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* InTheHood: A white hood to be exact, giving them a distinct [[AssassinsCreed Altair-like]] look.


* InTheHood: A white hood to be exact, giving them a distinct [[AssassinsCreed [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Altair-like]] look.
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* MysteriousWaif: She's a petite woman that can increase the Demon Slayers powers by manipulating souls and is tied to The Old One.


* MysteriousWaif: She's a petite woman that can increase the Demon Slayers Slayer's powers by manipulating souls and is tied to The Old One.
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* {{Determinator}}: Nothing with stop the slayer of demons from uncovering the mystery in Boletaria.


* {{Determinator}}: Nothing with will stop the slayer of demons from uncovering the mystery in Boletaria.
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** By the endgame though, a distinction can still be made between them though. [[spoiler: Freke goes mad with power, his obsession about the Soul Arts ultimately leading him to imploring the player to let the Old One remain active. In contrast, Urbain seems just a case of BadPowersGoodPeople, adamantly believing that the damning rumors about Astrea are false.]]
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* {{Badass}}: You have to be in order to survive. Any of the {{Badass}} appearance tropes may apply depending on how the PC is created.

%%* {{Badass}}

%%* {{Badass}}

%%* {{Badass}}

%%* {{Badass}}
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* BlondesAreEvil: Concept art shows her with blonde hair.
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* SorryIFellOnYourFist: If you kill her, the Nexial Binding will revive her instantly, and she will tearfully apologize for not dying.
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!!Mind Flayers

Squid-like beings wearing white robes, they act as the jailers of the Prison of Hope, ensuring the prisoners never escape. They are very proficient in magic.

*DemonicSpiders: Especially to new players, as they can fire a stun projectile which is hard to avoid and precipitates an extremely powerful tentacle stab.
*HitboxDissonance: The sonic boom attack they use at close range has a very janky hitbox that lingers long after the animation is over.
*SoulPower: Capable of firing a Soul Ray as a projectile, which does large damage.
*SquishyWizard: Not particularly strong on the defensive front, and easy to stagger.


The soul-deprived prisoners of the Prison of Hope. Nearly mindless, some will attempt to worship you, others will strike from the shadows. Serves mostly as a distraction, but can be fatal if they block your way from escaping.

*AttentionWhore: Ignoring the unarmed variant for too long results in them punching you.
*BladeOnAStick: A very rare version wields a long spear that they can use to stab you between the bars of their cell.
*KnifeNut: Some of them wield shivs that they pull on you when you get close. These look otherwise identical to the unarmed "worshipers".
*LivingMacGuffin: Of a sort. A total of eight of them magically hold the Old Monk's giant heart in place. With them gone, the heart plummets with nothing to support it.
*NoodleIncident: How did some of them get stuck in those iron maidens without dying?
*PoisonousPerson: Some of their knives are slathered in poison.

!!Man Centipedes

One of the Old Monk's artificial demons, these man-faced bugs live in the swamp surrounding the tower, along with inhabiting the monk's heart itself.

*AnArmAndALeg: When low on health, the large ones lose their tails and become quicker, but lose their tail stab attack.
*BigCreepyCrawlies: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Ayup.]] Enormous, nasty centipede creatures.
*BodyHorror: Giant centipedes with several human faces locked in a permanent scream expression. The large ones have a total of six(!) faces.
*HollywoodAcid: They can spew acid that corrodes your gear if it connects.


Another of the Old Monk's artificial demons. These are stone statues brought to life via the infusion of a human soul. Able to fly, they either fight with a rapier or snipe with a crossbow.

*GiantFlyer: They're twice as tall as the player character and made of stone, yet somehow able to fly.
*GoodBadBugs: Their pathing AI is rather spotty, and occasionally they'll do a complete 180 and fly away from you instead of towards.
*MoneySpider: They always, always drop either an Unknown Soldier's Soul or Unknown Hero's Soul, making them good for farming.
*RoyalRapier: Not really royal, though they do wield a quite powerful Spiral Rapier.
*TakenForGranite: Not that it slows them down at all.

!!Prisoner Hordes

An enormous ball of mashed-together corpses and limbs, it functions as an optional miniboss for the first two stages of the Tower of Latria.

*BodyHorror: At least a couple dozen bodies, all mashed-together with several limbs sticking out, some for walking and some for slashing with swords. Notably, they also fade into a shower of blood when killed, unlike every other enemy that fades.
*MultiArmedAndDangerous: Getting too close causes it to reveal several limbs, each armed with a blade.
*SoulPower: At long range, they can fire a quite powerful Soul Ray projectile. However, it has a long charge-up time and is heavily telegraphed by a loud, high-pitched noise.
*UniqueEnemy: There are only two in the entire game. They do respawn, however.
*WeaksauceWeakness: They can both be cheesed with bows, if you've the patience.

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!!Silver Skeletons

Silver-blue skeletons inhabited by the spirits of the Shadowmen of ages past. Even in death, they continue to protect the Shrine of Storms from intruders.

*ImprobableAimingSkills: The bow-wielders' arrows will actually curve to track you.
*RollingAttack: The moment the sword-wielders spot you, they will roll quickly to your position, which harms you if you aren't blocking.
*SinisterScimitar: Well, Falchion, but close enough.
*SoulPower: The bow-wielders' arrows are enchanted with magic.
*UndyingLoyalty: To the shrine itself. Being dead doesn't stop them from defending it one bit.

!!Gold Skeletons

One step up from the low-rank silver warriors, the gold skeletons guard the cliffsides of the shrine, ensuring that those they fight fall to the depths below.

*BFS: They wield absolutely enormous cleavers. They're as long as the skeletons are tall, and can easily chew through your stamina.
*CoolSword: That said, the cleavers are also very well-designed, with a handle near the top to make them viable to use as a blocking instrument.
*FakeUltimateMook: Due to being gold and having the largest weapon of them all, you could be forgiven for thinking the Gold Skeletons are the strongest of the skeleton enemies. However, they are susceptible to stunlocking and when taken away from their advantage (the cliffside they can knock you off of) they aren't very difficult.
*MightyGlacier: They hit hard and swing strong, but don't move or swing very quickly.

!!Black Skeletons

The elite of the Shadowmens' ranks, these black skeletons wear ornate armor and wield dual katanas.

*DualWielding: Katanas, and woe betide you if they land a hit.
*KatanasAreJustBetter: The best even, in this case. They have a chance to drop them too.
*LightningBruiser: In contrast to their gold counterparts, the Black Skeletons swing fast and move at a decent clip. Taken UpToEleven at Pure Black World Tendency, when Black Phantoms of them spawn.
*RareDrops: The Black Skeletons in 4-2 are the only enemies that have a chance to drop the Pure Bladestone.
*RedEyesTakeWarning: Glowing red eyes and sinister black bones should be a good warning to new players to stay away.

!!Storm Beasts

The offspring of the Storm King, these flying manta ray-like creatures are normally passive, but will fire large barbs when you approach. They are one of the only sources of Cloudstone.

*GiantFlyer: Huge, flying manta rays.
*GlassCannon: They hurt, but they can only take one good arrow shot before they're down.
*HomingProjectiles: The enormous barbs that they fire will home in on you slightly.


The physical embodiment of death itself, these scythe-wielding sorcerers are the source of the Shadowlurkers past the Adjudicator's Archstone.

*TheGrimReaper: An homage to the cloaked, scythe-wielding skeleton himself.
*KeystoneArmy: Kill the Reaper, and every Shadowlurker in its vicinity dies with it.
*KillItWithFire: Oddly weak to fire attacks, though strong against magic.
*SinisterScythe: To complete the reaper motif.
*SoulPower: They can use a strong Soul Arrow attack at range.
*TouchOfDeath: They're reapers, so of course they have this ability.


Tall, translucent beings that appear to be made of water. They are summoned and controlled by the Reapers, and can utilize strong magic and melee attacks.

*CriticalHit: The "female" variant will do this to YOU if you let them get behind you.
*FrickinLaserBeams: The version with a purple eye-light can fire an enormous soul beam, which will devastate you if it hits.
*GoodOldFisticuffs: The normal variant is unarmed, fighting you with its fists.
*KeystoneArmy: They will continue to resurrect after death, and will only die permanently if you kill the Reaper controlling them. Often, however, you will have to kill several before you can even reach its Reaper commander.

!!Phosphorescent Slugs

Large slugs inhabiting both the Shrine of Storms and Valley of Defilement. A good source of Sticky White Stuff and Suckerstone.

*PoisonousPerson: They can spit a glob of poisonous fluids at you.
*UniqueEnemy: One of them sits all alone, and drops a set of Dull Gold Armor when killed.
*ZergRush: Once you destroy their nest to claim the Large Sword of Moonlight, they'll all be on the ground waiting.
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* BladeOnAStick: One variant wields a shield and Short Spear, with which they can block and attack at the same time.


* BladeOnAStick: One variant wields a shield and Short Spear, with which they can block and attack at the same time. Another, rather rare variant wields a halberd.
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[[folder: Boletarian Palace Enemies]]


Soul-starved slaves who were meatshields in life, they are poorly equipped with only a broken sword and a "shield" made of wood shavings. They mindlessly attack men for their souls.

*KillItWithFire: Some of them wield broken swords covered in fiery Turpentine. They are often placed near [[StuffBlowingUp explosive barrels.]]
*TheGoomba: A welcome sight in the accursed land of Boletaria, as they are the weakest enemy and can be easily parried, backstabbed or otherwise killed.
*WithThisHerring: They were expected to go into battle and die, so they were equipped with armor made of bits of wood, along with a makeshift shield and a sword so rusted and broken that its cutting edge has long been gone.

!!Boletaria Soldiers

The soldiers of Boletaria who loyally served King Allant XII, they continue to serve him devoid of souls. The most basic variant wields a sword and shield, but there are others using different weapons as well.

*AnAxeToGrind: A rarer variant wields a battle axe, which can chew through your stamina if you attempt to block it.
*BladeOnAStick: One variant wields a shield and Short Spear, with which they can block and attack at the same time.
*CoolHat: The spear wielders also wear a wide-brimmed, [[MortalKombat Kung Lao-esque]] hat.
*CrossbowsAreJustBetter: The sniper variant wields a crossbow and often show up in groups to stagger you with burst fire.
*KillItWithFire: Every variant except for the crossbow users are capable of throwing Firebombs.
*LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Sans the crossbow wielders, all of them wield a rather sturdy Soldier's Shield.


The demonic reincarnation of Long Bow Oolan's soldiers, who serve her demon form Phalanx as they did in life by shielding her with their bodies.

*BlobMonster: Featureless purple-black blobs with a greatshield for a "face".
*BladeOnAStick: They wield javelins that they can either throw or jab with.
*BottomlessMagazines: No matter how many javelins they throw, they always have more.
*KillItWithFire: They are extremely weak to fire. Even an unupgraded weapon, if imbued with fire, can kill them in a few hits.
*LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: They are nigh-invulnerable from the front, necessitating back-attacks.
*MoneySpider: Not money necessarily, but they are prone to dropping shards of Hardstone and Sharpstone for upgrading.
*UndyingLoyalty: Even as demons, they serve Long Bow Oolan faithfully.

!!Blue-Eye Knights

Demonic Knights who serve King Allant XII. Wearing full black platemail with glowing eyes, they are intimidating to new players.

*BFS: There is a variant that foregoes its shield for an enormous claymore. Their standard Knight's Sword isn't very small either.
*HealThyself: If low on health and left alone, they will often retreat to munch some grass and regain health.
*LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Unless they're attacking, they're almost always turtling behind their quite sturdy Knight's Shield.
*PowerGlows: Their eyes glow blue, and their swords will also gain a blue aura when they do their heavier attacks.
*ShieldBash: One of their main attacks. Doesn't do much damage but ruins your stamina if it connects with your shield, setting you up for another attack.

!!Red-Eye Knights

Elite demonic knights who serve King Allant XII. They wear the same full black platemail as the blue-eye knights, but are rarer and have red eyes.

*AchillesHeel: They are very weak to magic.
*BeefGate: There is one placed in the very first level, guarding a gate that won't even be openable until much later in the game.
*BFS: The second variant two-hands an enormous Greatsword.
*BladeOnAStick: One variant wields a Winged Spear that comes with a nasty multi-hit charging attack.
*BossInMookClothing: Early on at least. They are more than capable of one or two-shotting a new character.
*HealThyself: Like their blue-eyed cousins, they can heal themselves by eating grass.
*LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Also like their blue-eyed cohorts, the spear-wielders carry a sturdy Knight's Shield.
*RedEyesTakeWarning: They look intimidating for a reason.

!!Attack Dogs

Soul-starved dogs employed by Boletaria's troops as a type of footsoldier. They are fast and aggressive.

*AttackAttackAttack: Their modus operandi. They don't really ever stop attacking.
*GoddamnedBats: Not very strong individually, but they show up in numbers.
*ZergRush: You will never encounter an attack dog alone unless you're playing extremely carefully or have the Thief's Ring on.

!!Fat Officials

The demonic remnants of Boletaria's royalty, they order around the soldiers and knights and wear distinctive garb.

*AnAxeToGrind: One version wields a two-handed Crescent Axe to great effect.
*BaitAndSwitchBoss: You tail one through the entirety of 1-3, but by the time you catch up to him, he gets killed by The Penetrator.
*FatBastard: They're all quite portly, and are definitely not nice.
*KillItWithFire: All of them can cast both the Flame Toss and Ignite spells, depending on your proximity to them. Ironically enough, they are also weak to fire damage.
*GigglingVillain: They're always laughing. They sometimes even laugh as they die.
*GlasgowGrin: They all sport permanent rictus grins.
*WhipItGood: The other variation wields a riding crop that doesn't do much damage, but greatly saps stamina if it hits your shield.

!!Imperial Spies

The most dangerous of Boletaria's ranks, the spies are highly trained assassins wielding daggers, throwing knives and claws along with dangerous martial-arts techniques.

*KnifeNut: They all wield daggers and can throw some nasty-looking knives to boot.
*InTheHood: A white hood to be exact, giving them a distinct [[AssassinsCreed Altair-like]] look.
*InvisibilityCloak: They may temporarily turn invisible due to their use of the Thief's Ring.
*WolverineClaws: They wield a claw weapon as well, which can cause bleeding.


[[folder: Stonefang Tunnel Enemies]]

!!Scale Miners

Once the living miners under the rule of the Burrow King. After the demon takeover, they lost their humanity and mindlessly continue working as they did in life, devoid of their souls.

*AchillesHeel: They are very weak to magic and piercing attacks, but NoSell pretty much anything else.
*AnAxeToGrind: Pickaxe, that is. They hurt to boot.
*BFS/KillItWithFire: One variant wields a half-forged blade that is still red-hot and deals fire damage.
*DishingOutDirt: Some of them can hurl enormous boulders that they pick up from the ground.
*DropTheHammer: A rarer variant wields a large two-handed hammer that can easily guard break you.
*GoodOldFisticuffs: The weakest variant of them wields no weapons, and attacks with their scale-hardened fists.
*MightyGlacier: They all hurt if they hit you, but can't usually move faster than a walking pace.
*MoneySpider: One variant wields a sack full of ore as a weapon. They only spawn once per playthrough and drop valuable upgrade materials.
*WasOnceAMan: They all used to be human, but succumbed to the demons and became lizard creatures instead.

!!Fire Lizards

Fiery demon lizards that inhabit the upper reaches of Stonefang Tunnel.

*KillItWithFire: Practically made of fire and lava, they deal damage just from touching you.
*RubberMan: Oddly stretchy and pliable, as though they were made of rubber.
*TouchDamage: Can hurt you just by touching you thanks to their fiery bodies.
*ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: It's a lizard that's on fire.


Stone and lava beetle-like creatures that come in several different sizes. Characterized by their stone-like, nigh-impenetrable hide.

*AchillesHeel: They are only weak to magic or poison/plague. Everything else is an annoyance to them.
*ActionBomb: The large and giant variants charge up and explode upon dying. The giant variant's explosion is so big that it can cause the [[UpToEleven framerate to dip!]]
*HellIsThatNoise: If you hear the buzzing of wings, you are about to be set upon by a group of the flying variant.
*StoneWall: The small ones not so much, but the large and especially giant Bearbugs are this. If you have no source of magic damage, you are going to be spending a long time whittling away at their titanic health pool and airtight defense.
*UglyCute: Oddly adorable for what are essentially lava-beetles, thanks to their stubby legs and rotund frame.

!!Rock Worm

Worm-like creatures with a stony exterior, much like the Bearbugs. Also like the Bearbugs, completely capable of internalizing magma and using it.

*AttackItsWeakPoint: Their bodies are nigh-invulnerable, so you have to hit them in the head to do decent damage.
*JumpScare: They have a tendency to pop up from the ground as you approach, accompanied by the loud noise of the earth shifting to let them out.
*LampreyMouth: They have a distinct sucker-mouth with five nodules around it.
*MagmaMan: They are capable of spewing lava out of their mouth. There is a variant that only appears in one location that will spray it into the air instead, coating the entire area around it with lava.


[[folder: Tower of Latria Enemies]]


[[folder: Shrine of Storms Enemies]]


[[folder: Valley of Defilement Enemies]]

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