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* D'Eon de Beaumont/Lia: Every time up to [[spoiler:Robespierre's resurrection]] when D'Eon is possessed by his sister results in a crowning moments. Especially the sword fights. Ohhh, the sword fights.
* Tiellagory: His first fight with Durand is especially telling. [[NiceHat Don't touch the guy's hat]].
* Durand [[spoiler:''cutting his own arm off'']] to keep it from being controlled by the Psalms. Pretty much everything he does afterwards is pretty awesome too, but that's definitely his crowning moment.
* Maximilian Robespierre: [[spoiler:Saving Durand's life, to say nothing of coming back from the dead.]]
* Empress[[spoiler:es]] Elizabeta [[spoiler:and Katerina]]. Many a scene.
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