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16th Nov '12 3:12:57 PM chankljp
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* When you successfully win your independence from your European homeland for the first time. As soon as you declare your independence, the king (or stadholder) will quite understandably be [[BerserkButton absolutely furious]] and send the entire Royal Expeditionary Force against you. [[BadassArmy The REF is well-trained and well equipped with superior ships and artillery]], compared with your Continental Army, [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits which will likely be consist mostly of hastily armed militiaman, privateers, and trade ships mixed in here and there with a few regular veterans and actual warships]]. When you try this for the first time, players will most likely find themselves in over their head and can do nothing but watch as the REF [[CurbStompBattle easily overwhelming your forces and crushing your little revolution]]. Even if you have properly prepared in subsequent tries, you will still find yourself fighting a [[NintendoHard tough and extremely challenging war against a superior foe that is determined to crush you]]. Keep in mind that during all of this, unless you have Peter Stuyvesant as one of your founding fathers in the original, or declare your new country a monarchy in the remake, you cannot trade with or get new immigrants from Europe, meaning that you will have your most important (if not only) source of income cut off and unable to buy reinforcements from the homeland. The feeling that you get when you actually managed to win and watch the ending cinematic is absolutely wonderful.
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