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Sikon: I would add it to the index, but I just don't know which genre to place it into. Adventure Game? First-Person Shooter? Puzzle Game? Narvi: Puzzle Game is best, since that's what it is at heart. You can't add it to Adventure Game since that would make the Half-Life series Adventure games as well. If you like, add a First-Person Shooter index as well.

Xander77: Ok, what the hell happened? Both the description, the trope example list and the discussion were radically edited, removing a lot of content, which I can't seem to access through the history of the page. Is there any way to restore it all?

HeartBurn Kid: See Contributor Announcements. Long story short: database died, last month-or-two of backups thoroughly corrupted, wiki got fuxx0r'd, What You See Is What You Get. Pokeball Cake Triforce I'm a little bothered by Chell's Name being listed as Johnson. Isn't that just Fanon? Plus she's Hispanic, unless she was adopted it's very unlikely she has that name.

Xander77: Ouch.

My reasoning for removing the not-very-concise quotation of 'that song': anyone who's played the game already knows the words, and anyone who hasn't should really first encounter the song in the game itself. QED!

Ununnilium: Agreed.

bluefireglow: Isn't "sword" in Latin "gladius?" Or is there more than one way to say it? Does Latin even have words ending in "-os?" I thought that was more Greek's thing...

Large Blunt Object: Yeah, it's Gladius. Someone Did Not Do The Research. Pulling it...

Voodoo Master: So I've got dial-up. And I just bought Portal today. And I just suffered through four hours of getting "Steam" to work, which I don't understand at all. Now it's telling me I have to fucking download the entire game (all 4,000 megabytes of it). So I guess it was too hard to put the damn game on the damn disc?

I don't even want Steam, or anything that would make me go online. Portal is a single-player game. You should not need to go to this much trouble to install a single-player game. For one, you shouldn't need to sign up for an online service made to organize multiplayer games.

What am I, and other dial-up users, supposed to do?

Fighteer: Wow, folks. I know we all love to go crazy with the Epileptic Trees and Wild Mass Guessing, but could we please put it in the right place? We namespace this stuff for a reason. Portal

dxman: How is this a Self Demonstrating Article? It is mentioned as so in the index.

Paul A: The article used to be cast in the form of a briefing from GLaDOS, which wouldn't strictly make it a Self Demonstrating Article, but might have caused someone to believe it was. Anyway, I don't think it is one now.