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Red Viking: It was near the beginning of the flashback and it was between Matt and Sgt. Vanessa James. Quite frankly, I was surprised she showed up later on so she's probably slated to be a recurring character. I wouldn't be so quick in declaring an Eli/Chloe pairing. If this series is going to be like Battlestar Galactica, well... we all know what happened with Apollo and Starbuck.
IR Blayne: Whats the issue with Continuity Drift/Did Not Do The Research there is a clear reason why its 3 weeks to get to Pegasus and a couple of days or hours to get to Icarus base. Its two separate star drives.

Anonymous Coward: In the SG-1 episode "The Scourge," the Odyssey makes it from Earth to a planet 25000 light years distant (within the same galaxy) in about 6 hours.
DoomTay: Just why are we putting up stuff based on leaked details? Can't we wait until the respective episodes air?

The Nifty: Cut This:

  • Christianity Is Catholic: It's a bit early to really tell how many characters are Christians but notably the first character to be revealed as such was raised by a Catholic priest and intended to become one before he got his teenage girlfriend pregnant.

Because it clearly isn't an example of the trope: Christianity Is Catholic isn't just for when your show happens to have ONE catholic character. C'mon people, actually read a trope before including it.

Tricksterson: Well, if he's the only character to have a religious background or religious opinions yes. But I will agree that it's early in the show as yet.
DoomTay: Something's making me view TV twists more negatively. I view Idiot Balls in "she's the killer" type plots just becuase I know who the killer is yet it's reasoable the victims don't.
Mr Death: Is there a trope for how all the episodes have thus far taken place over maybe a day and a half of in-universe time (notice how Eli still has the sunburn he picked up in that desert planet in Air part 3)? I wanna say Comic-Book Time but I don't think that fits.
Janitor re: The Korean Joke caption. Not sure what an inside joke from BSG is doing on a Stargate page. Anyway, way too inside-y and obscure.