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  • Props to whoever added another Skull Joke to Brook's entry.

Momotaro: I propose the Jonas Brothers as Gods of Vacuous Lyrics.

Sabre Justice: Dammit, I had a real cool description written up but the database died on me...

Ouroboros: What's with the Wagner bashing? He wasn't a bad guy, bad guys just liked his stuff. The man was left-wing, in his youth he was part of nationalist uprisings against the monarchy of Germany, the man was an animal rights activist!

Schizo Technician: As I recall, he was a raging anti-semite, that might have something to do with it...

Ouroboros: Yeah he was racist, but he was one of those odd racists that also kept a lot of Jewish friends. His greatest friend in his entire life was Jewish after all.

dxman: There should be Gods of Air Guitar. Bill and Ted?

Blueeyedrat: Would a God of Video Game Music fit into here, or in the Technology pantheon?  *

Gods of freeware music anyone?

lalalei2001 How about the Protomen as Gods of Video Game Rock Operas? :p

Zombie: A new entry is needed, in my opinion: Hansi Kürsch, God of (Power) Metal.