maha.
* LifeDrain: Combo Drain.
* MightyGlacier: Hits like a bulldozer. Their primary disadvantages are relatively high MP consumption and below-average mobility.
* NoSell: Body Pressure, a second job skill, not only negates contact damage while active, but also allows Aran to deliver up to four times their damage range just by walking into enemies. Enemies hit in this fashion also add towards their combo count.
* ObviousRulePatch: The easier to maintain combo system made it very easy for them to spam their map-wide instant-kill move, thus a later patch made it so that the combo cost for Combo Tempest rises the more it's used in quick succession.
* OneHitKill: Their fourth job skill, Combo Tempest, will will freeze roughly up to 15 enemies on screen solid, allowing them to be killed instantly by any attack or do heavy damage to a boss.
* SummonMagic: The Fenrir combo skill summons a ghostly pack of wolves. This was lost after the 2015 revamp.
* SuperMode: Their 2015 rework lets them enter Adrenaline Mode after hitting the highest combo value possible, drastically increasing their attack speed and the damage they deal while also increasing the number of enemies hit with each attack.
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Combo Smash, if you ignore the fact their polearm is thrown straight in a stabbing fashion.
* WorldsBestWarrior: They were initially advertised ''and'' designed to be [=MapleStory=]'s ''single strongest class'' upon release, and despite several nerfs since their initial release bringing their damage potential closer to par with other classes, Arans are still one of the strongest Warrior classes available.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: Post 2015 rework, Aran's Gathering Catcher skill drags enemies back towards them.


->" Evan comes with his own specific backstory and character concept that will reveal itself as the character levels up. In summary, Evan is the heir to the legacy of a great hero named Freud and his friend, the great dragon Afrien. Hundreds of years ago, Freud and Afrien joined themselves in a spirit pact to help fight for justice in Maple World. Together with four other great heroes, they confronted the Black Mage during his first attempt to rule Maple World. In the end, however, they were defeated. In the final battle, Afrien sacrificed himself, blocking a spell meant to destroy his human friend and leaving behind one Dragon egg. Freud took it away and placed it in hiding, waiting for the day when another human, as pure of heart as he, could form a spirit pact with the egg, bond with the new dragon, and pick up where he and Afrien had left off. It fell to Evan, the child of pig farmer, to discover the egg in the forest and bond with the young dragon, Mir."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing an Evan'''

[[ABoyAndHisX Evan and his dragon Mir]] are the successor to Freud and Afrien, the Magician Legend and the King of the Onyx Dragons respectively. After sealing the Black Mage [[spoiler: and locking the moment in time to prevent time travelers from undermining the victory]], Freud was targeted by his curse, only for Afrein to take the hit in his stead; however, this not only weakened them both (as they are [[BondCreatures spiritually linked]]), but he also destroys all of the other Onyx Dragon eggs, except one, which would later hatch into Mir; Afrien's last request to Freud was to hide it someplace safe, hoping another would carry on with their Spirit Pact.

Centuries later, Evan, the second son of a farmer from Henesys, finds Afrien in a dream, and makes a pact with him to become the next Dragon Master. Thinking it a dream, Evan goes on with his next day, doing his chores around the house, when he stumbles into the forest where he found Afrien in his dream. There he finds an egg, who soon hatches into the last of the Onyx Dragons, and Evan's life partner, Mir. Evan and Mir then set out on their quest to discover the world.

Evan's playstyle mostly revolves around directing Mir where to attack, with Evan essentially acting as a hitbox while Mir does the actual attacking. A later revamp gives Evan some spells of his own, in the form of magic bullets and InstantRunes. Mir becomes an AssistCharacter, either supplementing Evan's attacks with his own, or independently attacking enemies on his own when commanded. In addition, when Evan and Mir use certain attacks together, Mir reacts to Evan's magic and uses a new, more powerful attack.
!!Tropes associated with Evan:
* ActionPet: Mir, since he's the whole point of the class.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: Comes across as this with his naivety but genuine wish to become a hero and help others. The precocious part becomes more prevalent as he seems to have learned his lesson after [[spoiler: accidentally helping the Black Wings]], giving some advice to the Beast Tamer after their meeting along with his established reputation as a powerful hero. On the other hand, his adorable part is still there during the Maple Alliance Conference, [[TheKnightsWhoSaySquee where he fangirls over the gathering of adventurers from across Maple World]] while wondering if he's even qualified to be there.
* {{Adorkable}}: Just take a look at some of his [=NPC=] [[http://orangemushroom.net/2015/11/26/kmst-ver-1-2-024-heroes-of-maple-blockbuster-and-skill-changes/#jp-carousel-14569 expressions]] and ''try'' to say he isn't this.
* BadassLongcoat: His robes have become this in his new art.
* BattleAura: With Dragon Fury active, Mir gets a distinct glow.
* BondCreatures: Mir and Evan explicitly share a soul.
* ABoyAndHisX: Evan and his dragon, Mir, naturally.
* BreathWeapon: Mir has both Ice and Fire Breath.
* CastingAShadow: Dark Fog is a combination of this, and ShockAndAwe.
* CombinationAttack: Originally, all of Evan's skills were Mir's, but a revamp gives Evan and Mir their own skills and bonus properties when the two combine their skills together.
* ChasteHero: He's pretty innocent, although a bit [[DeadpanSnarker Snarky]].
* DamageIncreasingDebuff: Phantom Imprint.
* DayInTheLimelight: The protagonist of the upcoming ''Heroes of Maple'' campaign.
* DragonRider: It's a hero with a dragon. What made you think this wouldn't happen? This makes Evan unique from other class mounts as being able to mount Mir gives Evan a glide jump that he can use even when not mounted for added mobility. The rework makes this his Level 170 Hyper Skill, having him ride Mir freely around the battlefield while spewing powerful fireballs for fifteen seconds.
* FireIceLightning: He actually does all three!
** At least until his 2015 rework, where he dumps Ice in favor of [[BlowYouAway Wind]] and [[DishingOutDirt Earth.]]
* GenerationXerox: In official art, Evan and Freud look very similar, as do Mir and Afrien once the former gets a little bigger. The ''Heroes of Maple'' campaign explicitly refers to Evan as Frued's descendant.
* GlassCannon: Even more so than normal mages. If you don't [[AllegedlyFreeGame buy any skill books]], your mana shield can barely protect you.
* InstantRunes: His 2015 Rework gives Evan the ability to create these, and they can be combined with Mir's attacks in order to produce an even more powerful attack.
* KidHero: Based on his backstory and general personality he's probably the youngest playable character in the game along with the possible exception of the Beast Tamer.
* LuminescentBlush: In the next blockbuster he sports one as shown [[http://orangemushroom.net/2016/01/13/kms-ver-1-2-251-heroes-of-maple-deserts-harmony/#jp-carousel-15894 here]]. Why is still a mystery here in the West (at the time of this writing anyway), but it may have something to do with the fact that he and Mir get CaughtInASnare with Mercedes during the story.
* MagicMissile: His Circle of Magic Skill after his 2015 rework.
* ObliviouslyEvil: Relatively early in the Evan storyline, you join a 'secret organization' that claims to be doing good deeds anonymously. That organization? [[spoiler: It's the Black Wings.]]
* OneGenderRace: Zig-zagged. Like Aran, Evan is usually depicted as Male, although there exists official art of both genders. It doesn't help that Evan is a boy's name.
* PlayingWithFire: Evan's most powerful skills have Mir spew powerful bursts of flame. This is taken even further with his rework, having Mir stand on a small pillar while spewing flame beams at all opponents around him.
* PowerGlows: Fully grown Mir glows purple.
* ThePowerOfLove / PowerOfTrust: Part of what gives Evan and Mir their power.
* PurpleIsPowerful: As mentioned earlier, a fully-grown Mir glows purple.
* RazorWind: Gains these with Swift of Wind, one of his Fusion Skills. It makes Mir dash back and forth, sending Razor Gales in random directions towards enemies.
* TheRedMage: Has mostly offensive magic, but has a few odd support skills that can be potentially [[GameBreaker Game Breaking]]. Soul Stone and Recovery Aurora in particular. On the other hand, unlike some red mages, he has no health restoring skills, limiting his longevity if he doesn't have potions ready. This is zig-zagged after his rework due to a loss of the previously mentioned support skills in favor of wide-range elemental attacks. However, by calling Mir back in the middle of an attack Evan can trigger a variety of aura and support effects.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Mir for his first two growth phases. He even notes in his third growth phase that his 'cuteness has decreased'.
* ShockAndAwe: Gains the ability to fire lightning bolts with his third growth phase.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Not Evan, but Freud/Freed counts.
* SuddenlyBlonde: Post 2015 rework Nexon changed his hair color from his original [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/maplestory/images/6/68/Artwork_Evan_0.png/revision/latest?cb=20121122141020 chestnut]] to strawberry blond for no apparent reason.
* SummonMagic: His level 150 Hyper Skill summons an ancient Onyx Dragon as backup for a short duration.
* TeleportSpam: Like other mages, but also gets Dragon Blink, which randomly teleports you to any spot on the map. He loses the latter example after his rework.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: According to Evan, his is his mom's steamed potatoes while Mir loves cheesecake.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Evan passes off Mir as 'just a big lizard'. This seems plausible until you hit level thirty and Mir is easily twice your size and ''very'' distinctly a dragon.


->" If you love classic “glass cannons,” you’re going to love being able to dish out punishment with Mercedes. Her speed and the ability to move quickly around a map make her the darling of players who enjoy using manual dexterity and quick wits to maximize their destructive skills. This is especially important because Mercedes, more than any other Bowman-type character, is very fragile and simply can’t take much punishment. Once you learn how to use her, you’ll love the elegant way she destroys her foes."
---> '''- Acorn Story: Playing Mercedes'''

Mercedes is the Archer Legend, who wields [[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon Dual Bowguns]]. She is the ruler of the elves from a village near Ellinia who was frozen by the Black Mage's curse when she tried to protect her village after sealing the Black Mage with the other four Legends.

Like Aran and Phantom, Mercedes was cursed by the Black Mage after the six Legends sealed him. Sealing the village of the elves, Elluel, Mercedes and her people fell into a deep sleep for hundreds of years. Mercedes awakens to find her previous power gone, and begins training to regain her strength. Her class-specific quests mostly involve her and her people regaining their strength and preparing to once again fight the Black Mage.
!!Tropes associated with Mercedes:
* BerserkButton: Don't even ''try'' telling her to hide from danger or attempt to kidnap her people. Athena Pierce and the Black Wings learned this the hard way.
* BigWhat: Mercedes does not take her LevelDrain very well.
* BottomlessMagazines: Some [=NPC=]s sell magic arrows that only Mercedes can equip. ''Never mind the other Archers who have to make do with mundane arrows.'' Granted, it could be some kind of special Elven magic to justify this as Mercedes' Elder of War, Danika, uses a regular longbow.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Mercedes notices she's at level 10 after the prologue.
* {{Combos}}: Her other gimmick besides rapid fire, she gains a rush that leads to a launcher that sends enemies upward in second job, and it grows in power and gains new followups with each advancement, from simply shooting upwards to chasing after them which can be followed up further with aerial attacks. Her revamps take this up to eleven by allowing all of her combo followups to link into each other, giving her Thunder Breaker like damage boosts for using long combos, and reducing the cooldowns on stronger skills while she is comboing.
* DanceBattler: Her skillset includes a lot of flipping and acrobatics along with high speed shooting.
* DeathByAThousandCuts: Be prepared to get through this stage during the late stages of 3rd job. Her attack to damage ratios are abysmal during that time, but she still maintains an extremely high attack speed and mobility that somewhat makes up for it.
* DeathFromAbove: Spikes Royale has Mercedes jump backwards before raining a multitude of spears on opponents in front of her.
* DoubleJump: Gets it as a Beginner skill.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: The male Mercedes are nearly as pretty as their female counterparts.
* EverythingIsBetterWithSpinning: Leaf Tornado, Aerial Barrage, and Rolling Moonsault have this as an animation.
* FairyCompanion: The Elemental Knights skill. Unlike the Bowman's NobleBirdOfPrey, which has a tendency to [[StopHelpingMe provoke mobs even when you're trying not to attack them]], this one only attacks monsters you hit.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Among the six Legends, she has the hardest time dealing with the changes to Maple World over the past few centuries, exacerbated by Elluel's seclusion compared to the rest of the world.
* GlassCannon: Mercedes has excellent mobility and above average offensive power, as well as a relatively high dodge rate once she gets passive buffs from a third and fourth job skill. Thanks to another passive skill she gets right from the start, her RegeneratingHealth is also ''much'' better than any other class except Kaiser. Don't expect her to survive for very long at higher levels if her defensive buffs are not active, however.
* HeroicBSOD: A combination of being a FishOutOfTemporalWater and her LevelDrain also pushed her into this mode for a while, but she snapped out of it very quickly.
* HiddenElfVillage: Elluel was sealed from the rest of Maple World for the same duration that Mercedes spent frozen in ice out of concern that the Great Curse could spread to other beings if it wasn't isolated and left to weaken over the centuries. Doubles as a minor, unusual way of TakingYouWithMe. This trope still exists in that Elluel is the only town on Victoria Island that has no direct access to it (via Regular Cab or a town-specific Return Scroll).
* HorseOfADifferentColor: Her mount is Sylvidia, a winged unicorn.
* ImpossiblyCoolWeapon / ImprobableWeaponUser: Dual bowguns with infinite ammo and reload automatically. Seriously?!
* LivingRelic: Not only has she and her entire village been frozen in time for centuries, allowing things like monster books to be perfectly preserved for historians/biologists, but just her memories of the past are some helpful to any researcher (assuming one does the quests in Ellinia).
* MamaBear: Later in her questline [[spoiler: the Black Wings kidnap a child from her village.]] Needless to say she doesn't take it well.
* MoreDakka: [[GunsAkimbo Dual bowguns]] and [[BottomlessMagazines magic arrows]] aside, Mercedes gets a skill that falls right into this category every time she makes a job advancement. Her fourth job iteration, Ishtar's Ring, plays this trope to its entirety by allowing her to fire a stream of arrows for as long as she has the MP.
* NeutralNoLonger: Her backstory, as well as the Great Spirit, implies that the Elves were originally neutral when the Black Mage first started his war on Maple World and only chose to oppose him once Mercedes decided she would.
* OneGenderRace: Like Evan and Aran, both genders are playable. Unlike them, there is currently only official art of the female Mercedes.
* OurElvesAreBetter: She gets very offended when an NPC mistakes her has a human, but other than that, she doesn't have much of a superiority problem.
* Really700YearsOld: An optional chat with a guard will lead to a quest in which the ''youngest'' of the three sages ([[spoiler:Danika]]) is revealed to be 240 years old. Mercedes treats this like she is a baby. When Mercedes sees the guard's DoubleTake, she assumes (wrongly) that he is impressed by the sage's ''young'' age and, in the quest's post-completion text, even mentions "Oh, to be so young!", implying that she herself is ''far'' older, even without taking into consideration the complications of being frozen in ice for ages.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Seems to take being the Ruler of the Elves as an indication that she's responsible for everyone's safety. Personally.
* ShipTease: With both Freud and Phantom. The former due to her fight scene alongside him in her trailer, the latter due to her reaction upon Phantom's arrival to Ereve in his trailer.
* YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe: Not so visible in practice, but several {{NPC}}s comment on her "strange accent".
* ZettaiRyouiki: Between Grade B and A.


Phantom is the Thief Legend. He became a hero to protect the world his loved one, the former Empress of Ereve, Aria, loved so much before she died. During the battle of the Black Mage, he too was cursed and was sealed for a few hundred years.

In the present-day, he has already thawed out and has a personal airship, the ''Crystal Garden'', where he actively conducts investigations into activities that may have a connection to the Black Mage and his Commanders. Phantom has the ability to steal attack skills and active buffs from Adventurer classes[[note]]except for Dual Blades and Cannoneers prior to the ''RED'' update[[/note]] and wields a transforming cane that changes into the job-appropriate weapon for the skill he is using. He also uses [[DeathDealer magical cards]] to perform several attacks.

Phantom was released during the ''Justice'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Phantom:
* '''{{Badass}}:''' You might be wondering why he has this tag here when Maplestory is a WorldOfBadass. According to one of Orchid's memories in Act 1 of ''Black Heaven'', he very nearly killed Orchid and put Lotus into a coma. These two were top-tier Black Mage Commanders with the latter currently holding the title as the hardest boss in the game.
** [[spoiler:To be more accurate, according to [[http://maplestory.nexon.com/MapleStory/Page/Gnx.aspx?URL=Community/WebtoonWing# official webtoon]], he did find Lotus separated from Orchid, which reduced Lotus' strength considerably, and Orchid had been distressed at her brother's condition.]]
* BadassInANiceSuit: His default clothing is a platinum suit similar to the ones worn by British officers in colonial times.
* BerserkButton: Lotus killing Aria. If you are playing as Phantom, he reacts very poorly to reliving the memory of it in the Black Heaven storyline.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: All of Phantom's early dialogue with Gaston is about Phantom's current level.
* CoolBoat: His airship, the ''Crystal Garden''.[[note]]''Lumiere'' in GMS[[/note]]
* CoolCar: His job-specific mount is a car.
* CutscenePowerToTheMax: Lampshaded. After Phantom retreats to the ''Crystal Garden'' following his success at exposing Hilla, he and his manservant, Gaston, have a short conversation over the use of the special effects that prevented anyone else on Ereve from learning that he actually wasn't that powerful.
* DeathDealer: He uses cards as his secondary weapon. They feature heavily as a theme for him.
* DefectingForLove: A male example involving a posthumous love subject. He was originally a career thief, but started his HeelFaceTurn when he met Aria and finally chose to use his abilities for the greater good after she died to protect the world she loved and ruled until her death. He even [[LampshadeHanging hangs a lampshade]] on it.
-->'''Phantom:''' The scoundrel turned hero...that's a bit cliché'd, isn't it?
* DueToTheDead: Phantom's storyline revolves around him being unable to accept Aria's death and wanting to get revenge on Lotus, while at the same time wanting to protect Maple World to honor her as well as the cause she died for.
* FlashStep / TeleportersAndTransporters: Gets a skill right from the start that allows him to teleport in any of the four cardinal directions three times.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Despite having enough money to buy his own airship filled with servants, as well as owning three secret chambers on three separate continents and having a room in his airship filled with gold, Phantom has no extra mesos for the player to buy items or equipment. At least he safekeeps his manuals in the chambers and can use the airship for travel.
* GentlemanThief: A very skilled thief who is feared for his prowess, yet has so much charisma, he can even melt the hearts of ''Mercedes'' and ''Athena Pierce''. To drive this point home, just ''[[http://i.imgur.com/D913tYP.jpg look]]'' at their faces (and Hilla's OhCrap expression in the middle) right after he reveals himself at Ereve!
* GoodIsNotSoft: Out of the six Legends, he got the closest to actually ''killing'' not one, but ''two'' Black Mage Commanders ([[spoiler:Lotus and Orchid]]). In addition, his storyline quests will eventually lead him to Black Wings member Francis, where he completely disregards the psychological effects of the latter's defeat at the hands of Mercedes and proceeds to reduce him into a complete sobbing wreck by beating him into a pulp ''three times'' just to find out who the leader of the Black Wings is. Francis lost it so badly that even Phantom finally [[MonsterSobStory took pity on him and helped to undo some of the damage he did]].
* ImpossibleThief / PowerCopying: One of his main abilities is to steal other player's skills (he can only steal from Adventurers, however).
* JackOfAllTrades: The mechanics of the class seem to lean towards this.
* KickTheMoralityPet: It's a stretch, but [[spoiler:shortly after she liberated Phantom from Lotus' body control, Aria pointed out quite bluntly that,]] if Phantom had not been so consumed by his desire to destroy Lotus' body because he killed her centuries ago, Lotus would never have had the opportunity to [[spoiler:possess his body...nor would he have the opportunity to kill Cygnus with Phantom's own hands.]] This is supported by Phantom's own Intelligence department on board the ''Crystal Garden'' advising him against rash action after they located Lotus' body deep within Verne Mine, which he ignored.
* LadykillerInLove: Phantom is fully aware that he has the charisma to woo any lady for his own gains, so it is ironic that he ''genuinely'' fell in love with Aria while attempting to steal her jewel, the Skaia. This is shoved out into the open when, during the latter part of his storyline quests, [[spoiler:[[WhatTheHellHero he is scolded by Aria's spirit]] for loving her so much, he was Hell-bent on revenge, which inadvertently placed her niece, Cygnus, in great danger.]]
* NoHeroDiscount: Much to his chagrin. During the credits for the ''Black Heaven'' campaign, he can be seen crying while shelling out the last of the mesos in his wallet to pay for the damages to the ''Crystal Garden''. Granted, he is pretty rich (even if most of his money and valuables were stolen), but given the potential cost of effecting repairs to an airship that barely survived a MacrossMissileMassacre from the single most destructive warship ever constructed in Maple World, his distress is pretty understandable.
* PhantomThief: In addition to his rather obvious name, he also fills 5 out of the 8 listed example characteristics on that page to a T.
* PrettyBoy
* RageBreakingPoint: He clearly feels very strongly about Aria's death, and deals with it in his normal polite tone until he decided he has enough, which was when [[spoiler:Lotus met his death]] and [[spoiler:he got into a fight with Luminous in Heroes of Maple]].
* TeleportSpam: Comes with a ''triple'' teleport!


Luminous is the ''other'' Magician Legend (Freud was succeeded by Evan). Luminous was a member of Aurora, an organization that researches and protects the light. With Freud's help, he was able to seal the Black Mage, but absorbed some of the latter's darkness in the process. Centuries later, he was discovered near Ellinia by a girl named Lania, who welcomed him to her home and nursed him back to full health. However, the darkness that Luminous absorbed from the Black Mage soon started to slowly gain control over him; things came to a head when [[PowerIncontinence it seized control of him for a few moments]], destroying Lania's house and severely injuring her. After Luminous regains control, depending on the player's decision, he either reverses all the damage done by the Black Mage's fell magic or lets everything burn.[[note]]In GMS, players are locked to the latter outcome and cannot choose.[[/note]] Regardless of choice, he leaves shortly after this incident to regain his strength and attempt to subdue the darkness within himself.

Luminous uses a two-sided staff, called a shining rod, as his weapon. His main feature is his equilibrium system, where the player must alternate between multiple consecutive uses of [[LightEmUp light]] or [[CastingAShadow dark]] skills in order to strengthen their potency through two passive skills called Sunfire (light) and Eclipse (dark). In his third job, he begins to learn how to [[AllYourPowersCombined combine both light and dark]] into a single state known as [[YinYangBomb equilibrium]] and can trigger a third passive skill with the same name for a very short time while switching between Sunfire and Eclipse, during which equilibrium skills can be used to their fullest potential.

Luminous was released during the ''Tempest'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Luminous:
* AllYourPowersCombined: Equilibrium skills, which use both light and darkness and are only fully effective when Luminous is switching between elements.
* BeamSpam: Spectral Light shoots a constant spray of light arrows like a [[MoreDakka gatling gun]].
* {{Bishonen}}: Needless to say, he's quite pretty looking. [[spoiler:As was the White Mage, his past incarnation.]]
* CastingAShadow[=/=]LightEmUp: This is not only his attack style, but also a gameplay mechanic.
* DualityMotif: Constantly trying to control his opposite powers of Light and Darkness to the point that it's a game mechanic.
* EnemyWithout: [[InvertedTrope Inverted.]] [[spoiler: Luminous is actually the Starchild, the human reincarnation of the last of the Black Mage's goodness.]]
* EvilIsHammy: If the player chooses the Dark path, Luminous chews the scenery around Ellinia after he destroys Lania's house.
* HerdHittingAttack: Has a whole bunch of these, with the standouts being Spectral Light (the MoreDakka example listed below), Apocalypse (nukes an area in front of you with darkness), Reflection (a beam of light that acts like ChainLightning), and [[SinisterScythe Death Scythe]] (summons two Grim Reapers to deal massive damage to any enemies on either side of you).
* LightIsNotGood: Doing the storyline quests for Luminous will eventually reveal that [[spoiler:it was the power from the fifth Augury, a construct that possesses immense light, that turned Michaela's pet goat, Xerxes, into the monster that he is; the core of Chryse has nothing to do with it]].
* MarkOfTheSupernatural: Luminous starts his story off with two blue eyes, then one of his eyes turns red when he absorbs the Black Mage's energy.
* MeanwhileInTheFuture: Luminous' fate immediately after sealing the Black Mage is the most ambiguous among the Legends. Freud died from natural causes, Shade was erased from history, Aran and Mercedes are shown to have been frozen for centuries in-game and Phantom complains about the curse's LevelDrain to his manservant on the ''Crystal Garden'' shortly after he blows Hilla's cover at Ereve, but Luminous is never shown encased in a block of ice and never mentions anything about being frozen. It is heavily implied that he was sent centuries into the future ''and'' blasted from the Temple of Time to the outskirts of Ellinia when he punched the Black Mage to secure the seal and absorbed some of the latter's darkness. Further evidence of this is hinted by Lania needing to nurse him back to health whereas the other Legends had already recovered fully from their injuries when they thawed out.
* MoreDakka: His Spectral Light skill works this way, shooting a stream of lasers that can be aimed for as long as you hold down the skill key.
* PowerIncontinence: The plot fork at the Path of Light/Path of Darkness happens right after Luminous has an uncontrollable power surge and basically goes off like a bomb, wrecking Lania's house. Global removes the plot fork, giving you the dark storyline with both Light and Dark starting skills.
* RegionalBonus: Luminous has the distinction of being the only character class released so far whose play style varies considerably across regional versions of [=MapleStory=]. This is considered by some to be BadExportForYou, however.
** KMS style, Luminous' stance change is automatic; once he fills the meter by using his skills, he automatically changes, entering Equilibrium stance in between. This makes him a better bosser, as he can enter his bossing optimal Equilibrium stance more frequently than Global.
** Global style, Luminous' stance change is manually triggered, spending one unit of meter in order to change stance, entering Equilibrium stance in between. This makes him a better mobber, as he can stay in Light mode and use his extremely efficient Reflection attack at max power without worrying about losing the stance buff, at the cost of being a worse bosser due to the long cooldown of the stance switching skill.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: It means (in-story) that he's losing control of his darkness powers while in-game it means that he's going all out with them, spamming Apocalypse among other powerful spells.
* SimpleStaff: The trailer shows him using his staff as a melee weapon as much as a conduit for his magic.
* SinisterScythe: Death Scythe summons two reapers to bisect an opponent, dealing massive damage.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: When he's overtaken by his darkness powers.
* YinYangBomb: Starts out only able to use light or darkness (in Non-Global versions), but later job advancements let him use both. Taken UpToEleven in Equilibrium Mode (which is obtained after trying to switch to another mode after spamming one type of spell enough), where his skills have no cooldowns, deal 150% more damage, is unable to be knocked back, and the benefits of both his Eclipse and Sunfire modes.


Shade is the Pirate Legend. He was one of the six Legends who confronted the Black Mage centuries ago. Near the climax of the battle, Shade performed a HeroicSacrifice in order to activate the Sealing Stones that allowed Luminous to turn the powers of the Transcendence of Time against the Black Mage and seal him. In doing so, Shade [[RetGone wrote himself out of existence]]. Unlike the other five Legends, who are still remembered by some, Shade's sacrifice means that no one will ever remember him as a Legend.

Shade's main weapon is a knuckle. His play style revolves around summoning spirits to strike at enemies as well as chaining consecutive uses of the same skill to cleave through hordes quickly. As a defensive measure, he is also capable of breaking his attacks mid-combo.

Shade was released during the ''You & I'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Shade:
* TheAloner: Willing to sacrifice himself as he had no friends or family prior to the Heroes and is now doomed to never be remembered by anyone he meets.
* BareFistedMonk
* BittersweetEnding: The storyline ends with Shade simply having to accept that he's never going to be remembered, although as an NPC, he seems to be managing his condition by simply not traveling between worlds and is slowly building a new relationship with his former friends.
* BluffTheImposter: When he suspects the Mercedes he's talking to is fake, he keeps giving contradicting memories about the past until he finally catches her when she calls him by his new name.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Like Mercedes, he notices his level drop near the end of the prologue. He doesn't take it as badly as she does, though.
* {{Combos}}: Several of Shade's attacks can be used consecutively. Unlike other character classes that revolve around chaining attacks, however, he also has two skills that are specifically meant to be used during a combo to break it and allow him to reposition himself.
* CamelCase
* DiscardAndDraw: He uses Octopunch in the prologue, suggesting he was simply a Buccaneer before then. After the Black Mage's curse level drains him, he gets new spirit powers blessed upon him by the Fox God.
* DubNameChange: "Shade", in GMS
* FantasticFoxes: His story in the present-day begins in a village run by foxes, and he is blessed with the power of the Fox God.
* FateWorseThanDeath: To him, living but never being remembered is this compared to dying and being remembered as a hero.
-->'''Black Mage''': Would you do it again? Knowing what it cost you?
* GutPunch: Returns to Maple World to find that not only is his best friend dead, but none of his old friends remember him, and when he returns to the new home he had made for himself, his new friends have forgotten him too, causing him to realize that he will never be remembered and will always be alone as a result.
* MeaningfulRename: "[=EunWol=]" means "hidden moon", while "Shade" is meant as in a ghost, both referring to his RetGone condition. What his name was before is never mentioned.
* OneExtraMember: Aran's release information and backstory explicitly state that there are only five Legends, though it makes sense if one is literally unable to be recorded in the annals of history and memory.
* PurpleIsTheNewBlack[=/=]AdaptationDyeJob: Despite being shown in artwork and cutscenes with brown hair and purple eyes, player-created Shades start with black hair and black eyes.
* RegionalBonus: Shade's primary gimmick in KMS is that he has no buffs that he has to cast himself; instead he has special buffs that activate automatically when he is attacking and deactivate when he isn't. In Global, Shade's passives are always on.
* RetGone: Shade sacrificed his existence so that Luminous could seal the Black Mage with the help of the Sealing Stones. Photographs taken before the Legends' confrontation with the Black Mage do not show him in them even if he was physically present at the time they were taken, and whenever he travels between Grandis and Maple World, he is forgotten by everyone.
* SummonMagic: Many of his offensive skills involve summoning a spirit to strike at enemies.
* TheUnreveal: For his fourth job advancement, he consults the Grand Athenaeum to see if he has been truly wiped completely from existence. He obviously has to look himself up by his original name, but that name, and what he finds, is never said.


[[folder: Resistance Player Classes]]
!!The Resistance

The Resistance classes share many things with the adventurers but with a twist; something resembling a backstory. Resistance characters start out in the town of Edelstein, a town under control of the Black Wings, an organization affiliated with the Black Mage. From there they rescue a young girl from a strange science lab, and your character discovers a secret underground group who secretly combat the Black Wings under the cover of their everyday personas. [[OverlyLongGag In]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment secret]].

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to all Resistance characters as a whole. Tropes specific to certain jobs can go under that job's section.
!!Tropes associated with all Resistance classes:
* BadassCrew: A secretive, close-knit crew of freedom fighters who follow their own code and won't take orders from anyone if it doesn't help their cause. This is not even including the fact that several of members bail out characters from other stories and the inclusion of a former Black Mage Commander (meaning raid-boss level {{Badass}}) and Gelimer's ultimate android.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Their storyline compared to most of the other classes. It is the only storyline where [[spoiler: an ally, the girl you saved at the beginning of the game, is explicitly murdered]] on screen. There are also mentions of the use of hostages and poison gas by corrupt officials to control the populace while Black Wing grunts constantly prowl the streets much like Hitler's Gestapo (though most of them are incompetent).
* GameplayAndStoryIntegration: The Resistance members are the one to show the most zeal for the raid of Black Heaven and finally taking Gelimer down. Considering all of the shit they were put through directly or indirectly as a result of his experiments, this is rightly justified. [[spoiler: Any of the original three Resistance classes will also bring up Vita's death in anger upon confronting Gelimer personally.]]
* LaResistance: Well, what did you expect? [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus The Spanish Inquisition?]]
* {{Steampunk}}: There are some aspects of the core three Resistance classes and Edelstein that are steampunk. The Mechanic in general, the Battle Mage's goggles and the Wild Hunter's crossbow skills, for example.

!!Battle Mage

->"The Battle Mage is the Magician class of the Resistance. This class is very unique in the fact that while the rest of the magicians are ranged fighters, Battle Mages battle in close combat. Another unique ability is their Auras, which can improve you and your party member's attributes. Battle Mages uses Staffs as their main weapon of choice. Unfortunately, Battle Mages have no Magic Guard, but they have the highest base HP of all Magicians to compensate for it and the ability to use Teleport earlier."
---> '''Maple Wiki Page on Battle Mages'''

->Battle Mages have a few things in common with the regular mage. They both teleport, and they both use magic. The similarities end there though. Battle Mages are up-close-and-personal versions of the Magician class, more similar to a warrior than a Mage. They can deal up close hits through the use of Staff Blow, and can draw foes in with Dark Chain. They also have several auras that boost various stats of themselves and those around them, making them useful in a party.

Their revamp in the Black Heaven update brings their Grim Reaper summon into the core of their gameplay. After killing off enough normal monsters or hitting a boss enough times, their reaper will transform to deal a massive slash with its scythe, providing a large source of DPS and [=AoE=] for the Battle Mage.
!!Tropes associated with Battle Mages:
* BeehiveBarrier
* BoringButPractical: Their entire attack pattern is using the same 3 skills (two of which you get right off the bat) while being supplemented by buffs. Their other attacks are situational.
* CastingAShadow Many of their skills have dark appearances, and Dark Genesis is an outright dark version of the Bishops ultimate skill, though ironically, none of their attacks actually carry the rare, Evan-only dark element. This overlaps with DarkIsNotEvil.
* DanceBattler: Post-Revamp encourages them to [[TeleportSpam teleport]] between enemies in order to constantly leave and consume a mark to augment their damage output.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Most of their attacks are tinged a dark purple to imply their connection to dark forces. Nevertheless, thy're just as heroic as the other classes.
* DontFearTheReaper: Their Revamp gives them a rather cute Reaper by their side who transforms to attack with a massive scythe slash after a certain amount of souls are collected.
* FieryRedhead: Official art used to have a male example of these with scowling face ready to fight, but the current art shows a much more mellow looking girl.
* LifeDrain: Draining Aura. It also causes the attacks of your party members to drain hp for you.
* ShockAndAwe: While not actually electric-elemental, they have a skill in the third job that lets them unleash dark lightning on enemies by teleporting through them or hitting them with a skill active for extra damage. Post-Revamp, their Dark Genesis skill had its animation changed to strike enemies with dark Tesla coils.
* SimpleStaff: Battle Mages are restricted to using staves and only staves, if they want to attack anyway.
* SquishyWizard: Averted thanks to Draining Aura, Blue Aura, and Ordinary Conversion. And that's not even counting the three different ways they can become invincible.
* StanceSystem: Post Revamp makes Auras mutually exclusive, but has some of their previous effects made passive to compensate.
* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: Along with the BoringButPractical entry, the majority of the Battle Mage's damage output is simply holding down the skill key for their damage swings. However, success involves use of this along with strategic teleporting and aura choice, but the core gameplay never really changes between job advancements.

!!Wild Hunter

->"“Resistance” classes comprise three groups of people from the town of Edelstein who have formed an underground resistance movement against the Black Wings, the evil minions of the Black Mage who have taken over the town. Resistance classes include the noble Battle Mages who use their magic to protect their friends and smash their foes, and the valiant Mechanics, ordinary citizens of Edelstein who ride powerful prototype robots loaded with experimental weaponry. Finally, the brave Wild Hunters use crossbows and an incredible riding jaguar in combat."
---> '''Acorn Story: Playing a Wild Hunter'''

->Wild Hunters are, essentially, Jaguar-riding versions of Crossbowmen. Their skills may be different, but at their core, they both use crossbows, and attack from a distance, though the Wild Hunter has some means of getting around that.

Because of their Jaguars, they are among the fastest classes in terms of ground movement speed while being a unique class in which meany of their skills can be used while moving. With their rework in the Black Heaven update, their playstyle is expanded between mounting their Jaguars to have their Artillery deal splash damage to multiple enemies, or they can dismount and fight alongside their jaguars to focus their assault on single targets. The Wild Hunter can set up turrets that provide ballistic fire and overwhelm enemies with a fusillade of missiles and arrows.
!!Tropes associated with Wild Hunters:
* TheBeastmaster: Apart from their jaguar, they can also utilize mobs they have trapped, a black creature in a cage, and a silver hawk.
* ChunkyUpdraft: The Sonic Roar skill raises rocks from the ground which then explode from the force of the Jaguar's roar.
* ImmuneToFlinching: Pre-revamp, only available on the rare Snow White and Onyx Jaguar mounts. Post revamp, available on all Jaguars, but only in mounted mode.
* MoreDakka: In case the Wild Arrow Blast rapid fire skill wasn't enough, the revamp will give Wild Hunters an additional set of guns strapped onto the side of the Jaguar that fires whenever the Wild Hunter uses their crossbow skills, arguably giving them the ''[[UpToEleven the most dakka in the game!]]''
* MountedCombat: They have the unique ability to attack while retaining full mobility thanks to their panther mounts.
* PantheraAwesome: They're huge, they have sabre teeth, and if the NPC Black Jack is any indication, they talk!
* PowerGivesYouWings: Feline Berserk gives Wild Hunters a sizable boost in power and also makes the Jaguar sprout a set of burning wings.
* StanceSystem: The revamp gives them two ways to fight, either on their Jaguar with extra mobility and firepower from the Jaguar's extra cannons enhancing mobbing capability, or off Jaguar with the Jaguar fighting as an independently controllable summon enhancing bossing capability.
* TheStraightAndArrowPath: Uses crossbows when magic and guns are commonplace.
* TheTurretMaster: Like their Mechanic friends they're able to deploy machines to help them in battle, in the Hunter's case a set of large, bullet spewing gears and turrets that launch salvos of [[ThisIsADrill rocket-powered drills]].
* ThisISADrill: Their Drill Salvo ability deploys a machine that shoots these.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: You can prance through the middle of town on your jaguar and no one will bat an eye. This is especially egregious in Edelstein, where the Black Wings have pretty much put a hit out on the girl who rides such a jaguar in the exact same style.


->"Mechanics are close range fighters that like to get in their enemies faces and pound them with merciless metal fists. When that fails, they also have an array of powerful homemade weapons to call on as backup. As Mechanics level up, their job advancement and growing skills focus on turning their Mech into an ever-growing metallic monstrosity able to take on all comers. They will also develop an array of subsidiary robotic soldiers they can summon to the battlefield that include medical droids that can heal them in combat, mini-recon drones to fight alongside, and even a mini-robot factory that pours out legions of self-destructing robots to annihilate enemies."
---> '''Acorn Story: Playing a Mechanic'''

The last, but not least, of the Resistance classes released during the ''Big Bang'' update, Mechanics deal large amounts of damage by controlling a giant robot which preforms their attacks. Many Mechanics play for their love of the class, but a significant number who made the class upon release mostly played it for the attractive skills and even more attractive damage at that time; although this applies to any newly-released class in MapleStory, it was particularly obvious with Mechanics.

The Black Heaven update revamped Mechanics by reducing the number of Mech Modes from 5 to 2 but increasing the efficiency of those 2 modes, Humanoid Mode for general hunting and Tank Mode for for Bossing. Homing Beacon, a new skill, allows them to constantly bombard missiles on enemies during their other attacks to allow for constant damage. The Mechanic can summon a large array of robots to heal allies, create fields of electricity to damage enemies, or to blast enemies with missiles.
!!Tropes associated with Mechanics:
* AssistCharacter: Compare Corsairs who summon crew members and animals to help them, Mechanics deploy many gadgets and robots to help them.
* AwesomeButImpractical: Their biggest flaw pre-revamp is that each transformation traded mobility for power in a game where mobility became more and more important for bossing.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: You learn the mechanic job from Checky, [[spoiler:an anthropomorphic bear disguised as]] a guy who is perpetually seen in a teddy bear costume.
* GatlingGood: The Gatling Gun skill. After making the second job advancement, it fires two more bullets per volley by its replacement, Heavy Gatling Gun.
%%* ImmuneToFlinching: While in their mech.
%%* MightyGlacier: Their Mech makes them slow but rather bulky. While they can move horizontally fairly quickly with their dashes they have a tough time in areas with lots of vertical platforms where they have to climb ladders or use their very slow rocket boosters.
* MoreDakka: This can first be accomplished after the second job advancement with [[MacrossMissileMassacre Homing Beacon]] as it can fire out homing missiles while using other skills, allowing to rapidly bombard enemies.
* PaperThinDisguise: Checky is an in-universe example. Because he effectively has ''no'' disguise, you wonder why he can still be the town mascot despite being a Resistance job instructor who has ventured deep into Verne Mine on high-risk operations at least twice (and got caught once).
* PoweredArmor: They need to be in their Mech to use their attacks.
* RocketJump: Well, technically they use a jet pack, but they do gain a skill that gives them amazing vertical mobility. It also causes damage to nearby enemies when they land.
* SpamAttack: Heavy Salvo Plus
* SelfDestructMechanism: All of the Mechanic's various devices explode when they expire for extra damage.
* StanceSystem: Humanoid mode gives the Mechanic multi targets moves for hunting while Tank mode gives the Mechanic stronger single target moves for Bossing.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Can deal amazing amounts of damage earlier than other jobs. Somewhat downplayed now since they've been nerfed to be more in line with other classes
* TheTurretMaster: Maplestory's king for this trope, deploying teleporters, electric traps, cannons, mini robot factories, and other nifty toys to help them out.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Like the Wild Hunter, no one thinks twice about a kid piloting a large mech.

The first "true" Warrior job for the Resistance class since it follows the storyline of the original three. Sharing the steampunk style of their compatriots, they utilize Gauntlet Revolvers and Explosive Pills to dish out explosive amounts of damage at point blank range.

* BoxingBattler: Aside from their explosive weaponry, they almost exclusively use punches to attack. They can also duck and sway to increase their dodge rate, just like a real boxer.
* ElementalPunch: Creates fiery explosions with every strike.
* GradualGrinder: Starts off slow, but by end game they gravitate towards long combos after getting all of their stacks and charges.
* ImpossiblyCoolWeapon: A wrist mounted PileBunker that's used like [[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} Yang Xiao Long's Ember Celica]].
* PileBunker: The whole point of the class, driving in rounds at point blank range for massive damage. Ironically enough, the skill actually called Release Pile Bunker works more similarly to a [[NailEm nail gun]], creating an explosive shockwave on impact.
* RapidFireFisticuffs: Hurricane Mixer works like this, punching so quickly in directions that it creates a localized cyclone around the Blaster, dragging unfortunate enemies into range to be pummeled.
* RocketJump: Can blast themselves around by detonating rounds in front of them or below them for a horizontal or vertical boost.

The Demon is the Warrior class of the Resistance, although he shares more in common with the Legends than the Resistance with regards to his storyline. The Demon was once one of the [[BigBad Black Mage's]] most powerful commanders, until his fellow commanders destroyed his hometown and killed his family. He attempted to fight the Black Mage, seeking revenge, but the Black Mage was too strong for him, and cursed him, taking away his former power. He then joins up with the Resistance, seeking revenge on the Black Mage and training to recover his former strength.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Demon class as a whole. Tropes specific to branches can go under that branch's section.
!!Tropes associated with the Demon classes:
* {{Badass}}: Implied that he Black Mage would not have been able to defeat the Transcendence of Time if it weren't for the Demon's power. The fact that he was one of Black Mage's strongest commander means he's would have likely been a raid boss had he stayed with him.
* BadassBaritone: GMS gives him a raspy, deep voice.
* BadassLongcoat: Part of his starter attire.
* BlackKnight: Warrior class, was TheDragon for the Black Mage, dark themed attacks, violet skin, red eyes, black clothing...
* CastFromHitPoints: Seems to be a central game mechanic for this class. The Demon Slayer has some skills that drain some HP in addition to Demon Force, but the Demon Avenger takes this trope UpToEleven having HP as the primary stat, damage done based mainly on ''current'' HP, and having almost ''all'' his skills drain his HP.
* CastingAShadow: A merciless, somewhat sadistic individual who harnesses the powers of darkness with his attacks... [[DarkIsNotEvil but is really a kind person who cares for his family above all.]]
* CulturedBadass: Has a very proper way of speaking, and both the Slayer and Avenger outfits are rather elaborate and formal.
* DoomedHometown: It was the southern region of Leafre. The Temple of Time, which was the Black Mage's final stronghold, is just a short dragon flight away.
* DisappearedDad: We see surprisingly little of his demon father. The locket he keeps of his family only has a picture of his mother and brother, and they are the only ones he looks for in the ruins of his home.
* EvilIsHammy: Well he isn't ''completely'' evil, but his lines and voice come across as this during battle.
* EvilLaugh: Has a pretty intimidating one during certain attacks, justified given his past as a former Black Mage Commander.
* FantasticRacism: More neutral than usual iterations of this trope: It seems that people are more not sure what to make of him than outright hostile, and it's implied in some quest dialogue that the Resistance gives him a means to disguise himself- but he still does get a fair amount of sideways comments. And dealt with it ''much'' worse when his family was living in Masteria, this time from other demons for being half-human.
* HalfHumanHybrid: His father was a Demon, while his mother was a regular human.
* HornedHumanoid: Not officially, but a Demon-themed cash shop package featured horns, and equippable horns were released as promotional items for both the Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger.
* HeelFaceTurn: Betrayed his superior, the Black Mage, when his fellow commanders burned down all of Leafre and the southern region, including his home where his family resided.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Mentally apologizes for riffling through Francis's diary for information, and genuinely cares about both his family and his underling, Mastema, to the extent of going on several [[FetchQuest Fetch Quests]] for her benefit. However, he also has a calculating side, and initially joins the Resistance with the impression that he can 'use' them to his advantage.
* LargeHam: Quite verbal when annoyed or in the midst of battle.
--> '''DIE!'''
* NotQuiteFlight / {{Flight}}: The Demon is often seen flying in game cutscenes and official trailers, be it soloing the Black Mage or facing down a four-headed monarch. In-game, however, you are much more likely to see Demons gliding across maps at very high speed rather than actually flying. It is also worth noting that while he gets a starter skill that indeed makes him fly slightly above the ground by flapping his wings, it comes with all the same limitations as most mounts (you can't use any skills) and is nowhere as useful as his gliding skill, which is ''also'' available at the start.
* ObliviousToLove: Seems utterly clueless to the fact that his servant Mastema has a crush on him, even after an [[InterruptedDeclarationOfLove]].
* OneGenderRace: Although not to the same extent as Mercedes. There is more official art of the male Demon than female one, and only the male Demon Slayer is seen in the Root Abyss animated trailer. Though notably, the Demon is the only class with two versions of their FMV opening animation for both genders.
* PowerTattoo: In the art, around his left eye. In-game, you can choose from a number of them or none at all.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Though the female Demon Slayer has EyesOfGold... only for the official trailer.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: In the tutorial...and he doesn't seem to be done with it, either. When he hears the Black Mage may be making a return, he response was, "That's good news... That means I can still have my revenge!"
* TragicKeepsake: Had a locket with a picture of his family. He lost it when the Black Mage defeated him. [[spoiler:Damien gives it back to him in a later part of his storyline]].
* WingedHumanoid

!!Demon Slayer

->"The Demon Slayer is primarily a melee combat character that’s extremely tough and unique. Unlike other characters, Demon Slayers don’t use Mana to fuel their skills, instead relying on “Demon Fury” which works quite differently from Mana. You will also be fighting with a built-in shield called the Demon Aegis, and unlike other Warrior-types, you cannot switch out your shield. The result is a tank class that can fight long and hard, use their unique skills to dish out a lot of punishment, and still protect their friends."
---> '''Acorn Story: Playing a Demon Slayer'''

The Demon Slayer is the original branch in the Demon character class and is, by canon, the branch the Demon was in his backstory, as well as the class he starts off as. The Demon Slayer shares several traits with previous classes, such as Aran's use of the basic attack button, and the same skill looking similar to the Battle Mage's Triple Blow skill.

The Demon Slayer was released during the ''Legends'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Demon Slayer:
* CarryABigStick: Uses maces and [[AnAxeToGrind one-handed axes]] exclusively.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Downplayed. He assisted the Black Mage in defeating Rhinne, the Transcendence of Time. Given how Arkarium emphasized this during the Demon's backstory, however, it is implied that the Black Mage would not have defeated her if not for the Demon's efforts.
* DropTheHammer: Although most high end blunt weapons are all hammers.
* LightningBruiser: The defense of a Paladin, the attacking speed of an Aran, unrivaled map mobility due to his NotQuiteFlight, virtually no reliance on potions due to a passive and active LifeDrain skill, and hits like a tank. His only apparent flaws are a shorter attacking range than most other classes, his HP loss from using certain skills, and that mana potions have absolutely no use.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: The Demon Slayer has his own, special shield, the Demon Aegis, that levels up with each job advancement. As of third job advancement, he gains a passive skill called "Possessed Aegis" that will cause the shield to automatically deflect attacks a certain percentage of the time.

!!Demon Avenger

An alternate path of the Demon. Unlike his Slayer counterpart, the Demon Avenger does not have Demon Force, only HP. In fact, the Demon Avenger breaks the usual method of distributing AP by making HP his main stat. All his skills use HP, and his damage is determined by the current HP he has. The Demon Avenger also uses the Exceed system, where his main attack skills get more powerful with each use, but consume more HP if used too much. The Demon Avenger also uses a special weapon, the Desperado, and retains the flight abilities of his Slayer counterpart.

The Demon Avenger was released during the ''Unlimited'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Demon Avenger:
* AwesomeButImpractical: Has so much HP he can tank attacks meant to be one hit kills, but once he hits the HP cap, players will have a hard time increasing his damage potential past that.
* {{BFS}}: Desperados are large enough to be two-handed swords, but are used one-handed.
* CallARabbitASmeerp: Desperados. They are bladed weapons with pointed tips, but the game does ''not'' register them as swords. Case in point: they have their own set of 10%, 60% and 100% scrolls.
* CoolSword: Uses the Desperado rather than axes or blunt weapons.
* LifeDrain: Gets a passive skill in his first job that recovers a percentage of of his max HP.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: The Demon doesn't seem to need to do anything special to become an Avenger, it simply happens shortly after making the choice.
* {{Overdrive}}: The Exceed system makes skills more powerful if you use them repeatedly, but in exchange, they begin to drain your HP faster.
* ShieldBash: Shield Charge does this and then throws in spikes growing out of the shield in the end for good measure.
* SticksToTheBack: The Desperado when Demon Avenger is not using it.
* ThrowingYourShieldAlwaysWorks: Nether Shield throws two magical shields that home in on enemies.


A cyborg developed by the Black Wings' scientist, Gelimer, to be the ultimate weapon. Was ChildhoodFriends with with the Resistance leaders until he was kidnapped, memory-wiped, and turned into a cyborg. After a failed Resistance attack that leads to Claudine's capture and Xenon's encounter with her, Xenon realizes that his memories were wiped. He then frees Claudine, turns against Gelimer, and joins the Resistance in hopes of recovering his lost memories. Although he gains their trust, he is forced to leave them after learning that Beryl, a fellow cyborg loyal to Gelimer, can sense his presence and would find out about the existence of the Resistance if he stayed with them. He later joins an undercover organization associated with The Resistance, called [[MeaningfulName Veritas]], that helps him hide his presence by giving him signal jammers to plant across Maple World.

Gameplay-wise, Xenon counts as both a Thief and a Pirate when equipping armor, uses an [[LaserSword energy blade]], and averts the regular MinMaxing strategy of of dumping all of ones points into a single main stat by having three main stats. Xenon also uses the Surplus Supply system, where he can charge up energy to buff his stats or use special skills, and the Multi Mode Linker, where he can change his some of his skills into one of three modes, changing the range, power, and effect of the skill.

Xenon was released during the ''Unlimited'' update.
!!Tropes associated with Xenon:
* {{Adorkable}}: His struggle to interact with others makes him come off as this, as he ''really'' wants to regain his former friendships, but he's so out of practice that his attempts come off as weird or irritating.
* AltumVidetur: Veritas is Latin for truth. Given the fact that they help Xenon piece together his identity, his memories, and his place in the world, it's pretty fitting.
* {{BFG}}: Mecha Purge: Snipe: He has Roo-D pull out an enormous cannon (that's apparently a sniper rifle) which he uses to blast a single target for massive damage. This is not even taking into account that it's powered by a ''particle accelerator''.
* AwesomeButImpractical: The pinpoint salvo, which allows Xenon to spend one unit of energy to fire missiles at enemies, which he can even do while also in the middle of other attack skills, but those energy units also give Xenon damage buffs, so it is more effective to just keep the energy and disregard pinpoint salvo entirely.
* BladeSpam: Beam Dance has him swinging his blade around in all directions, slicing apart any foes that get close with lots and lots of hits.
* TheComicallySerious: On several occasions. In the lead-in quest to Gold Beach, Professor Dreamboat has to try ''really'' hard to explain to him what a vacation is and how someone is supposed to relax.
* CoolPet / RobotDog: Roo-D, though she's actually supposed to be a rabbit, and is more of a job instructor than a pet. In the 4th job, she can help you with the Purge Lob Masquerade skill.
* CringeComedy: Several quests centered around him interacting with the Resistance job instructors, who used to be childhood friends of his. Of particular note is the gift-giving quest, in which he gets advice from the members of Veritas (who don't know the Resistance instructors) and the results are simultaneously hilarious and painful. Though, most of the instructors are understanding that he's trying.
* {{Cyborg}}: The strongest one of the lot and superior to the previous model, Beryl, to the point that many of Gelimer's later robots are based on him.
* ElectronicEyes: The bright color of his irises and the lines leading inward certainly suggest this. In his character trailer, his pupil briefly fills with static when Gelimer tries to hijack him.
* {{Flight}}: Not just the Demon-style flight where he can just do cool jumps or glide, he can actually fly around the map and freely attack with missiles. However, this is only temporary.
* FutureSpandex: His starting outfit.
* {{Hammerspace}}: Has inventory space just like the other classes, but while many of the other classes are shown with pouches or bags, or could logically have pockets, Xenon has virtually nowhere to store all the potions, monster bits, etc. that he picks up.
* HairDecorations: Just like the founder of the Black Wings, the female Orchid Style Xenon also has two bunny-themed hair clips as part of her default hairstyle.
* HaveWeMetYet: Upon meeting Claudine again, Xenon begins to get very hazy recollections of his past.
* QuestForIdentity: His motivation for joining the Resistance.
* KillSat: His Hyper Skill, Orbital Cataclysm invokes this.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Realizing this has happened is what starts Xenon's HeelFaceTurn.
* LaserSword: The "whip" of his part is made of a light blue[=/=]yellow energy, most likely plasma.
* MinMaxing: [[AvertedTrope Averts]] this by having three main stats instead of just one like all the other classes. He gets a skill each job that enforces this by giving bonuses for having a certain amount in each stat and another for having all three stats at that amount.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He was a child at the same time as the Resistance instructors, who are all adults and in one case a medical doctor, so he has to be in his twenties at the least despite looking no older than his early-mid teens.
* PintsizedPowerhouse: Elex comments that he's very short, and in a later quest, an option is discussed for masking his pulse that would weigh several tons. Xenon expresses confidence he could carry it, but the plan is axed because the resulting device would be the size of a two-story building.
* SuperPersistentPredator: Early in his questline, fellow Xenoroid Beryl hunts him down through several towns by tracking his 'pulse', and his only option is to move to a different town before she arrives. Later, use of signal scrambling technology resolves this issue.
* SuperPrototype: [[spoiler: To legions of other Xenoroids during the final act of Black Heaven.]]
* SwissArmyWeapon: The Multi Mode Linker allows him to change some of his skills into one of three different modes. That wide area slash can turn into a downward shot. That massive sniper rifle can turn into a bomb raid.
* TronLines: His starting equipment.
* UnusualEars: During his release event, players could get a 'Xenon Cap' that was a pair of equippable cybernetic cat ears.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Subverted. Xenon will remark several times that people are staring at him, to which his superior responds fairly indifferently.
-->'''Professor Dreamboat''': You're a walking lightshow, kid. Get used to it.
** Also, before you get to Verne Mine, a setting in which you could walk right past Gelimer, Xenon is given a 'disguise module' so that the Black Wings won't recognize him. It's more or less a HandWave, because his appearance doesn't change.
* UnwillingRoboticisation
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Was ''adorable'' as a kid. Since then, was changed so much (and had been gone so long) that none of his childhood friends recognized him at first.
* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove: He emotionally ''shut down'' during the years he spent with Gelimer. While he starts feeling again early in his questline, he has a lot of issues understanding said feelings because he's horrendously out of practice.
* WhipSword: And because that wasn't enough, the whip section is a [[EnergyWeapon laser]].
* YoungerThanHeLooks: Doesn't look any older than the other characters (he is noted to be quite short) but it is likely that the roboticisation process stunted his growth, making him appear in his early to mid teens when he should be as old as the rest of the Resistance instructors.

[[folder: Chief Knight Player Classes]]
!!The Chief Knights Of Cygnus

[[BigGood Empress Cygnus]] is still a child, and she still needs her knights to protect her. Chief among those are the Chief Knights: Mihile, the Chief Knight of [[LightEmUp Light]], Oz, the Chief Knight of [[PlayingWithFire Fire]], Irena, the Chief Knight of [[BlowYouAway Wind]], Eckheart, the Chief Knight of [[CastingAShadow Darkness]], and Hawkeye, the Chief Knight of [[ShockAndAwe Lightning]]. These five knights will do anything in their power to protect their Empress, and along with her, the world she rules.

Chief Knights retain several benefits of the original Cygnus class, such as extra EXP until fourth job advancement and being able to make an [[NewGamePlus Ultimate Adventurer]] upon reaching their fourth job advancement. Their level cap, however, is the same as non-Cygnus classes.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to the Chief Knights as a whole. Tropes specific to certain jobs can go under that job's section.
!!Tropes associated with all the Chief Knights:
* FiveManBand: Possibly. They seems to fit one.
** Mihile: TheHero
** Eckheart: TheLancer
** Irena: TheSmartGuy
** Hawkeye: TheBigGuy
** Oz: TheChick


Mihile/Mikhail is the first Chief Knight class released based off the eponymous NPC. His special skill, when active, ignores knockback from enemy attacks for a time; this skill can be taught to other characters in the same account once Mihile reaches higher levels. Upon making the fourth job advancement, he gains the Echo of Hero skill and the player can create an [[NewGamePlus Ultimate Adventurer]] by completing one of his side-quests.

Mihile specialises in close-ranged, multi-hit attacks. He uses one-handed swords and is equipped with the Soul Shield, a special shield that increases in power when he acquires experience. Mihile's relatively lackluster base attack is offset by his above average mobility and heavily augmented by buff skills that also affect party members.

As the Chief Knight of Light, Mihile shares some similarities with the original Dawn Warrior, the other Cygnus Knight character class that employs the power of light, particularly in appearance.
!!Tropes associated with Mihile:
* DisappearedDad: When Mihile was still a baby, his father, Chromile, was forced [[spoiler:by his mom]] to save him; in doing so, [[spoiler:she died, and]] Chromile [[DespairEventHorizon lost his fighting spirit]], leaving Mihile with Limbert and [[UncertainDoom disappearing deep into Sleepywood alone]].
* FutureBadass: Grows up to be one of the Knight Captains of the Cygnus Knights.
* HardLight: Mihile's ranged attacks basically involve him [[HolyHandGrenade smashing monsters up with the power of light]], not his sword.
* LaserBlade / SwordBeam: Gets skills in his first, third and fourth job that allows him to hit multiple enemies with either a disc-shaped projectile or a ''gigantic'' blade-shaped beam of light.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: A later update has him gain a skill called Royal Guard, which when timed correctly allows him to block most attacks and gain a stackable damage boost in the process, encouraging players to have good timing and keen awareness to make up for his lack of moblity.
* MissingMum: Mihile's mother was killed when he was still a baby. [[spoiler:She forced Chromile to save Mihile instead of her, sacrificing herself in the process.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Mihile and Mikhail. The names are possibly based on the [[Literature/TheBible Archangel Michael]].
* StoneWall: Extremely high defenses and HP, offset by extremely low MP, below average base attack and above average mobility.
* StormOfBlades: Soul Driver and Four-Point Assault.


[[folder:Nova Hero Characters]]
The '''Nova Race''' is a series of classes introduced during the ''Tempest'' update. They are a half-dragon race from the realm of Pantheon.

Note: Please only place tropes here that apply to all Nova characters as a whole. Tropes specific to certain jobs can go under that job's section.
!!Tropes associated with both Nova classes:
* DimensionalTraveler: Since Kaiser and Angelic Buster are from an entirely different dimension from Maple World, they're both this by default.
* DraconicHumanoid: Of the "Humans with dragon horns , wings and tail (for Angelic Buster, remove the tail)" variety.
* FamedInStory: As they get stronger they quickly become well-known in and out of Grandis with Kaiser as the Nova's official ambassador to the Maple Alliance and a major field commander on the Helisium front. Angelic Buster is famed not only for her firepower but also her beautiful appearance, having crowds of fans at her concerts and earning the title "The Idol of the Battlefield".
* GrapplingHookPistol: Nova classes start off with a skill that allows them to latch onto and fly up to any platform above them.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent / WingedHumanoid: A Nova is essentially a cross between a dragon and a human.
* TheTheocracy: A variation. While the Nova are led by the Head Priests, Beldar and Fenelle, very little actual worship is seen in game (partially as a result of everyone being too busy worrying about the war with Magnus). The priests also engage in extensive amounts of scientific research (which in game amounts to having Kaiser and Angelic Buster hunt monsters for them to study), but they still worship the Ancient Dragon Gods.


Kaiser is a Warrior class with a very prominent dragon theme, and similarly styled skills, who is titled the "Protector of Dragons". He is a young Nova boy named Kyle who was chosen by the previous Kaiser, who died in battle against Magnus to buy his people time to escape the besieged capital city, his soul watching over Kyle.
!!Tropes associated with Kaiser:
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Unbreakable Will in Kaiser's 4th job lets him ignore a fairly large percentage of his target's defense stat. It goes farther once he enters his Final Figuration, which allows him to ignore '''''[[UpToEleven all of his target's defenses and buffs, including the dreaded damage reflect!]]''''' This can also be replicated with his Level 150 Hyper Skill, Kaiser's Majesty, to a lesser extent.
* BadassBaritone: A strange example. The GMS version gives him a low, commanding voice of an adult from the start, [[VocalDissonance despite the fact that he starts his story in his preteens and ends when he should be physically and mentally in his late teens.]]
* {{BFS}}: Kaiser wields a 2-handed sword by default, but his sword in Final Figuration is as long as he is tall, meaning ''as long as many of the game's bosses!''
* BloodKnight: Kaiser seems very fond of smashing enemies.
* BlowYouAway: Wing Beat sends out flaming tornadoes that repeatedly hit foes and knock them back.
* BuffySpeak: Seems to display this in story quests. Also once refers to killing monsters as 'Kaisering' them.
* CoolSword: The previous Kaiser's weapon (which you can also reclaim in game) is Kaiserium, one of the strongest 2-handed swords in the game.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindows: Not that you can tell in that picture, but according to canon his hair and eyes are the same sky blue.
* DamageIncreasingDebuff: A variation. In his third Job, Kaiser gains the buff skill Cursebite that grants him resistances to elemental damage and status ailments while active, but also applies bonus damage to enemies Kaiser is attacking that have a status debuff. Several of his skills, such as Wing Beat and Gigas Wave, have a chance to cause a debuff on enemies.
* EtTuBrute: [[spoiler: Has this reaction when he sees Velderoth leading Magnus's forces.]]
* FoeTossingCharge: Piercing Blaze in the second job does this.
* HealingFactor: One of his base job skills allows him to heal for 5% of his health whenever he uses a skill he's assigned to his Dragon Link commands. He also gains a passive percent based health and mana regen skill in his third job that works even while in combat.
* HeroesPreferSwords: Ayup.
* IdiotHero: Zig-zagged. While he's actually pretty eloquent and intelligent when he needs to be, he tends to let the older Nova do most of the military planning. That said, he's a fairly competent field commander, able to make decisions on the fly even though his general strategy is to annihilate anything in his path (which is not really a problem when you're as powerful as he is). However, his idiocy truly shows when he is talking to Angelic Buster about her secret identity. When talking to Angelic Buster during his preparations for Act 2 of Black Heaven, he notes that she mentioned a sparkling rock he gave to Tear to cheer her up at the beginning of the game, thus only the two of them would know about it as it was stashed at the Helisium Force hideout. He begins to put two and two together... and assumes that Angelic Buster is an acquaintance of Tear. She lampshades it.
--> '''Angelic Buster:''' ''[Kaiser cowering]'' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Kaiser. You. Are. STUPID!]]
* InnocentBlueEyes: Pretty naive and idealistic for the most part, with little idea about how war, monster fighting, and his powers actually work until it's actually explained to him. [[spoiler: his first defeat against Magnus and Velderoth's betrayal make the innocent part less prevalent.]]
* KidHero: Starts in his preteens-early teens (still playing with rocks) but slowly matures into mid-late teens (frontline commander).
* LargeHam: Shouts a lot in every release of the game (particularly in the GMS release where almost every one of his voiced lines is shouting or grunting) and is quite grandiose when on the front lines in Angelic Buster's cutscenes
--> '''Over here!'''
--> '''You can't stop this!'''
--> ''[[PreAssKickingOneLiner [upon transforming]]]'' '''The hero, Kaiser!'''
* LegacyCharacter: The role of Kaiser is passed down to a newborn chosen by the spirit of the previous Kaiser. However, while Kyle does inherit the previous Kaiser's powers, he still suffers from BagOfSpilling and must train to master these powers.
* LightningBruiser: Kaiser is surprisingly agile and hits about as hard as a tank aimed at a gingerbread house while having a veritable mountain of health. Taken UpToEleven when using Kaiser's [[SuperMode Final Figuration]] skill in his third and fourth jobs. where he even gets a spammable teleport in place of his jump skills on top of massively increased damage and 100% resistance to knockback.
* ObliviousToLove: Can't seem to grasp Tear's painfully obvious crush on him. He has more important things to think about of course, but it's still there.
* OneHandedZweihander: In his SuperMode only. It should be noted that the sword appears to be as large as he is in this form, which is comparable to some ''bosses!''
* OneHitKill: Dragon Barrage in the fourth job has a chance to do this to normal enemies caught in the attack.
* PlayingWithFire: His skills display a fire and lava based theme.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Well, more like "power gives you ''bigger'' wings", but his wings get larger the more his Morph Gauge fills up before turning red as a sign that he's ready to enter Final Figuration.
* PowerStrainBlackout: Suffers from this when his powers first awaken, entering full on Final Figuration without training allowed him to plow through the mooks attempting to steal the relic, but falls unconscious afterward.
* RedBaron: Frequently referred to as "The True Power of the Nova" and calls himself ''Honoo no Senshi'' (Knight/Soldier of Flame) in the Japanese release.
* RedIsHeroic: Covered in it in both his armor and his casual wear.
* ShipTease: With Angelic Buster.
* SpamAttack and BladeSpam: The Gigas Wave skill. In his normal form, it hits one enemy 10 times. In his SuperMode, [[UpToEleven it hits 3 enemies 12 times]].
* StanceSystem: Kaiser has two skills in his beginner tab that will change his stats depending on which one is active, and only one can be active at a time. Attacker Mode enhances his damage capabilities, while Defender Mode ramps up his defenses and health to SuperToughness levels. Both skills have an upgrade that can be obtained in every job advancement past the first.
* StormOfBlades: His Tempest Swords skill and Blade Burst skill. In the former case, up to five copies of the sword you're currently wielding are set ablaze and sent at various targets on screen. In the latter case, the swords also explode upon hitting the floor, dealing additional damage.
* SuperMode: Final Figuration. You obtain a lesser Silver Version in 3rd job before upgrading to a Gold Trim (complete with BattleAura) in 4th job. It's ridiculously powerful, granting stance, immunity to debuffs, the ability to ignore defense buffs, and massively increased offensive power.
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Gains these when he enters Final Figuration as the only visible part of his face (see above picture).
* {{Tomboy}}: The female Kaiser is just as much of an enthusiastic BloodKnight as her male counterpart. She's even just as clueless about what girls like.
* TwentyFourHourArmor: Averted, in the Angelic Buster cutscenes Kaiser is often shown in his civilian wear between missions, only donning the armor when he enters Final Figuration.
* VocalDissonance: See BadassBaritone above. He may have (in his own words) dragon muscles, but he's still young looking in game and quite immature in his private moments. Averted in the JMS version, where he gets an age appropriate voice.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: [[spoiler: With Velderoth.]]
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: A sky blue to be exact. It's his canon hair color.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: Can pull fleeing enemies towards him with [[WhipSword Pressure Chain]] and Stone Dragon.

!!Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster is a Pirate class from the same world as Kaiser. Angelic Buster's true identity is [[spoiler:Tear, the current Kaiser's childhood friend]].

Unique to her character is the [[TransformationSequence Dress-Up system]], her primary weapon, the Soul Shooter, and her secondary weapon, the Soul Ring, which houses the spirit of Eskalade Lorang, a [[LovableSexManiac perverse]] but incredibly powerful dragon. Her attack system is known as Soul Recharge, which allows her to use extremely powerful skills through consecutive uses of regular attacks.
!!Tropes associated with Angelic Buster:
* ArmCannon: One shaped like a dragon's head.
* ArmorPiercingAttack: Soul Seeker sends out orbs that home in on foes, ignoring any defense modifiers in the process, making it extremely useful when bosses put up their inevitable "reduce damage taken to one" and attack reflect buffs. Trinity sends out three lasers one at a time in sequence that also lowers your opponent's defense.
* BloodKnight: Can be frequently heard laughing and making pew pew noises while taking apart hordes of monsters.
* BottomlessMagazines: She's able to spam all but a handful of her skills ad infinitum after maxing her final Affinity passive, thus removing the annoying recharge restriction on top of giving her even ''more'' damage to boot.
* BreathWeapon: Not her specifically but she can call Eskalade to do so with her fourth job skill Celestial Roar, which takes the form of pink shockwaves that deal over ''1000%'' of her base damage output ''twice!''
* BornLucky: [[spoiler: Aside from her missing tail, Tear is a rather lucky person.]] In one portion of her storyline, she aims at ancient Nova weapon known as the Blue Dragon Cannon at seemingly random coordinates (you input any numbers you like). While chastised by Edea for causing the weapon to overheat and malfunction, the coordinates she entered (no matter what you entered) hit a previously unknown Specter base, which Angelic Buster promptly visits to wipe out the stragglers.
* CursedWithAwesome: The curse here is that her Soul Ring, which was originally one of the four Relics of the Nova, is ''permanently'' attached to her non-shooter arm. The awesome here is that she becomes a PersonOfMassDestruction.
* DropTheHammer: She eventually gets a replacement for her basic attack in the form of a humongous mallet.
* GlassCannon: While not the worst offender as a result of her barrier skills, but a number of her attacks often put her close to the enemy (i.e. Heavenly Crash and Soul Resonance). Being a Pirate, her defenses aren't stellar and she lacks healing skills to make up for the health she loses while on the front lines, resulting in rapid health loss if one decides to dive into a group of strong enemies blindly.
* HandicappedBadass: [[spoiler:Tear]] lacks a tail, which means she is incapable of using magic like other Nova. It did not stop her from fighting her way through Magnus' goons (who subsequently [[OneHitKill one-shot Kyle]]) to protect the Relic that would eventually give her the power to completely eliminate the handicap part.
* HavingABlast: She just ''loves'' making things explode, her dialogue and Skills proving it.
* KidHero: [[spoiler: The same age as Kaiser and still playing with rocks and fighting imaginary battles when her story begins. She also has a tendency to make pew pew noises and giggle childishly.]]
* LovesMyAlterEgo: Kyle[=/=]Kaiser is clearly a huge fan of Angelic Buster but he's completely oblivious to her crush on him as both [[spoiler:Tear]] and Angelic Buster. [[ShipTease Then again, there are those tender moments with Tear out of costume...]]
* LovableSexManiac: Eskalade, the dragon entity who resides within the Soul Ring that is permanently attached to Tear's non-shooter arm. There is no love lost between the both of them; he has issues with her {{Tomboy}}ish personality, and she has issues with his extreme lust and [[BigEater huge appetite]] for rocks. He is also constantly trying to have her fit his vision of cute. While [[spoiler:Tear]] enjoys the fact that she can fight at the front lines, she makes it clear that she does not enjoy having to wear the costume.
* MagicalGirl: As Angelic Buster, she certainly looks the part of one.
** MagicIdolSinger: Also performs on stage much to the delight of the other Nova. She's even called the "Idol of the Battlefield" outright.
* MuggleBornOfMages: [[spoiler:Tear was born without a tail, so]] she had no talent for magic. Her powers come from touching an ancient Pantheon artifact.
* OneGenderRace: Her class specifically. It's one of the only classes in the game without a male counterpart. [[FanDisservice Justified, since a guy in her magical girl outfit would look awkward...]]
* PrecisionFStrike / CurseCutShort: [[spoiler:Tear]] nearly screams one when she sees Eskalade for the first time, but he interrupts her before she can do so.
* RapunzelHair: If her trailer is to be believed, her hair is as long than she is tall even with hair clips after transforming.
* ShipTease: With Kaiser, big time.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: A significant portion of the player community spells her character class with an extra R—as "Angelic Bu'''r'''ster"—despite overwhelming evidence in the localised versions that the correct spelling is "Angelic Buster".
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: She gains several skills in her 4th job that can damage over the game's maximum single-hit damage cap of 999,999 or 2,000,000 HP.
* ThisIsADrill: Her second job skill Pink Pummel has her charge through enemies with a drill, pushing them back.
* {{Tomboy}}: May look cute, but definitely does not act all girly-girl.
* TransformationSequence: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ePfJfvgyqk This reinforces it.]] In game she still must enter her Angelic Buster form to actually do anything, which thankfully takes less than a second with any skill press.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: [[spoiler:With Velderoth.]]
* WhipItGood: Finale Ribbon does a single hit for massive damage followed by lowering the damage output of all foes hit.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Pink Hair]]: In Angelic Buster mode.


[[folder:Child of God]]


Zero is a Warrior class who uses the unique Dual Character system. The story starts out with a boy named Nine, who fought with a group known as the Shadow Knights against the monsters pouring out of a place known as the Shadow Temple. However, one day Nine enters the Shadow Temple and, to his surprise, finds a girl. He manages to make contact with the girl and discovers that they are the two children of Rhinne, the Goddess of Time. Now the two must work together to rescue their mother from the Black Mage and escape from the Mirror World.

Zero utilizes the Dual Character system. Rather than just controlling one character, the player will control two characters, each with their own weapon and skill sets. Zero Alpha, the male of the duo, uses a Tachi and focuses on zipping through the battlefield with quick, multi-hit skills. His sister, Zero Beta, uses a greatsword and focuses on defensive and high damage one-shot skills. In addition, as children of the Goddess of Time, they begin play at level 100 and have limited control over time. They also have a unique storyline, which must be completed in order to escape the Mirror World and enter the Maple World.

Please do not put plot-related tropes unless otherwise obvious.
!!Tropes associated with both Zeros:
* CombinationAttack: Can perform these for a short time after tagging out.
* DoubleJump
* EmbarrassingNickname: So Gong calls them Sassmouth and Confucius, respectively. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Beta]] [[TheDitz actually likes it.]]
* EmpathicWeapon: Alpha uses Lazuli, a tachi, while Beta uses Lapis, a greatsword. They both upgrade as Zero levels up and share potential and weapon upgrades.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Half of their skills involve spinning in some fashion.
* FlashStep: In all four directions!
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: You can leave the Mirror World anytime you want, even before finishing the storyline quests. However, you will appear faded and not be able to gain EXP from the monsters in Maple World until you ''do'' finish the quests.
* MyHeroZero: Not only is the class itself called Zero, but Alpha initially wanted his new name to be Zero.
* PhysicalGod: They both succeed their mother Rhine as the Transcendents of Time.
* PowerGivesYouWings: They don't really have them like the Demon Slayer does, but both their FlashStep and their character art gives them golden-feathered wings for a short time.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Though they are heroic characters, they occasionally do shady things to accomplish their goals.
* SplitAtBirth: Zero was split into Alpha and Beta so that Black Mage Commander Will could prevent Zero from ever reaching full power and, as a result, possibly breaking free from his control.
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: Shadow Rain, their combination ultimate attack.
* TagTeam: Their gameplay revolves around this mechanic.
* TimeMaster
* WeCanRuleTogether: [[spoiler:Since he can't control them, the Black Mage has offered them the chance to rule with him as Transcendents over the merged Maple World and Grandis.]]
* YouthfulFreckles: Not visible on their models, but it's mentioned that both of them have them in an optional quest.

!!Tropes associated with Alpha:
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Zig-zagged He often pretends to be cheerful, altruistic, and unassuming, but this is mostly a front he put up when he started doubting the Shadow Knights. However, though his true personality is more abrasive, he is still a heroic person.
* BlowYouAway: Most prominently in his fourth combo.
* CoolSword: A tachi to be precise.
* HotBlooded: Gets really fired up at times and has the most facial expression changes in the story.
* InLoveWithYourCarnage: Lazuli to Alpha.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's abrasive, blunt, and has little patience for anything except getting out of the Mirror World. Regardless, he still cares about the people around him and often makes concessions to please Beta.
* LightningBruiser: Focuses on zipping through the battle field with quick, multi-hit skills.
* YouAreNumberSix: While Alpha still works with the Shadow Knights, he is known as Nine. After escaping, he attempts to name himself [[MyHeroZero Zero]] to symbolize a fresh start, but Beta's name for him is the one that sticks. [[spoiler:It is implied in a flashback whenever Alpha got to close to discovering the truth, Will would completely wipe his memory and start again, changing his name to the next number.]]

!!Tropes Associated with Beta:
* AndIMustScream: When she was introduced, she seemed to just be asleep, but later in their storyline, it's revealed she was ''fully conscious and completely unable to move''. Keeping in mind that it's unclear just how long Alpha and Beta have been under Will's control...
* {{BFS}}
* [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Sister Instinct]]: Upon hearing that older siblings have to look out for their younger siblings, she promptly declares she wants to be older to Alpha.
* BloodKnight: On occasion, she seems a bit ''too'' eager to get into fights. As a measure, her first response to her EmpathicWeapon praising her fighting skills after she defeated him was to ask him ''if she could beat him up again''.
* BrutalHonesty: Prone to saying exactly what she knows/feels, which is problematic for Alpha if he's lying about something. Several times he has to quickly hush her before she exposes the lie.
* CutenessProximity: Several times gets distracted by how cute things are. The list includes sentient pandas and [[PantheraAwesome Black Jack]].
* TheComicallySerious: Often just [[ComicallyMissingThePoint misses the point hilariously]].
%%* TheDitz: When she's not the above.
%%* MightyGlacier: Focuses on hard-hitting strikes.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: She seems a bit [[IceQueen cold]] and [[EmotionlessGirl emotionless]] at times, but she definitely has a heart and feelings; possibly even more than Alpha would think, as demonstrated in the Henesys chapter. If anything, she's the more empathetic and caring of the Zeroes, compared to Alpha, who is more guarded and cynical.


[[folder: Friendstory]]


A powerful psychic from the parallel world of Friendstory. For gameplay purposes, he's considered a Magician and wears their equipment as aresult.

!!Tropes associated with Kinesis:
* TheAtoner: [[spoiler: He feels guilty for sucking all of those people into Maple World after the White Mage made his powers go haywire, leading to frustration in the early parts of his storyline when he can only save people one at a time.]]
* {{Bishonen}}: He's quite pretty looking.
* ChessMotifs: His secondary weapons are all chess pieces. (First Job, Pawn, second, Knight, third Rook, and fourth Queen.) In addition, many of his skills are colored with patterns of black and white, namely the colors of a chess board.
* ClarkKenting: Despite his desire to use his powers to fight crime, he doesn't cover his face at all. Jay actually questions this. (Jay is somewhat of a computer geek, though.)
* DimensionalTraveler: He comes from the Friendstory universe, so he's this by default.
* ExoticEyeDesigns: Grey sclera with a alternating grey and white circles for pupils.
* FantasticScience: Being an Esper, his powers naturally fall into this.
* GoodIsNotSoft: While pretty much any character can create a MookHorrorShow rather quickly, he can do it ''much'' quicker with ''very'' brutal attacks, pounding the crud out of mobs with telekinetically thrown projectiles.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Members of other classes don't encounter him in ''their'' Friendstory, but his goal is to save ''both'' worlds. This Trope kind of applies to the "regular" Friendstory too, as he goes to a different high school, a {{flashback}} showing he's only occasionally been to Shishnoo International High in the past.(Oddly enough, the regular Friendstory is open to players using Kinesis.)
* MeaningfulName: Uhm, Kinesis, as in "telekinesis". Of course.
* MissionControl: He has a Hideout in Seoul, complete with his own training area and HackerCave for Jay; exactly where he got the funds for this isn't known, but [[DitzyGenius Jay]] seems to have a lot to do with it.
* OneGenderRace: Zigzagged. Much like the Legends, Kinesis is a unique individual, and is depicted as male in cutscenes, but a player can choose a female character if he/she desires.
* {{Otaku}}: Not Kinesis himself, but his [[MissionControl friend Jay]] is a bonafide weeaboo.
--> '''Jay:''' ''[paraphrased]'' Get back here as soon as you can! I found something BIG!
--> '''Kinesis:''' The last time you told me that it was a new torrent site for your Japanese cartoons.
--> '''Jay:''' ''[frowning]'' It's called ''[[InsistentTerminology ANIME]]'' plebeian.
* PowerLimiter: Actually his primary weapon as the only thing that lets him control his powers.
* PsychicPowers: A lot of them.
** BarrierWarrior: He can create a barrier to boost his defense and dodge rates.
** CarFu: Several of his skills let him crush enemies with objects from above, including anvils at his first Job, [[ColonyDrop boulders on his second]], and [[RunawayTrain an entire train on the third.]]
** DoubleJump: His powers let him do a triple horizontal jump much like the Thief classes.
** GrievousHarmWithABody: His Psychic Slam power lets him pick up monsters to hit other monsters with.
** MindOverMatter: His primary method of attacking, slamming opponents with walls of psychic energy or lifting large objects to smash into foes.
** MindRape: His Psycho Break skill destroys the minds of its targets, inflicting heavy damage if not killing them outright outright.
** NotQuiteFlight: Kinesis can "fly" by using his telekinesis to move himself around at the cost of Psychic Points.
** RapidFireFisticuffs: His final Ultimate skill lets him punch a foe in front of him repeatedly at high speed with invisible psychic fists, much like a [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Stand.]]
** SpaceMaster: Can bend the surrounding area with Psychic Ground to slow down and weaken foes.
* RubiksCubeInternationalGeniusSymbol: The cinematic opening sequence were he is introduced shows him telekinetically solving a black and white cube.
* SaveBothWorlds: Seoul is his home, but his mission starts when the White Mage threatens it ''and'' Maple World.
* SmugSuper: He's pretty confident in himself prior to [[spoiler: his powers went haywire as a result of the White Mage's influence, resulting in a massive sinkhole that swallowed multiple city blocks in Seoul along with sucking thousands of defenseless innocents into Maple World.]]
* SquishyWizard: While able to rain destruction upon multiple foes at once, he's got very little defense to speak of, and low HP. He's also [[GlassCannon much better fighting from a distance.]]
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: He uses Mana differently than most characters, as he technically does not use magic; the his Bar is divided into segments, and is recharged by using Skills, which cost no Mana, but Skills that ''do'' require it consume the Bar very quickly. This means he has no use for Mana Potions, and can also not regain Mana simply by resting.
* TeleportSpam: Oddly enough, he averts this for himself, being one of the few Magician classes unable to teleport himself. However, he seems to be capable of teleporting ''other'' people to rescue them.
* UrbanFantasy: For the most part, the world of Friendstory (or at least Seoul, Korea) was depicted as a mundane world like our own until the reveal of a powerful psychic superhero living there.
* WreakingHavok: He is one of the first implementations of a new graphic engine that allows for things like a class that can fight by grabbing and levitating enemies and stage elements and throwing them around.

[[folder: Region Exclusive Characters]]
!!Region Exclusive Characters

Doesn't it feel great to be different? Some servers in MapleStory have their own, unique characters. So far, none of them really fit in with the established class hierarchy, so they are listed here. Popular classes often find their way into other regional versions, although so far none of them have been brought to the original Korean version. At the moment, all region-exclusive character classes share the same level cap as non-Cygnus character classes.

!!Dragon Warrior/ZEN

The Dragon Warrior is a character class originally released in China and Taiwan's servers as a region-exclusive Pirate class, but it was also made available for creation in [=MapleSEA=] (as ZEN) for a short time. They are heavily inspired by martial arts, and use guns and knuckles as their weapons. They've received some of the same flak as Jett for being added as a supposed replacement for the rebalancing of the Pirate classes (as many of the skills are ''very'' similar to the revamped Pirate skills from KMS), but it is unknown at this point if that is true.
!!Tropes associated with the Dragon Warrior:
* GunFu: A prime offender.


Jett is a job released in the North American Server as a region-exclusive Pirate class. She is a fugitive bounty hunter from space accused of killing the King of the Planet Cerberus and uses a gun as her primary weapon. Jett received some of the same flak as the Dragon Warrior for being added as a supposed replacement for the rebalancing of the Pirate classes (as many of the skills are ''very'' similar to the revamped Pirate skills from KMS); this was disproved after the revamped Pirate skills were added to GMS following her release.
!!Tropes associated with Jett:
* AmuletOfConcentratedAwesome: Jett's Core. Losing most of it causes her to [[LevelDrain drop in power]]. She fully reassembles it upon reaching her fourth job.
* {{Cowboy}}: A [[RecycledINSPACE space cowboy]] at that.
* CriticalHitClass: Jett's base CriticalHit rate in her fourth job is 55%. This can be increased to 70% if there are 20 SP in the Collateral Damage passive skill, making her critical hit rate second only to Bishops.
* DoubleJump: Has a triple jump similar to Angelic Buster.
* FutureSpandex: The outfit she starts out with. It even has TronLines on it.
* GlassCannon: Like the Gunslinger, Jett has incredible offensive potential, but has issues taking damage.
* HumanAliens: Despite being from another planet, she looks like everyone else on Maple World. If not for Kyrin seeing her crash land, she'd probably have been able to pass herself off as a Mapler.
* MoreDakka: Starting with the standard-issue Double Shot in her first job, which is then supplemented by Triple Fire in her second job, then moving up to Rapid Fire in her fourth job.
* PhlebotinumHandlingRequirements: Jett's Core is a family heirloom whose immense powers can only be utilised by someone from her family line.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For Zen. Even Jett's recent revamp is mostly identical to a revamp Zen had earlier.
* OneGenderRace: Despite usually being referred to in official release information as female, both genders of the class are available for creation.
* OneHitKill: Brain Scrambler in Jett's fourth job lets her do this to normal mobs. Does [[ForMassiveDamage massive damage]] to bosses instead of insta-killing them, however.


Hayato was originally one of the two Sengoku character classes released exclusively in JMS, as a region-exclusive Warrior class, but was also added to GMS during the ''Mark of Honor'' update. Highly influenced by the Sengoku era, he wields a unique weapon to himself: [[KatanasAreJustBetter Katanas]]. His playstyle revolves mostly around chaining attacks quickly.
!!Tropes associated with Hayato:
* AbsurdlySharpBlade: Standard for a Warrior class.
* AwesomeButImpractical: As flashy and powerful as Hayato's [[LimitBreak final skills]] are, they take a terribly long time to charge up and you're probably better off using the massive damage, attack speed, and critical hit bonus you get from holding the charge instead.
* BladeSpam: Sanrenzan and Blade Flash are powerful and rapid sequence attacks which as mentioned in the SpamAttack entry, encourages the palyer to ButtonMash whenever possible for maximum damage. Shinsoku also qualifies, having been reworked into a keydown skill like Xenon's Beam Dance. Hitokiri Hundred Strike takes this UpToEleven, unleashing sword strikes all over the screen and leaving most {{mooks}} dead on contact.
* {{Combos}}: Nearly every attack Hayato has can be comboed into another one. Since his moves are so mobile and he lacks a double jump, this was his primary means of fast travel. This is less prevalent with Hayato's new skills post-revamp, but many of his returning skills can still be chained together. One of his new skills also tries to reinforce this by chaining all eight skills together one after the other, but it's so awkward that it's generally preferred to use them manually.
* CriticalHitClass: Many of the Hayato's abilities can critically hit for several times, and one ability allows them to even heal off of any successful critical hits as a result. Issen or (Hitokiri Strike in GMS) is an instant kill attack against {{mooks}} that also raises his critical hit rate by upwards of ''45%!'' His new Quick Draw mode post-revamp also ramps up his critical hit by up to 50% with a full meter, meaning he can have 100% critical chance without a single additional item! [[ObviousRulePatch Of course, this is only useful for bossing since it reduces the number of targets any of his skills can hit to 1.]]
* DeathOfAThousandCuts / SpamAttack: The Sanrenzan attack, which grows stronger with each stage, encouraging players to mash the button whenever possible.
* DimensionalTraveler: Originally from ancient Japan, brought to Maple World due to Oda Nobunaga forming a cross-dimensional pact with the Black Mage.
* FlashStep: HOLY SHIT. Vorpal Blade, Dankuusen, Issen... Post-revamp he ''also'' has a double jump and a forward dash like Zero and Aran.
* GenderSwap: The new promotional art for the reworked Sengoku characters features a female Hayato and a male Kanna.
* IaijutsuPractitioner: Explicitly refers to his swordplay as Battoujutsu (the art of drawing a sword) and is present in his skills.
* ImplausibleFencingPowers: He somehow slashes multiple times in a cross shape with a katana and performs all kinds of flash steps ''without magic'', not to mention the fact that the sword is never seen leaving its sheath post 3rd Job.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: The only person in the game to use one.
* LimitBreak: His ultimate skills, Summer Rain and the new Hitokiri Hundred Strike, work this way post-revamp. You have to fill up a meter by killing monsters (5 Sword Energy per monster) until it reaches its max at 1000. Afterward the incredible flashy attack that follows is able to basically wipe out anything that is not considered a boss or a mini-boss around your level in a single hit.
* RazorWind: Almost every skill has this in some form.
* {{Samurai}}: Duh.
* StanceSystem: [[IaijutsuPractitioner Battojutsu Stance used to ramp up his damage at the cost of constantly draining mana]]. Post-revamp it now puts all of his mobbing skills into his standard form while the Battojutsu Stance (renamed Quick Draw) changes Sanrenzan into a powerful single-target Blade Flash for bossing.
* SingleStrokeBattle: The Hitokiri Strike is this.
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: Summer Rain.


Kanna was originally one of the two Sengoku character classes released exclusively in JMS, as a region-exclusive Magician class, but was also added to GMS during the ''Mark of Honor'' update. Highly influenced by the Sengoku era, she wields a unique weapon to herself; a fan. She also uses her fox familiar to fight. Her playstyle revolves around summoning spirits and transforming her familiar.
!!Tropes associated with Kanna:
* AnimalCompanion: A talking fox named Haku.
* BoringButPractical: Like Battle Mages, their primary attacking skill remains essentially the same for all 4 jobs.
* CoolPet: Her familiar and partner Haku, an adorable little fox that serves as a mount, a buffer (in human form), and the catalyst for many of her most powerful skills. He is a bit irritating and [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]] at times though.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Many of her skills of dark motifs and she summons youkai to fight for her, but she's ultimately very much a righteous person.
* DimensionalTraveler: Originally from ancient Japan, brought to Maple World due to Oda Nobunaga forming a cross-dimensional pact with the Black Mage.
* GenderSwap: The new promotional art for the reworked SEngoku characters features a female Hayato and a male Kanna.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: A fan. More justified than most since she primarily uses it as a medium for her spells rather than hitting people with it (but she can if you use the basic attack button)
* HistoricalInJoke: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oda_Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga]] is the BigBad for the Zipangu characters. Who knew?
* {{Onmyodo}}: Kanna's style of magic, referred as such by her in-game.
* SquishyWizard: Inevitable as a mage without Magic Guard. Although she does have a handful of defensive buffs to make up for it, they don't hold up under heavy pressure. She covers this by 3rd job, which gives her a skill that heals her for 5% of her Max Health whenever she kills a monster, meaning that as long as she keeps slaughtering monsters she'll be topped up the whole time.
* SummonMagic: Most of her skills are this, summoning youkai she's contracted with to attack her opponents and cause a variety of effects. Heck, one of her skills is called Kishin Shoukan (Demon Summoning).
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: Nine-Tailed Fury.
* {{Tsundere}}: Implied to have a crush on Naotsugu but its too obsessed with her rivalry with him to make due on it, reprimanding him harshly when they meet even though he holds her in high esteem.

Ayame is a Sengoku gunner, not a full class in her own right, but a "role playing class" that can be used in the Hieizan Temple dungeon. Because of this, she doesn't really have an actual job, but it's generally accepted the gun makes her a Pirate.
!!Tropes associated with Ayame:
* BayonetYa: Her weapon is a rifle with a bayonet on the end, her basic attack pattern is to slash with it and follow up with a shot.
* GuestStarPartyMember
* KryptoniteIsEverywhere: The Party prequest for the Princess No expedition makes the party leader to be Ayame and makes you fight enemies tailor specifically designed to counter her abilities to prevent it from being soloable.
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: Iron Flower Gun - Mysterious Burst.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Since she is only usable in the theme dungeon, her super move deals an amazing 2000% damage per shot at a very high rate of fire.

!!Beast Tamer

Chase is a girl with animal ears and a tail hailing from the Arboren region of Dawnveil. Having been raised on stories of the five Heroes of Maple World, Chase aspires to become a great hero herself with the help of the Critter Champs, four powerful talking animals who fight by her side: [[BearyFriendly Fort the Bear]], [[PantheraAwesome Lai the Snow Leopard]], [[NobleBirdOfPrey Eka the Hawk]] and [[CuteKitten Arby the Cat]].

Beast Tamer is available in JMS, CMS and GMS.
!!Tropes associated with Beast Tamer:
* AlphaBitch: Eka does ''not'' like to be bossed around.
* AscendedFanboy: She grew up admiring the Maple heroes, and ends up joining the Maple Alliance when Evan invites her.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: At times.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Fort seems to be this.
* DoubleJump: As a shared beginner skill for Beast Tamer, but Hawk mode can enhance it into a triple jump among other things.
* Fartillery: Fort's Majestic Trumpets, with a bit of PlayingWithFire.
* JerkAss: Eka... [[spoiler: Or [[JerkAssWithAHeartOfGold is she?]]]]
* LoopholeAbuse: Some effects stay when changing modes, such as Purr Zone, allowing her to heal her party while attacking. Alternatively, switch to cat mode when the boss is almost dead for an increase in drop rate and EXP!
* MinMaxing: With not enough points for all animals, it's generally accepted that Fort and Arby have the best end-game applications.
* PointBuildSystem: With over 70 skills divided among the four animals, Beast Tamer is the closest thing Maple Story has to a build system, as even at the level cap, there are not enough skill points to master everything.
* RatedMForManly: Compared to the rest of the skills in the game, Lai's seem to be this. "Bro Attack" and "Macho Incarnate," anyone?
* TheRedMage: Her stance system allows her to serve a variety of roles, but only one at a time.
* StanceSystem: Emphasized with each of the four animals having their own and hotkey loadouts and passive skills that are only in effect when they are active.
** [[EverythingsWorseWithBears Bear mode]]: [[MightyGlacier Focuses on dealing heavy damage in close range.]]
** [[PantheraAwesome Leopard mode]]: [[GlassCannon Great damage while having decent mobility.]]
** [[NobleBirdOfPrey Hawk mode]]: [[FragileSpeedster Decent damage, great mobility with a bit of support.]]
** [[CuteKitten Cat mode]]: [[WhiteMage Focuses on supporting your party members by healing them and boosting their damage.]]
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: Each skill at the bottom of an animal's tree is one of these, as is the hyper attack.
* SkillTree: Enforcing the build analogy, Beast Tamer's skill page can be arranged in a tree view and certain point investments in an animal are required before you can move on to the next skill in the tree.



!!Black Mage

A magician who was originally from the town of Magatia. He was once a human (and was known as the White Mage) until he was blinded by his search for power in the light, and cast a spell that removed all his humanity. He decided that Maple World needed a ruler to keep it in peace, and began his war against all of Maple World. One by one, cities and even gods fell to him until a group of six heroes managed to seal him. Hundreds of years later, the Black Wings are trying to resurrect him, which when done will cause Maple World to fall into despair and chaos once more.
!!Tropes associated with the Black Mage:
* TheAce: Was a genius and excelled in magic from a young age. Even the fairy queen, Ephenia, respected and liked him.
* BrokenAce: Became this as the magic that was known in the world was too little to fulfill his ambitions and there was nothing left for him to learn once he reached the top.
* BecameTheirOwnAntithesis / FaceHeelTurn: Used to study the light. [[spoiler:He founded Aurora, the same organization Luminous belongs to, and became the Transcendence of Light.]] However, the immense power of the light, his studies into the power of darkness, and his disillusionment with the lack of unity in Maple World corrupted him, making him the entity that he is now. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, he's ''still'' the Transcendence of Light]].
* BigBad: In one way or another, he is the reason behind many of the disturbances the player will inevitably encounter over the course of the game. Said disturbances also include some of the mobs that spawn ''normally'' on some of the regular maps.
* CoDragons: Has eight commanders total; at the time of his confrontation with the Demon and Legends, seven were loyal and one deserted him. Another commander may have also deserted him following the destruction of ''Black Heaven''.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: The Black Mage defeated Rhinne, the Transcendence of Time, and stole her powers to enhance his own. This allowed him to wage an apparently one-sided war on the rest of Maple World. However, the same powers he took from Rhinne were eventually used by Freud and Luminous to seal him during the Legends' confrontation with him at the Temple of Time hundreds of years ago.
* LargeHam: Most of his speech bubble text is in all caps and bold.
* LightIsNotGood: Corrupted entirely by the power of the Light.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Before he became corrupted by the power of the Light.
* MergedReality: This seems to be a universal goal for him, as his Maple World self is hoping to merge Maple World with Grandis, while his Friendstory counterpart is hoping to merge Seoul with Maple World.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: '''WHERE TO START?'''
** When the White Mage cast aside his goodness and became the Black Mage, the Light inside him had to go somewhere. Where did it go? It became Luminous. That’s why he was tainted so easily. And as if that weren’t enough, when Luminous was tainted, the Black Mage’s Evil Gloating after Luminous “killed” his friend made the hero swear revenge, and then go off to become stronger so he could. (And he did.)
** He promised the Demon he would not harm his family, but broke that promise; when the Demon discovered his master’s betrayal, he turned against the Black Mage, becoming a powerful member of the Resistance.
** When he captured Rhinne, she shed magical tears, which created a child and successor, Zero. The Black Mage found out, and [[NiceJobBreakingItHerod had his commander, Will, magically split the child into two beings and imprison them in the Mirror World.]] But the twins eventually managed to escape and obtain full power. Unfortunately, this is actually [[XanatosGambit all in accordance to the villain’s plan]] to merge Maple World and Grandis together to become the Transcendence of both worlds.
** Just when it looks like the only way to restore Maple Island is the old fashioned way (with mops, buckets, and elbow grease) the Black Mage sends a shadow of himself to stop you, determined to not let you even try that. This attack allows Sugar to finally assume her true godlike form and the Seal of Maple Island, restoring the place to its true glory.
* NotSoDifferent: He uses a speech like this in an attempt to both warn and coerce Kinesis, telling him that while he may be loved and respected by his kin now, he will eventually be hated and feared, likely referring to his own StartOfDarkness. The hero's reply is a not-very-subtle way of [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech telling him where he can to shove it.]]
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Thus far, there are no quests or storylines that involve fighting him directly.
* PhysicalGod: Is a Transcendence, one of three beings created by the gods who made the Maple World to represent the aspects of Light, Time, and Life individually. [[spoiler:The Black Mage is the Transcendence of Light.]] As a result, he's able to casually raze Maple Island and it took the Demon and the Legends to seal him away rather than outright defeat him. It is repeatedly said in game that Maple World would be doomed if the Black Mage were to regain his full power.
* RippleEffectProofMemory: Seems to be the only being in Maple World unaffected by Shade's {{Retgone}} condition. He even taunts him about it.
* ThanatosGambit: [[spoiler:Allowed himself to be defeated by the Heroes as depriving Maple World of all three Transcendences would start a process that would cause Maple World to fuse with Grandis, allowing him to rule both at once when he returns.]]

!!Black Wings

An evil group that was created with the goal of resurrecting the Black Mage.
!!Tropes associated with the Black Wings:
* AffablyEvil: The lower ranking ones are this at best, and can be quite approachable at times. However, just how evil each is can depend on which character you're using. For instance, Le Tierre comes across as a ditzy type who is overburdened by a workload given to her by the higher-ranking Black Wings (who she is deathly afraid of) and either doesn't know or doesn't ''care'' that your player is an intruder. However, [[spoiler: she's far more competent and dangerous to players using a Mercedes or Phantom character, as she attempts to lead both into a trap for one quest for each character.]]
* BadBoss: It's heavily implied that the higher ones often mistreat the lower ones; for example, when Le Tierre asks you to catch Eleanor's pet cockatrice, she's ''terrified'' of what Eleanor might do to her if it gets away.
* DatingCatwoman: Almost, but not quite. Resistance member Elex has a crush on Black Wing watchman and technician Leonore, but his attempts to woo her become {{Epic Fail}}s. (For example, he cooks Serpent Tails for her and tells the player to bring them to her, but she's disgusted because she thinks Serpents are "cute loveable creatures".)
* TheGuardsMustBeCrazy: Not only do most of the Black Wings in the mine trust the player entirely (most of the time) their biggest asset is also a liability. [[spoiler:They keep the Council President of Eidenstein in line by holding his daughter Gabriel hostage, but Gabriel is feeding the Resistance information while still a prisoner, going so far as to refuse rescue in order to keep most of the villains put.]]
* {{Mooks}}: ''Rabbit'' mooks!
** MechaMooks: Used primarily in Black Heaven.
* InNameOnly: Contrary to popular belief, Orchid is the only Black Mage Commander with any real affiliation with them.
* WouldHurtAChild: Xenon and Baryl were kidnapped as children to be converted into androids. [[spoiler: Not to mention poor, poor Vita. ''Black Heaven'' takes this one step further, as Gelimer is willing to bomb a park full of innocent children.]]

!!Von Leon

The King of the Lion King's Castle. After the Black Mage murdered his wife and planted a Cygnus Knight crest on her body, Von Leon went mad and allied himself with the Black Mage. He then cast a spell on his castle, murdering all it's residents and making it disappear. The Adventurers eventually found his castle and defeated him.
His official title was 'The Volcanic Darkness'.
!!Tropes associated with Von Leon:
* AttackReflector: He's likely the first Boss encountered with this ''incredibly'' annoying ability. (Far more will follow.) Trying to attack while its active will damage (and probably instantly kill) the attacker rather than him. Fortunately, he can only hold it a few seconds at a time.
* BadassLongcoat
* BossArenaRecovery: Every few minutes or so during the battle, he'll banish your character to a room full of chests, where you have to break them and find a key to return. [[spoiler:You can use Potions here, so it's a good chance to heal.]]
* CombatPragmatist: Sometimes. Like a few other Bosses, if facing a group, he focuses on the highest-Level enemy first, or the one who has dealt him the most damage, determined every minute or so. Whether this plays the Trope straight or not depends on who that is.
* DealWithTheDevil: Sold his soul to the Black Mage for peace. It did not end well..
* DevourTheDragon: The Mooks he summons likely aren't a threat to your characters, but he can consume them to heal himself.
* InterfaceScrew: Again, the first Boss who'll use this stunt. Once you use any sort of Potion, you cannot use another for 30 seconds, limiting your ability to heal or buff yourself.
* FrickinLaserBeams: From his eyes, another [=AoE=] attack.
* EvilCounterpart: To Aran as powerful warriors from frigid lands.
* KilledOffForReal: But you can fight him again [[GameplayAndStorySegregation as many times as you want.]]
* KingOfBeasts: Evil, sure, but still majestic.
* MakeMeWannaShout: Being a lion, he has a powerful sonic roar, that's an [=AoE=] attack.
* OneWingedAngel: Turns into a giant were-lion during his boss fight.
* TragicVillain: Joined the Black Mage for revenge after thinking his wife was murdered by the Cygnus Knights.


The defacto leader of the Black Wings and also a commander of the Black Mage. Has a brother named Lotus who is also a commander. Her and her brother's backstories are relieved in the [[http://maplestory.nexon.com/MapleStory/Page/Gnx.aspx?URL=Community/WebtoonWing# official Webtoon comic]]. You can read an English translation of it [[http://maplf.tumblr.com/post/80148836443/maplestory-wing-master-official-webtoon-ch1 here.]]

Her official title is 'Wing Master'.
!!Tropes associated with Orchid:
* AmbiguouslyHuman: Formerly she and her brother was an incorporeal shadow-spirit, given a human form by the White Mage. While she was overjoyed to have such a new body, he was more cautious, seeing a downside. [[spoiler: (As it turned out, he was more correct than even he knew; this was why Gelimer was able to control him.)]]
* BadassAdorable: She looks like the most harmless of all the Commanders, and she even has cute HairDecs to match, but in reality, she is almost as scheming as Arkarium and just as ruthless, only sparing thought for her twin brother. [[spoiler: A cutscene in the ''Black Heaven'' update gives the player a glimpse of how far she takes the badass part of this trope when she single-handedly stops Gelimer from carpet-bombing Edelstein by psychically intercepting ''all'' the warheads fired from his warship before making them explode harmlessly in the sky.]]
* BeautyMark: Has one under her left eye.
* BecameTheirOwnAntithesis: [[spoiler:Before Lotus was reanimated by Gelimer,]] she was incredibly bossy and often made death threats to Gelimer when she felt that he needed to accelerate [[spoiler:Lotus' resurrection]]. She was also strong enough to match Mercedes in fair combat. After she was [[spoiler:{{Depower}}ed and right until Francis broke into the Resistance base to find her during the ''Black Heaven'' update]], she was completely shattered and incapable of even [[spoiler:''leaving the Resistance base'']] on her own.
* CoatCape: Taken to ridiculous lengths in Friends Story, where she does exactly the same with her school jacket ''but wears a pullover on top of her school uniform''. Averted after she escaped from the Resistance base during the ''Black Heaven'' update.
* {{Depower}}: Orchid temporarily lost all her powers after [[spoiler:Gelimer tried, but failed, to kill her using Lotus' body, leaving her critically wounded]]. She was hit by this trope so hard that [[spoiler:despite technically being a prisoner of the Resistance,]] she was allowed to move around freely in their base because she had absolutely no power to escape.
* DummiedOut: A sprite of Orchid [[spoiler:standing in the Resistance base]] had her [[http://orangemushroom.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/kms-ver-1-2-173-evolving-system-warrior-and-magician-hyper-skills/ dressed in a button-up white shirt and a brown skirt with suspenders]]. This was used in the test server only, and was not used properly once the content made its way into the main client.
* HairDecorations: Has two bunny-themed hair clips.
* HalfIdenticalTwins: With Lotus.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:After Gelimer took over Lotus and the events of Black Heaven, it's safe to assume she isn't loyal to the Black Mage anymore.]]
* MoralityAdjustment: Officially, the Black Wings was founded by her to resurrect the Black Mage, but her real reason for founding them was to [[spoiler:resurrect her twin brother, Lotus. When Gelimer reanimated Lotus and used him to attack her, temporarily stripping her of her powers and leaving her for dead, she was discovered by the Resistance and resided in their underground base]] until the ''Black Heaven'' update. Even though there is no in-game information specifically stating that she has [[spoiler:joined the Resistance]], she still [[spoiler:gave them and, by extension, the Alliance, the information they needed to locate the Evolving System and single-handedly stopped Gelimer from carpet-bombing Edelstein]], implying that she is no longer ''that'' much of a villain.
* NiceHat: Overlaps with WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic, as she loses the hat the moment she was {{Depowered}} and didn't continue wearing a hat even after she regained her powers.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Hasn't seemed to age at all since she looks the same now as she did hundreds of years ago. Might have something to do with the fact that [[spoiler: she's actually a spirit of darkness in a human body.]]
* PowerFloats: Prior to the ''Black Heaven'' update, the only time you see her ''standing on the ground'' is in an old photo that the Demon found in Francis's diary during one of his storyline quests, a tutorial quest for Monster Life [[spoiler:and after she was {{Depower}}ed]]. She seems to have lost this entirely as of the ''Black Heaven'' update.
* RichBitch: Her counterpart in Friend Story is one, but when you talk to her, you discover she has HiddenDepths. Like the Maple World Orchid, she mourns her deceased brother.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Often refers to herself by her own name. She seems to refer to herself in first person more often following her recovery.
* WhoWearsShortShorts: She does!
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade B.

!!Francis the Puppeteer
Resident ButtMonkey and Orchid'd most loyal subordinate. As his title implies he uses puppets in combat but... he's not very good at it to say the least.
!!Tropes associated with Francis
* {{Adorkable}}: Shy, awkward, and terribly loyal to Orchid.
* AsianAndNerdy: His Friendstory counterpart is just as, if not even ''more'' awkward than the mainstream version.
* BlindingBangs
* '''ButtMonkey''': His defining trait. He gets kicked around in nearly every story arc he appears in and is often sent running off in tears. He's barely a villain and is mainly there for comic relief. It's even acknowledged in-universe.
-->'''Neinheart:''' Francis? the Puppeteer? The one everyone picks on?
* CuttingTheGordianKnot: He attempts to play the shell game with the Alliance by hiding himself amongst several clones, only for Oz to blast all of them with fire, making him panic and causing the illusion to wear off.
* InTheHood: He even wears it in Friendstory!
* StalkerWithACrush: His Friendstory self.
* TermsOfEndangerment: In Friendstory he keeps screwing up his proposal notes due to his clumsiness and sweaty, nervous hands, making him come off as a creepy stalker to everyone but the player.
* UndyingLoyalty: His other defining trait. He is 100% loyal to Orchid and no amount of punishment, torture, or insults will ever change that. Orchid finally acknowledges this in the ending of Black Heaven. It even carries over to his alternate universe counterpart in Friendstory where he's Orchid's #1 fan and is just too shy to ask her out.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]


Twin brother of Orchid, a commander of the Black Mage that has fallen into a permanent sleep after Phantom battled him after he killed Aria. For a time, he existed as a free-roaming soul, working to eliminate all knowledge of the Black Mage from history, but was slaved to Gelimer's commands after the latter reanimated his body. [[spoiler: After he was defeated by the player character and Orchid severed Gelimer's control over his body during the ''Black Heaven'' update, Gelimer hit a killswitch that shut down his body, presumably sending him into a CessationOfExistence.]]

Lotus (Suu in the original Korean version) and Orchid's backstories are relieved in the [[http://maplestory.nexon.com/MapleStory/Page/Gnx.aspx?URL=Community/WebtoonWing# official Webtoon comic]]. You can read an English translation of it [[http://maplf.tumblr.com/post/80148836443/maplestory-wing-master-official-webtoon-ch1 here.]]
!!Tropes associated with Lotus:
* AmbiguouslyHuman: Same deal as Orchid.
* AstralProjection: The state he existed in from the time Phantom defeated him until Gelimer reanimated his body.
* AnAstralProjectionNotAGhost: His body was still alive, preserved by Gelimer.
* BodySnatcher: His method of combat without a body is to seize total control over another person and use ''their'' body instead.
* CessationOfExistence: [[spoiler: It is very heavily implied during the conclusion of ''Black Heaven'' that he has simply ceased to exist. Unlike the time when Phantom sent him into a deep sleep, his body now disappears with him.]]
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: Meta-Example, believe it or not. At present, no party has ''ever'' defeated him on Hard Mode, and those who have done so on Normal Mode are few and far between.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: See [[http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120915230018/maplestory/images/b/b4/Su-defeats-orca.png this image]]. In the Korean version, he also has a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0SgCRXqb14 female voice actor]].
* DyingAsYourself: [[spoiler:He breaks free of his mind control after the players beat him in Act 6 of Black Heaven. He even manages to hug his sister one last time before Gelimer uses a device to force him to fade from existence.]]
* EvilCounterpart: To Phantom. Looks quite similar to Phantom and is also a thief. [[{{Pun}} Also became sort of a phantom himself for a time.]]
* HalfIdenticalTwins: With Orchid.
* {{Irony}}: [[spoiler:His body ended up under the control of Gelimer.]]
* {{Symbiosis}}: The Black Heaven is pretty much [[{{Magitek}} a magical airship]] with ''him'' as the engine, his powers fueling the core via a type of that combines technology with unholy black magic. This is why attempts to sneak up on the giant craft fail; Francis outright states that Lotus ''is'' the Black Heaven, making the whole enormous airship an extension of his powers.
* MarathonBoss: Currently considered to be ''the'' hardest boss in the game at the time of this writing. How hard? Try 8.1 '''''Trillion''''' Health! See his entry for That One Boss in the YMMV tab for more details.
* MindControl: But severely limited to the WeakWilled. The strength of the domination increases the closer the person is to his real body, [[spoiler:leading him to successfully possess Phantom when the thief barges into Orchid's chambers]].
* PeekABangs: He still had one even after his hair became long.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Bubbly, curious, and happy-go-lucky during his days as a spirit of darkness. He became cold and unfeeling after gaining a human form, murdering Empress Aria on a whim despite being specifically ordered to only meet with her.


A commander of the Black Mage. He was the one that created the entire Future Henesys and Dark Ereve and made it into an illusion. He currently resides in an alternate dimension of the Temple of Time where the Time Goddess was just recently sealed.

His official title is 'The Fang of Darkness'
!!Tropes associated with Arkarium:
* ActuallyADoombot: When fought in the past, he seems to be defeated deceptively easily. As tells you, that was just a decoy; the real Arkarium, who you have to fight in the Dimensional Schism, is much, much harder.
* BossBanter: Honestly, he ''never shuts up''.
* BossArenaRecovery: Every now and then during the battle, he tries some psychological warfare, sending the player to a dark void where he/she is confronted by a dying, wounded duplicate of himself/herself. This duplicate is harmless; however, the player is safe from his InterfaceScrew, so this is the perfect chance to heal yourself.
* TheDragon: To the Black Mage.
* EvilCounterpart: To Evan. A Powerful Mage who fights alongside a familiar.
* {{Expy}}: When one considers the revised plot of the Silent Crusade storyline, he is a CaptainErsatz of [[spoiler: Mankar Camoran from Elder Scrolls]]
* {{Familiar}}: A Snake/Python.
* InterfaceScrew: Like many powerful bosses, he can disable your ability to use most inventory items and Skills for a few seconds.
* OneHitKO: One of his attacks has a charge up time before hitting all adventurers for [[NoKillLikeOverkill 999,999 damage.]] The only way to avoid this is to have a skill that renders your character or other characters invincible like the Shadower's Smokescreen.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: He continually summons lizard men during the fight which not only attack enemies, but heal him and each other.


A commander of the Black Mage. She tries to usurp Empress Cygnus's position as ruler of Ereve, and takes over the ancient city of Azwan when she fails.
!!Tropes associated with Hilla:
* AttackReflector: She's much better at using this ability than Von Leon is.
* CoolPet: She has a pair of cute imp-like pets called [=BlackHearts=]. If defeated in the Boss fight, she may drop a box that lets your character get one. (These are very rare in Normal Mode, more common in Hard, but a good chance to get a free Pet, which is something usually only obtainable in the Cash Shop.)
* CutsceneBoss: She's the one responsible for Gollux being corrupted, but in that scenario, she just threatens you, sics her familiars on you, then flees.
* DemBones: Her {{mooks}} comprise mostly of skeletal soldiers, although there are some anthropomorphic wolves in the mix.
* EvilCounterpart: To Empress Cygnus herself. Controls the underground city of Azwan by force and has an army of skeletons and wolves at her disposal.
* EvilRedhead
* FlunkyBoss: Not only can she summon Mooks, a skeletal creature on a tower-like platform appears every minute or so during the battle. It can't attack physically, but it can draw players to it like a magnet to protect Hilla.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: In [=FriendStory=] she's the school nurse, and far more approachable than her Maple World self; in chapter 6, she gives a more honest score to Damien's performance (unlike Magnus, who's under Damien's spell) resulting in Damien scoring high but not ''perfect'', giving the player's band a chance.
* {{Necromancer}}: She can summon undead mooks to help her, create dangerous tombstones on the ground during the Boss Fight, and in Hard Mode, drain the life from one unlucky opponent to heal herself.
* OneHitKO: One of his attacks is an [=AoE=] attack that can potentially do [[NoKillLikeOverkill 999,999 damage.]] (Even more in Hard Mode. If she's about to use it, [[ExpositionFairy Medina]] will scream a warning and set up a protective dome; your players are safe from the blast if they get under it in time.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: The aforementioned anthropomorphic wolves. On higher difficulties on the Azwan maps, a single wolf can cause as much trouble as an entire column of skeletal soldiers.
* SkewedPriorities: In hard mode, if reduced to half her HP, she gets angry at you for ruining her hair, then says it's time for her beauty nap. (Of course, this is justified by her Grey Maiden transformation when reduced to half her Life Bar, where her hair turns grey, and she gains the ability to fall asleep and summon Aswan Ghosts; in Grey Maiden form, she cannot be harmed while asleep, and cannot be woken up until the Aswan Ghosts are killed.)
* ShesGotLegs: This applies to her in-game sprite as well.
* {{Shapeshifter}}: In Phantom's storyline, her attempt to usurp Cygnus would have worked had the Phantom [[ImposterForgotOneDetail hot had the true Skaia]]; hers being fake was the only flaw in her disguise.
* VampiricDraining: Only usable in Hard Mode, she can trap an opponent in a cage-like altar and drain his HP until he's dead, potentially restoring her own to maximum. The only way to rescue a victim of this attack is for another party member to attack the altar with normal attacks. (Not skills.)
* WouldHurtAChild: In the Tynerum storyline, she's taken a group a demon children hostage, intending to sacrifice them for an evil ritual. The player's goal is to lead them to safety.


A winged commander of the Black Mage. He appears in Luminous's story intro, and is the prime antagonist in Kaiser's Angelic Buster's stories. He took over Heliseum with the help of the Transcendent of Life in the Grandis world, Darmoor.

His official title is "Magnus the Betrayer".
!!Tropes associated with Magnus:
* {{BFS}}: His weapon, [[spoiler:Kaiserium, which was the previous Kaiser's sword.]] [[OneHandedZweihander Wields it one-handed too.]]
* BlackSpeech: In the Kritias Invasion scenario, his handwriting is recognizable to the player because of "how evil it is". Clearly, it's not normal script.
* CombatPragmatist: Knows he can't beat Kaiser in a straight fight even with the backup of two Transcendents, so he poisons his sword and backstabs him instead.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Betrayed the Nova, his own race, and [[spoiler: the Black Mage Commander Guwaru.]]. It's even lampshaded by Hilla.
--> '''Hilla''': That fool could not keep his allegiances straight if they were made of unbendable steel.
* EvilCounterpart: To Kaiser. Nova {{Jerkass}} who wields a massive sword, [[spoiler:which also happens to be the sword of the previous Kaiser.]]
* HardLight: Because your character will start quests in Helisium long before he/she is high enough Level to enter his castle (and hope to survive) fighting him on Easy Mode is actually a simulation set up in Heliseum Reclamation HQ.
* InTheBack: [[spoiler:Seemingly kills Guwaru in this fashion.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Probably ''the'' single most obnoxious villain in the entire game, with no sense of honor or decorum and only working towards making himself more powerful.
* MarathonBoss: One of the toughest in the game with 200 billion health on Hard Mode.
* OneWingedAngel: [[http://orangemushroom.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/magnus2.png Magnus the Betrayer]]
* SternTeacher: His [=FriendStory=] equivalent is the school gym teacher, and downright ''mean'', leaning towards the SadistTeacher area; the player's dialogue shows him/her to be more nervous after talking to him than whenever he speaks about the Magnus he's familiar with!
* {{Turncoat}}: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It's in his title!]] [[spoiler: He also assaults his fellow commander Guwaru and spares Luminous.]]
* WingedHumanoid: Like the rest of his race.


Kaiser's and Angelic Buster's childhood friend. After being trashed by Magnus even with the backup of Kaiser and Angelic Buster (though there weren't near their full power yet), he leaves Pantheon to become stronger to defeat Magnus. Unfortunately, he loses sight of his goal and instead joins Magnus's forces, becoming what he hated most.

* BecameTheirOwnAntithesis: Started the Helisium Force to liberate the home of the Nova from Magnus the Betrayer's grasp. He eventually betrays his friends and joins Magnus in his occupation of the city before finally fighting Kaiser in a duel to the death. [[spoiler: Though Kaiser ultimately lets him run off in shame, never to be seen again.]]
* CantCatchUp: Gets hit with this ''hard'' over the course of Kaiser and Angelic Buster's stories. Your accomplishments don't look like much when your friends have been bestowed with the powers of a legendary hero and a Dragon God respectively. His feelings of frustration are even displayed on his sprite, which gradually goes from smiling, to disappointed, to flat out depressed, to full on scowling after his FaceHeelTurn.
* DefeatEqualsFriendship: A rare villainous example. He joins Magnus's forces after being beaten by him during Kaiser's and Angelic Buster's storylines. However, this fact is not apparent until much later.
* EverythingIsBetterWithSpinning: Many of his attacks involve spinning in a circle.
* FaceHeelTurn: One of the most tragic ones in the series.
* GameplayAndStoryIntegration: As mentioned earlier, his expression changes as Kaiser and Angelic Buster's stories continue. Hi evens sprite vanishes from its usual spot in Pantheon after he leaves.
* GoodColorsEvilColors: Sadly, he falls under the the purple and green portion of evil before switching to black at the end.
* GreenEyedMonster: He was envious of Kaiser's powers, spurring him to leave on his training trip in the first place. Unfortunately, this jealousy turned into hatred, making him join Magnus's forces.
* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Has this opinion upon seeing Kaiser and Angelic Buster in action. No matter how hard he tried, he was never able to catch up to the two who had their powers bestowed upon them, leading to his FaceHeelTurn out of jealousy and misunderstanding.
* LightIsNotGood: He seems to coat his sword strikes in white light in some of his attacks.
* LightningBruiser: Hits hard and fast. While many bosses have to stop moving to attack, he can hit you from half way across the room while dashing to close the distance so he can land more hits. He also has an above-average amount of health for a boss at this level.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Inverted, he ends up as the weakest of his friends due to not being bequeathed any additional power until his FaceHeelTurn.
* TechnicolorFire: He can also cover his sword in black flames.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Used to be an idealist who dreamed of freeing Helisium and becoming a hero, but his jealousy overcame him after repeated defeats at the hands of Magnus and his feelings of powerlessness due to Kyle inheriting the powers of Kaiser instead of him.
* WakeUpCallBoss: Of Magnus's Lieutenants. While the other two could be handled without much trouble, Velderoth is ''much'' harder at the level you're supposed to be fighting him. Don't be surprised if he hits for 9000-15000 damage per hit, enough to 2-Shot most Kaisers at that stage of the game. His health bar is nothing to sneeze at either. Hope you brought your potions, you're going to need them. Don't even get started about how hard [[ThatOneBoss ''his'' boss is.]]
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Kaiser and Angelic Buster.
* WingedHumanoid: All the Nova are this.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]: Though this pigmentation is also shown on other Nova such as Tiron.


Least human of the Black Mage Commanders, this creature is one of his most loyal servants.
!!Tropes associated with Guwaru:
* CantArgueWithElves: He's very arrogant and aloof, even looking down on the "mortal" player when requesting help during the Colossus scenario.
* TheDreaded: Apparently, the threat of Guwaru's revival is what sparked the birth of TheAlliance.
* EvilMentor: Given the epilogue of Black Heaven, he seems to have been this to Orchid once, possibly Lotus too.
* {{Golem}}: Does not appear to be a normal living being.
* HeelFaceTurn: Sort of. He's doesn't do anything heroic, but he also doesn't attack Luminous upon seeing him at [[spoiler:Ellin Forest. He seems more concerned for the planet once Magnus kills him and "severs [his] connection to the Black Mage."]]
* InTheBack: Gets taken out in one hit by [[spoiler:his fellow commander Magnus.]]
* NatureSpirit: His official title is Guardian Spirit of the Forest. Whether this applies only to Ellin Forest or all of Maple World's forests isn't clear, but he also has some connection to the Colossus in the Minar Forest.
* NotQuiteDead: [[spoiler:Despite Magnus seemingly killing him in the past, his revival in the future results in the Maple Alliance, so he's still kicking.]]



The newest commander of the Black Mage, [[spoiler: and the Demon Slayer's long lost brother]]. He is responsible for sealing the World Tree inside the Root Abyss and killing Shinsoo (temporarily). Other than that, not much is known about him, although some of his backstory is relieved [[http://maplestory.nexon.com/MapleStory/Page/Gnx.aspx?URL=Community/WebtoonDemian&maskPageType=2&oidArticle=3 in the official Webtoon comic ]]. You can read an English translation of it [[http://lonelykind.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/demian-the-corps-commanders-biography here]].
!!Tropes associated with Damien:
* {{Adorkable}}: When he was younger.
* BrokenTears: [[spoiler: When he thinks he was the one who killed his mother. Which actually turns out to be a lie, since it was Arkarium who killed her.]]
* DieOrFly: [[spoiler: Awakens his demon powers properly when Arkarium sent his minions to Demon's home to kill Damien and his mother. Damien killed them, but Arkarium kills his mother and makes it seem like it was Damien's fault.]]
* EvilCounterpart: To the Demon. Half-demon warrior who serves the Black Mage [[spoiler:and also his brother.]]
* EyepatchOfPower: Due to being born with one blind eye. Before joining the Black Mage, he just had PeekABangs covering it instead.
* HeroKiller: Managed to infiltrate Ereve and kill Shinsoo, but was thwarted by Cygnus awakening her powers.
* IllBoy: According to the official Webtoon comic when he was a child.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Shinsoo's death, which he is responsible for, caused Empress Cygnus to awaken to her full powers, enabling her to resurrect the Divine Bird ''and'' empower the Cygnus Knights. This may have been intentional though, as the powers of the empress were meant to mature and awaken in a descendant of Cygnus, and forcing them to awake prematurely isn't necessarily a good thing.
* PowerDegeneration: At the end of the webtoon featuring him, Alice confronts him with the revelation that his power is destroying his body.
* ThePowerOfRock: In Friend Story, he can do this, his band turning most students and some faculty (even Cyrus) into blindly loyal "rock zombies". Your weapon is converted into a HealingShiv in order to fight them.
* RedEyesTakeWarning
* SoreLoser: He becomes one in Friend Story after your band wins, refusing to apologize to 100 Boggles, his {{Pride}} creating the last (to date) Troublemaker. (He does, at least say her song was pretty good, the closest he comes to something nice.
* TheUnfought: As of right now, there have been no quests or storylines that involve fighting him directly, but [[spoiler: given TheStinger for Black Heaven, that may change soon.]]
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Was absolutely adorable as a kid as seen when he sees snow for the first time.
* TheWorkaholic: Again, he's one in Friend Story, holding down at least ''four'' part-time jobs simply to prove himself better than everyone else.


The Black Wing's resident MadScientist. He's responsible for most of their scientific advancements.
!!Tropes associated with Gelimer:
* AccidentalDiscovery: One of his initial inventions was supposed to be a hair tonic for his baldness. [[spoiler: He ended up creating a mind control gas that would either turn whoever breathes it into a mindless puppet or kill them. And his plan in ''Black Heaven'' is to drop bombs loaded with the stuff on the Maple World.]]
* ButForMeItWasTuesday: [[spoiler:When confronted about his murder of Vita by the Resistance classes, he merely dismisses the fact and can't even remember her name, much to the Resistance's anger.]]
* CrazyPrepared: Just in case Lotus was somehow beaten, he lined his control room with poison gas emitters so he could incapacitate any who tried to chase him while he got away due to his gas mask.
* FatalFlaw: He undermines emotions and attempts to remove them from his creations, but more than once his own creations either develop emotions or access emotions that he thought he had suppressed, causing them to turn on him. [[spoiler: This especially bites him in the ass at the end of Black Heaven when his robots, who he had just set to self-destruct, latch onto his escape pod because of their emotional attachment to their "father".]]
* HoistByHisOwnPetard/ KarmicDeath: [[spoiler: By killing Suu/Lotus, Orca/Orchid gained his powers, allowing her to save Edelstein from Black Heaven's bombs. And shortly afterwards, after setting his Generoids to self-destruct, he attempts to escape, only for the Generoids to latch onto his escape pod and beg their "father" to take them with him. The player has no qualms with using the last of their strength to launch Gelimer and blow him up in midair.]]
* IWasQuiteALooker [[https://33.media.tumblr.com/b0226a547c62d7cbc1a282a60e3d776d/tumblr_nfowxxAz5g1s5ib0go1_250.jpg Seriously.]]
* MadScientist: A particularly cruel and sadistic one for such a cutesy art-style.
* TheStarscream: He has his own ambitions in the works, which all come to head in ''Black Heaven'', where he constructs a giant battleship in order to conquer the Maple World. [[spoiler: As per usual with the trope, he ultimately fails.]]
* UnwillingRoboticisation: Did this to Xenon and Beryl. [[spoiler: ''Black Heaven'' shows that he made more.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Technically, this Trope has little meaning for Gelimer, as he considers humans, nonhumans, and robots equally worthless. As far as robots are concerned, however, he tries to prevent his own from developing emotions, destroying any whom he suspects are starting to. Ironically, this policy comes back to bite him ''twice'' in Black Heaven, once when the player gets aid from two fugitive robots who escaped being scrapped for this reason, and [[spoiler: again at the conclusion, when his loyal Generoids turn out to be ''too'' loyal, and beg him not to leave, leading to him caught in their self-destruct blast.]]
* WouldHurtAChild: Aside from experimenting on Xenon since he was a child in order to turn him into a cyborg, during the Resistance storyline, [[spoiler: he uses Vita to lure the player character into a trap with the intention of killing them both.]]
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Has a tendency to inflict this.
** [[spoiler: When Vita is discovered to be a ManchurianAgent, he rigs her up to a bomb with the intent of blowing up both her and the player. ]]
** [[spoiler: When Beryl fails to apprehend Xenon for the last time, she fully expects this to happen to her once she returns.]]
** [[spoiler: When Suu[=/=]Lotus breaks free of his mind control, he kills him on the spot in his sister's arms.]]
** [[spoiler: This gets turned against him in the end when he sets his cyborgs to self-destruct while he escapes, only for the cyborgs to latch onto his escape pod.]]

A powerful dream manipulator who came in contact with the Black Mage through his dreams while he was still sealed. Her primary use of her power is to break apart the Maple Alliance by plaguing Maple World with nightmares of a BadFuture where the members of the Maple Alliance have turned against Maple World and allied with the Black Mage.
!!Tropes associated with Lucid
* DreamWeaver: So powerful she can even manipulate the dreams of gods.
* MeaningfulName: As in Lucid Dreaming, the ability to realize one is in a dream and thus control it.
* TalkingInYourSleep: The Black Mage uses Lucid to confront Shade in their dreams so that he can laugh at his misfortune.


[[folder: Other Non-Player Characters]]

!!Empress Cygnus


The current Empress of Maple World. While she is a child, she benevolently rules the Maple World, intervening only when necessary. However, the resurrection of the Black Mage has led her to take action, leading her to form the Cygnus Knights, and later the Maple Alliance between all the classes.

In the Door to the Future, [[spoiler:she and the knights were brainwashed by the Black Mage after falling into a trap and then conquered Maple World for the Black Mage. She acts as the final boss of the area, along with Shinsoo and her Chief Knights, giving her the dubious honor of being one of the toughest bosses in [=MapleStory=] history.]]

As of the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, the death of Shinsoo caused her to awaken her powers as Empress, allowing her to revive Shinsoo and empower the Cygnus Knights.
!!Tropes Associated with Empress Cygnus:
* BigGood: The official leader of Maple World and thus the heroes.
* AChildShallLeadThem: At least in the beginning, as seen in the Grand Athenaeum theme dungeon. If you look at her current official art, she looks at least somewhat older.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: In the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw7GyMdI02g animated intro]] for the ''Cygnus Returns'' update, as well as on the class selection screen, Cygnus' clothes transformed in accord to her awakening to her Empress powers. However, her in-game sprite on Ereve is still the same as it was before the update. This is averted in the Black Heaven scenario, where she is always shown with her new clothes and self-confidence in game and in cutscenes.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: In the Door to the Future.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Has flowing golden hair and is the BigGood of the story.
* IllGirl: A side effect of taking in Shinsoo's powers, she gets over it somewhat after her awakening and Shinsoo's subsequent departure.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart: [[spoiler: Has this when corrupted by the Black Mage in the Door to the Future.]]
* TheHighQueen: Despite her youth, she considers her actions very carefully, as seen in Phantom's introduction where she insists on hearing out someone claiming that she's an usurper.
* MarathonBoss: Constantly [[spoiler:summons her Chief Knights and Shinsoo as her boss fight drags on.]]
* MeaningfulName: Shinsoo is "divine water" in korean, referencing Cygnus' power (in which she revives Shinsoo within a water barrier).
* RapunzelHair: ''Look at that picture!''
* PenPushingPresident: As the leader and supreme commander of Maple World, she has a lot of paperwork and reports to go through. Luckily for her, she has [[HypercompetentSidekick she can shove all of it on Mihile and Neinheart.]]
* SleepyHead: This is probably due to Shinsoo's powers though.
* TookALevelInBadass: Awakened to her Empress powers in reaction to Shinsoo's death. According to Shinsoo, she's now a Half-Transcendent. [[http://spadow.tumblr.com/post/41982486242 You can read a bit more about that here.]]

Cygnus's chief tactician and right-hand man. A shrewd bureaucrat, he is essential to the running of the Cygnus Knights and by extension Maple World itself. He's infamous for two things: his brilliant mind and his unbelievably sharp tongue. As cold-hearted as he may seem at times, he ultimately has everyone's best interests at heart.
* EvilChancellor: Inverted, in the bad future he is the only member of the Cygnus Knights not corrupted by the Black Mage.
* GenreSavvy: Shown to be this in the Grand Athenaeum questline. Knowing that his mercenary friend (you) is a softie at heart, he makes the mercenary attempt to decline right in front of a young Cygnus, making it impossible for you to do so in front of the adorable, kind-hearted girl.
* HighClassGlass: Wears one and has a somewhat condescending and stuck-up attitude. It's revealed to have been a gift from a fellow scholar in Leafre, who stated that Neinheart would be needing this as he got older.
* HyperCompetentSidekick: While Cygnus is the one to make the final calls on everything, Neinheart is usually the one doing most of the bureaucratic work and generally bosses the Cygnus Knights (and by extension everyone else on important missions) around due to Cygnus's illness.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's a jerk to everyone except the Empress. That said, he'll give credit where it's due and is not above giving glowing praise when he feels appropriate. The problem is, getting the latter outcome out of his so difficult that anything remotely resembling the sort leaves everyone (except Cygnus) shocked.
* [[LongLostRelative Long-Lost Brother]]: To Lilin. This is rarely mentioned, and if it is, it's usually by either one of them as a passing comment. Beyond that, the only things they clearly have in common are [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair blue hair]] and [[TheStoic extreme stolidness]].
* NonActionGuy: For all his smarts and brilliance he's absolutely worthless in a firefight outside of giving orders. This comes to a head in the ''Black Heaven'' campaign where the Master of Disguise is disguised as him and asks who the real one is. The player promptly responds that the Neinheart would never win in a fistfight and tries to take down the crook who beat him up. This even applies to characters with the barest amount of interaction with him, meaning that ''everyone'' knows this as an established fact.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Occasionally pulls out big words just to show off how smart he is, though he thankfully speaks in easily understandable language most of the time.
* TheStoic: His expression rarely changes to the point where he himself lampshades it. [[WhenSheSmiles At least until he actually smiles at the end of the Black Heaven campaign]].
--> '''Neinheart:''' ''[wearing his default expression]'' This is my happy face.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

!!Athena Pierce

The Bowman job instructor. She lives in Henesys and is roughly 1,000 years old, being the only known survivor of Elluel's freezing prior to Mercedes' awakening. After helping to settle Victoria Island, Athena learned of her father's death and gathered an army to fight him, becoming a warlord in the process. Having gone too far, her evil side was eventually separated and the two were forced to fight so she could regain control. Afterwards she founded the Bowman instructional school and her dark side remains sealed in a cave where training archers fight it to prove their worth.
!!Tropes associated with Athena Pierce:
* ArtEvolution: Compare [[http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/scale_small/14/140474/1999129-044.gif her original sprite]] to [[https://static.maplewiki.net/e/eb/Athena_Pierce.png her current sprite]]. Among all the [=NPCs=] that existed ever since the game's first release, her ArtEvolution is probably the most noticeable of the lot.
* FairCop: Her Friend Story counterpart is one; unfortunately, her part there is rather small.
* NoodleIncident: She once ate an entire donkey. We're never told why she had to do that.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: As with most Elves, she doesn't look like a day beyond thirty. During their tearful reunion, both she and Mercedes are stunned by the possibility that she is the oldest of all the Elves, older than even ''Mercedes'' herself, due to her living the centuries out while the rest spent the same amount of time as [[HumanPopsicle Elvish Popsicles]].
* ShoutOut: Her character design evokes Elwing from the Shining Wind series, and her backstory of raising an army only to turn evil in the process is similar to that of Xena.
* TheStraightAndArrowPath: [[CaptainObvious Well, duh.]]
* YouKilledMyFather: Part of her backstory.

!!Dark Lord

The Thief job instructor, based underneath a bar in Kerning City. He is the ninth to hold the title- the prior Dark Lord was killed in battle. The prior Dark Lord's daughter blames him for her father's death and founded the Dual Blades to oppose him- however, the resurgence of the Black Mage has forced both into a temporary truce.
!!Tropes associated with the Dark Lord:

* AmbiguouslyHuman: Has wings, is surrounded by a red aura, and hangs from the ceiling in his base.
* {{Ninja}}: The instructor of an ''army'' of these.

!!Dances With Balrog

The Warrior job instructor, based in Perion. Little is known about him beyond the fact he was an infant during the founding of Victoria Island centuries ago.

!!Grendel The Really Old

The Magician job instructor, based in Ellinia. He is the only human that the fairies are known to trust [[spoiler: since the White Mage's corruption]] and is said to be over a thousand years old.


The Pirate job instructor and captain of the Nautilus. Kyrin was taken in by Athena Pierce as a child, only to run away after learning that it was the Black Mage who was responsible for their death. Eventually, several decades later she returned to Victoria Island with her pirate crew. Kyrin's primary goal was to warn everyone of the Black Mage's return, but she also wished to increase her ranks with new followers and to gain further wealth in the process.

Kyrin was the one who found Jett after his/her crash landing to Maple World, forcing Jett into joining her crew.
!!Tropes associated with Kyrin:
* TheAgeless: Her age is never specified but there's enough evidence to suggest she is ''much'' older than she appears to be. [[spoiler: Proven in the Ellin Forest theme dungeon, where you see Kyrin's mother pregnant with Kyrin when Athena Pierce led the survivor's of the Black Mage's onslaught to Victoria Island... which means that Kyrin is over 400 years old.]]
* GoodIsNotNice: Despite being a hero, she's still greedy and even contemplated selling Jett either into slavery or to scientists for study, thinking an alien would be worth something to someone.
* GunsAkimbo: At least one piece of official art has her brandishing two pistols in combat.
* MsFanservice: She wears a short skirt, tube top and thigh-high boots.
* YouKilledMyFather: The Black Mage was responsible for the death of her parents and urged her to run away from home.


A portly man of unknown origin who runs the Monster Carnival and Monster Park. He's generally cheerful and runs these places to help train warriors but nothing is known about him. Photographs of him dating back to the era of the Black Mage have been found, however.
!!Tropes associated with Spiegelmann:
* CheshireCatGrin: His default expression.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: And a shrewd one. He’s a very wealthy businessman in the business of making carnivals that turn into {{Deadly Training Area}}s, which he markets to the Warriors of Maple World as such. He does still have to trick quite a few of them into handling the bigger problems, like when the monsters at some of them get too out of hand and he misplaces important – and incriminating – photographs.
* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: He’s the foolish one; his sister Spiegelette has a far better business sense, offering promotions to certain players with her Monster Park Extreme to promote the place.
* ForbiddenFruit: He explicitly tells you not to open the Old Envelopes that you can find through Monster Park.[[note]][[SchmuckBait This, despite the fact that you can check its contents.]][[/note]][[spoiler:If you do, though, he will try to explain the photograph inside it and [[ViolationOfCommonSense give you a one-time reward for actually opening the envelope and showing the photograph to him]].]]
* PerpetualSmiler: He is ''always'' smiling, even within the Picture World when he is lacking his moustache.
* PornStache: One of his most defining characteristics.
* Really700YearsOld: Actually, photos of him suggest he’s far older than that. his past remains pretty much a mystery.
* OddFriendship: Photographs suggest he's friends with both Von Leon and Horntail, or used to be.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: His usual solution when the player confronts him with incriminating evidence about something that might hurt his reputation is to bribe the player to convince him to “forget” about it.
* ShoutOut: Visually, he quite resembles Penguin, one of Batman's enemies. He's just missing the pointy nose and monocle.
* ShrineToSelf: Monster Park is this to him. His face is everywhere, and it’s on the prizes too. One of them is a face guard that looks like his moustache, which isn’t very flattering on a female character. (But it raises your Charm.)


Cassandra is the Maple World's fortuneteller and organizes many of the events for Maplers. She's known to be a bit of an airhead and frequently attends parties, and has an unhealthy obsession with her crystal ball.
!!Tropes associated with Cassandra:
* IdiotBall: Cassandra has gotten progressively dumber since the Big Bang patch. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKp4SoVVNLA Even the official Youtube channel confirms she's easily distracted by parties and glow sticks.]]
* InterspeciesRomance: In a way- her crystal ball may be merely a fanciful iPad but she sees it as a possible romantic companion, and even thinks it's alive.
* ScoobyDooHoax: Zigzagged in Friend Story. She tires to pull one involving the abandoned school, only for the hoax to spawn motes and eventually a Troublemaker, and eventually, as it turns out, [[RealAfterAll the place really is haunted]], becoming the unlockable bonus dungeon you gain access to later.
* ValleyGirl: "Oh mah gersh!" amongst other in-game examples.


The Goddess and Transcendence of Time of Maple World. The Black Mage stole her powers and imprisoned her with the help of the Demon. She first appeared in the revised Silent Crusade storyline where she helps the player stop Arkarium from freeing the Black Mage in the past. She also created Zero to help free her and become the next Transcendence of Time.
!!Tropes associated with Rhinne:
* AndYourRewardIsInfancy: [[spoiler:Rhinne dies upon passing her powers on to Alpha and Beta. They immediately use their newly-gained powers to bring her back to life; she now has the body of a child and lacks her powers, although the Mirror World still relies on her to exist, and she's a bit excited to start a new life without being a Transcendent.]]
** MeaningfulName: Rinne is japanese for Samsara, a Buddhist term referring to the cycle of death and rebirth.
* BadassInDistress: Her actual body is still frozen by the powers of the Black Mage, and he has a significant portion of her power, but she is somehow able to get around these limitations and still create Zero and open time portals to the past in the present day. It is also worth noting that the Black Mage needed some assistance from the Demon in order to defeat her centuries ago, implying that she is actually powerful enough to hold her own in combat with another Transcendence.
* EyesAlwaysShut: In-game, she is always seen with her eyes closed. The Webtoon promoting the release of Zero averts this, though, and shows her [[OutOfCharacterMoment opening her eyes and smiling at the Black Mage]] moments before his curse transforms her into a HumanPopsicle completely. The game makes several references to Arkarium blinding her in the past. This could be why.
* HeavySleeper: The Temple Keeper at the Temple of Time mentions that Rhinne is always asleep.
* HumanPopsicle: She was frozen after being defeated by the Black Mage centuries ago. Her actual body is still frozen in the present and watched closely by the Black Mage's Commanders.
* MamaBear: [[spoiler:Will's attempt to sic her on Alpha and Beta, one of whom is heavily corrupted, ends with her attacking him.]] As she puts it, even though she is compelled to [[spoiler:eliminate all corruptions of her power]], her instinct to protect her children outweighs her duty as a Transcendent.
* PhysicalGod: Is a Transcendence, one of three beings created by the gods who created Maple World to represent the aspects of Light, Time, and Life individually. Rhinne is the Transcendence of Time.
* RapunzelHair
* TimeMaster: Can create portals to the past. During the Black Mage's confrontation with the Legends, both Freud and Luminous were able to turn the powers he stole from her against him. This included a TimeStop.
* WhiteMagicianGirl: Wears a robe, has long hair, is never the aggressor, provides "support" in the form of Zero and time portals...yeah, she's one.


The human form of the World Tree, the Transcendence of Life of the Maple World. After a battle with the Black Mage, she retreated to the Root Abyss, where she rested for years in order to regain her power. However, Damien sealed her inside Root Abyss and set up four guardians to maintain the seal and keep her from escaping. After the player defeats the guardians and frees Alice, she agrees to be placed under the care of Cygnus and Shinsoo.
!!Tropes associated with Alice:
* AliceAllusion: Blonde girl, wears a dress, is first encountered underneath a large tree trunk after the player fell down a hole and is the Transcendence of Life (in contrast to the massive amounts of BlackComedy in [[Literature/AliceInWonderland the source]]). Not to mention the Root Abyss is supposed to be a twisted and darker version of Alice In Wonderland.
* DumbIsGood: A firm believer of this in the Global release, but not so in the original KMS story.
* ExpositionFairy: Alicia is this during the Tower of Oz, and unfortunately, she quickly becomes the type you want to tell to StopHelpingMe However, most of the instructions she gives are necessary, so the only choice is to listen.
* GodInHumanForm: [[spoiler:Sugar, a strange girl that Explorer characters meet, is her embodiment, although that is not discovered until her potential to heal Maple Island is awakened.]]
* GoodIsNotNice: Zigzagged. Her body and [[spoiler:Sugar]] are very nice, the former being emotionally vulnerable and polite. Her soul, on the other hand, is a rude and condescending JerkassGod.
* IdiotHero: The point of the Tower of Oz dungeon she made. She thinks that learning and knowledge is the source of corruption and evil, resulting in the tower being unable to be accessed by anyone who isn't mentally retarded. Apparently she even makes stupid pills.
** Note that this is only in the Global version. The original Korean version, the Tower of Oz was a dream world, and you took special sleeping pills in order to enter it.
* LiteralSplitPersonality: Her body and soul are separate, and both have different personalities. Her soul (who resides in the Tower of Oz) is rude, condescending, and egotistical (and doesn't like her body much at all) while her body (who resides in the Root Abyss) is more polite, with an almost childlike innocence (though rather naïve). [[spoiler:Sugar]] is like the latter, but with more confidence.
* PhysicalGod: Is a Transcendence, one of three beings created by the gods who created Maple World to represent the aspects of Light, Time, and Life individually. Alice is the Transcendence of Life.
* RapunzelHair
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Looks like a girl, but has been around for centuries.

Mastema is the Demon's best friend and loyal ally. Her gender is the opposite of whichever gender the Demon is. She came under the Demon's service after he saved her life. Before the Demon's battle with the Black Mage, she was sent to deliver a message to the Heroes. Shortly after doing so, she was attacked by Arkarium and forced to take the form of a cat to save herself, and waited for years until the Demon awoke again. Mastema serves as the Job Instructor for the Demon, giving him storyline quests and helping him with Job Advancements.

* {{BFS}}: Seems to be her weapon of choice in her human form, implying she's a Warrior.
* CanNotSpitItOut: Several times, it seems she has a crush on the Demon and is on the verge of confessing it, but backs off at the last minute.
* HairDecorations: Has two golden-colored hair clips in her female sprite.
* InterruptedDeclarationOfLove: In the Demon's level 140 quest, after she changes back into her original form, Mastema begins to confess how she has had a crush on the Demon since they met. Unfortunately she changes back into her cat form which causes her to swiftly change the subject.
* TimeMaster: Somehow has the ability to send the Demon into alternate dimensions and his own past. Since she was in the Temple of Time at the start of the Demon's storyline
* UndyingLoyalty: To the Demon, to the extreme that she took TheSlowPath waiting for him while he was sealed for hundreds of years.
* UnusualEars: The male Mastema has normal human ears as well as the cat ears atop his head. The female Mastema's haircut covers her ears, so it's impossible to tell if she has them as well.
* WingedHumanoid

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. She is the Record Keeper and in Zero's storyline behaves in a very motherly way towards Alpha and Beta.

* TakenForGranite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. He aids Alpha and Beta in helping to find the Goddess's Teardrops in Zero's storyline.[[spoiler:He later betrays Alpha and Beta by trying to keep them trapped in the Mirror World, believing it for their own good. He then seemingly fades away and dies after spending too long away from the temple. In Zero's level 180 quest however, he is shown to be alive.]]

* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Was brought back to life via the Black Mage's Commanders Powers.]]
* BigLittleBrother: Alpha and Beta were shocked to find out that Cassius was two years younger than Benedict, as in general Cassius behaves far more mature and serious than Benedict does.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Betrays Alpha and Beta out of fear that when the two finally become the next Transcendence of Time and go to the Maple World, the two will be destroyed by the Black Mage.]]
* MarkOfTheSupernatural: [[spoiler:His eyes turn red and Cassius seems to have a spiderweb mark on the left side of his face after being brought back to life by the Black Mage's Commanders.]]
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [[spoiler:After being brought back to life.]]
* TakenForGranite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. He is Cassius's brother.[[spoiler:After Cassius disappears, he takes on his brother's roles in finding the last two remaining Goddess's Teardrops.]]

* Adorkable
* BigBrotherMentor: Towards Alpha and Beta. This can be seen in where he rushes off after Alpha and Beta right after the end of Chapter 1 worrying whether they will be alright or not.
* TakenForGranite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.
* TragicKeepsake: [[spoiler:Cassius's dowsing pendant.]]

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