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09:59:17 PM Nov 13th 2014
Soooooo Daft Punk for the God's of French House?
05:33:35 AM Nov 5th 2014
Can we maybe nominate Falco and/or Nena as lesser Gods or Quasi-deities? After all, as far as I know, they're amongst the only German-speaking people who ever made it pretty decently into the US-charts and also had a not-so-small impact on modern German music. Thought about ascending Falco to the God of Alternative Hip Hop (he had a weird mix of rapping and actual singing in one and the same track) and Nena for the God of German Pop.
01:40:58 PM Oct 21st 2014
Nomination for J.S. Bach to be added to the Overdeities, beside Mozart and Beethoven? In classical music, they're generally considered the Big Three together. I'd also like to break them out a bit, give them separate portfolios, etc.

Suggestions for domain/porfolio for any/all of them are appreciated.
01:43:34 PM Oct 21st 2014
Bring this over to the main discussion page, where everyone else is.
07:30:06 AM Nov 7th 2014
Reposted there.
09:00:20 AM Jul 31st 2014
Can we add Miracle of Sound as the God of gamer musicians ?
08:49:18 AM Apr 20th 2014
Nice Peter and Epic Loide as Co-Gods of Rap Battles
05:53:58 PM Apr 5th 2014
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Say, is there room for a God of the Bass? Or is the pantheon exercising the Nobody Loves the Bassist stereotype as well? If there isn't here's a few Gods I'm considering:


Justin Chancellor

Sid Vicious (He thinks himself of this, anyway. Everyone else says otherwise.)

Cliff Burton (I know Metallica's also listed here, but that's their current lineup)

FYI, I'm not including Paul McCartney because he's already with the Beatles. If he's the De Facto God of Bass, I'd appreciate it if it were listed under their section.
04:39:13 AM May 1st 2014
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I'm thinking that Lemmy (and by extension Motorhead) should be the Gods of Speed Metal. They did make the genre along with Judas Priest...
09:08:16 PM May 28th 2014
Okay then. I'll sideline the whole "bassist" thing for a moment, but I'm still accepting suggestions. Do feel free to speak your opinion for the original topic.

Okay, so, putting Motörhead as god of Speed Metal obviously requires a bit of flavoring. I'd start with the title. If we leave that as it is, it would show up something like this:

Motörhead, God of Speed Metal (Ian Fraser Kilmister, Lemmy...)

Should we add anything to that? Are there any nicknames we should consider?
01:34:47 PM Oct 21st 2014
I'm thinking of developing the Beatles listing a bit, giving them each a full run-down (counting each as a Greater God individually), and I think McCartney could absolutely be "God of Bass". (Well, god of bass guitar; we could also use a "God of Vocal Bass".)
09:32:22 PM Apr 3rd 2014
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No Lindsey Stirling here? I thought she is a goddess already. As the Goddess of Violin... wait, Brook's in the house. Goddess of... Cosplay Cover Video?
04:41:39 PM Mar 24th 2014
I added Steam Powered Giraffe as the dieties for Steampunk Music :)
10:25:34 AM Mar 7th 2014
There's no god/dess for "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune. I nominate Yui Horie.
10:58:52 PM Dec 18th 2013
Hi guys, currently in the Pantheon list, there is no God(dess) for Incredibly Long Note. Sure, Bruce Dickinson has Incredibly Long Note in his portfolio, but his title, God of Singing, doesn't sound specific enough.

I'd like to have a separate God(dess) of Incredibly Long Note, but who should we bring up? I can only think of Céline Dion, being her fan, but I'd reckon several of us may not agree since she's definitely not the first to use that XD
10:21:23 AM Dec 19th 2013
Maybe Mariah Carey or Amy Lee?
12:32:03 PM Dec 19th 2013
Try with both as co-goddesses.
03:41:55 PM Dec 19th 2013
But we've got three options: Mariah Carey, Amy Lee, and Celine Dion. Can we have three co-goddesses?
01:15:20 AM Dec 20th 2013
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Hm, after mulling a little bit more about it, one of the most popular example under Incredibly Long Note is Whitney Houston, and she (bless her) is no longer in the mortal world. Heck, even Shirley Bassey is still active. Since it's going to be a bit awkward to have so many co-goddesses, and that Whitney is no longer with us (think of her as ascended), I think she fits pretty well as the Goddess of Incredibly Long Note (who can forget "And I———————- will always love you——————"?), with the living singers (the aforementioned Mariah, Celine and Amy) as high priestesses, while Dame Shirley may be an ally (being her senior?). Comments?
09:38:50 PM Dec 20th 2013
That works!

(By the way, any word on the A Capella thing below?)
11:07:17 PM Dec 27th 2013
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Ok, in that case, how does this entry look?

Whitney Houston, Goddess of Incredibly Long Note

PS: As per the God of Acapella you suggested, well, since I don't know who those people are, maybe you'd like to do something similar to this? (listing portfolio etc) Maybe people will take notice after that.
09:46:24 AM Dec 30th 2013
That looks good. And will do.
08:58:12 PM Dec 15th 2013
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Would anyone mind adding Pentatonix as Gods of A Capella? Maybe as Quasideities?
10:10:30 PM Dec 26th 2013
I think Pentatonix would be a great edition to the music Pantheon!
01:29:45 PM Mar 7th 2014
The pantheon definitly needs a God for the A Cappella portfolio. Pentatonix would be nice to add, but I would like to suggest Smooth McGroove, who would be a very nice addition in my opinion, though his domain is restricted to video game music.
04:52:32 PM Nov 15th 2013
This list is clearly biased.
12:24:51 PM Nov 16th 2013
Isn't that inevitable? But it's Just for Fun anyway.
01:39:12 PM Nov 13th 2013
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How about Bruce Springsteen as the god of live music? He is a very acclaimed as a live performer. He was voted the greatest live act by both Rolling Stone magazine's panel and their readers, and legendary music producer Clive Davis also called him the greatest live performer when he was on Letterman.

Bruce Springsteen, God of Rock Concerts (The Boss)

10:49:48 AM Nov 3rd 2013
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Should Frank Sinatra be added to the Music Pantheon?

He IS the Chairman of the Board.
09:43:57 AM Nov 14th 2013
All right, then. How's this for a start?

Frank Sinatra, God of Crooners (The Chairman of the Board, the Voice, ol' Blue Eyes)
02:46:31 AM Oct 23rd 2013
So, for those of you who listen to Christian music, allow me to offer up this idea as the 'Triumvirate of Modern Christian Music'

Toby Mac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max Smith, Triumvirate of Modern Christian Music (DC Talk, Tait, The Newsboys, Kevin Max, Audio Adrenaline)
The mayors of Diverse City.
  • Quasideities (within the domain of Christian music, the power of Greater Gods)
  • Symbol: The Diverse City Flag and Logo.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The 80s, the 90s, and post-millennial music. Everything from Rock to Soul, to Dub Step. Group split ups, making their own legacies.
  • Domain: Christian music, racial unity, breaking down walls.
  • Followers: Pretty much anyone in Christian music post 1988.
  • Allies: Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless, KJ-52, Will Smith.
  • Enemies: The Westboro Baptist Church, really anyone who uses their religion to justify evil deeds.
  • The legacy of Christian music was passed onto the group by Carmen, the previous God of Christian Music, who vouched for them within the then dying industry.
  • The group single handedly saved the dying industry and proceeded to do the impossible: make Christian music that was enjoyable, and that crossed into the mainstream in a way never done before.
  • They literally set the standard for Christian music, pushing others in the industry to stop making terrible music in the name of the genre just because it had a Christian theme.
  • Did not create but coined the term 'Jesus Freaks' as a way of noting their followers and people who were genuinely interested in helping their fellow man, regardless of race, gender, or creed.
  • Post their Supernatural CD, they decided to split up to pursue creative differences, and in doing so impacted the industry even more by taking the reigns of other legendary groups such as the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline. However, clever ears can still hear them on each other's albums, and they've been known to tour together within their new groups.
  • Whispers have existed for years of a DC Talk reunion tour. No confirmation has been forthcoming.
11:35:27 AM Oct 22nd 2013
With regard to Michael Jackson's entry, should it be tweaked to be more neutral? It's slanted heavily towards the "innocent victim of the media, the corrupt music business, and the law" viewpoint that fans have, and the situation isn't actually that cut and dried.
07:14:08 PM Sep 29th 2013
Here's my entry for the House of Music:

Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, Goddesses of Staged Lesbianism (t.A.T.u.)
08:04:58 AM Sep 22nd 2013
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I think Nice Peter and Epic Loyd, the creators of The Epic Rap Battle's of History should become the new Co-Gods of Rap.
09:38:32 AM Sep 10th 2013
I feel like nominating Baby Metal as... something. But how should I phrase it?
09:17:44 AM Aug 20th 2013
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I'd like to nominate Jem of Jem And The Holograms as the Goddess of Stage Personas.
08:57:00 PM Jul 7th 2013
Should Johnny Cash be added as God of Country?
04:50:42 PM Nov 15th 2013
11:43:54 AM Jun 22nd 2013
Hey, how about Manowar? They could be Gods of Manly Metal, Battle Metal or something like that. I don't know, I can't think of a specific title that's grandiose and awesome enough. But I do think they should be here.
09:52:23 AM Mar 30th 2013
edited by tricksterson
Tom Waits should be here but I'm not sure as what. I'm thinking either God of Raconteurs or God of Musical Integrity because of his stance against having his music used in commercials, his willingness to sue companies that tried to get around him and his scorn of Michael Jackson. Also the fact that he has swtched, more than once from a big label to a smaller one that was more willing to give him artistice freedom. Any thoughts?
08:37:11 PM Dec 26th 2012
Hi guys,

I just skimmed through the page and don't think I saw any god/goddess of Incredibly Long Note. As can be seen in the end of that page, there's quite a few musicians whom I believe more than qualify for this position.

Should we vote and pick one?
11:45:46 AM Jun 22nd 2013
I'd vote for Axl Rose. As much as I hate the guy, I hand it to him that he's got some goddamn lung capacity to keep notes that long (like at the end of "Don't Cry").
09:59:34 AM Dec 12th 2012
What about Disturbed, Gods of Modern Metal?

(total Disturbed1)
12:21:12 PM Oct 14th 2012
Oh, and what about Hardcore Techno? Angerfist could be good, since he's been getting a little bit more prolific lately. Passenger of Shit could work, too, but he's kinda on par with Anal Cunt for offensive music.
06:14:41 PM Sep 19th 2013
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Maybe we could put Anal Cunt in the pantheon as Gods of Grindcore

Anal Cunt, Gods of Grindcore
07:30:22 PM Sep 19th 2013
08:32:27 AM Sep 22nd 2013
well, the late Seth Putnam designed the name to be "the most offensive, stupid, dumb, etc. name possible". Considering how they epitomized Grindcore, maybe they should be added in.
12:18:39 PM Oct 14th 2012
Does anyone else think that Godspeed You! Black Emperor could be the gods of Post-Rock? Or perhaps instrumental rock, since they don't like the "Post" label?
05:07:41 PM Jul 11th 2012
With the growing popularity of the Dubstep genre, I think we may need a God of Dubstep.
10:24:36 PM Jul 8th 2012
What about John Philip Sousa, the March King?
03:43:53 PM Jun 11th 2012
Could The Residents be added as the gods of avant-garde music?
10:20:18 AM May 3rd 2012
I'm of the mindset that Wateru, whois currently a follower under Brook, should get some form of deification. Kid's been through a lot, and plays the violin damn well.

Maybe the god of Violin Making? To contrast with Brook's general violinist.
11:13:39 AM Jan 12th 2012
As already mentioned, Nobuo Uematsu as God of Video Game Music. Also, I'm pretty sure David Bowie's crotch deserves its own entry.
02:37:34 AM Dec 30th 2011
Anyone from The Idolmaster? I was thinking Chihaya for this specific house. Just which portfolio?
11:40:18 PM Dec 10th 2011
T-Pain as the God of Autotune?
01:29:00 PM Dec 11th 2011
I think the idea of these gods is to show that they're in the Pantheon because they're awesome. And a God of Autotune really doesn't strike me as being awesome.
12:00:02 AM Jan 28th 2012
It's more about being the Most Triumphant Example
02:06:05 PM Nov 24th 2011
We should add the following to the list:

I am adding Jimi Hendrix, but I want your opinions on Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.
07:27:57 PM Nov 23rd 2011
Shall we ditch Character Alignments? These are real people (except for Gorillaz, and David Bowie's stage personas).
05:02:40 AM Nov 24th 2011
You can get rid of real people, non-stage persona's Character Alignments. However, for the stage personas and fictional characters, Alignments can stay.
02:23:40 PM Nov 12th 2011
Does anybody else agree that we need a God of Rap/Hip-Hop? I think that 2Pac or Notorious B.I.G could fill that position.
02:00:30 PM Nov 24th 2011
They don't have to be a dead rapper, but yes, we could do with a God of Rap/Hip-Hop. Hell, we might as well have both of them, considering how unrepresented the genre is.
11:24:24 PM Jan 16th 2012
Run-DMC for Gods of Hip-Hop? Symbol could be Adidas shoes, or black fedoras.
05:14:51 PM Jan 22nd 2012
I agree.
12:14:14 PM Oct 20th 2011
I think it'd make more sense for Rebecca Black to be the Goddess of Dreadful Music. She is probably one of the most well-known people to actually make some success out of dreadfulness, rather than some anime character.
12:24:20 PM Jan 29th 2014
She's currently in the Purgatory... I'm sending her later as the Goddess of Vocal Evolution, giving that she really sings without abusing the Auto-Tune in her recent songs.
01:11:08 PM Sep 20th 2011
Should the God of villain songs be the Music Meister or Sweet (from Buffy)? Another option could be Thénardier (Les Misérables), but he doesn't really fit right.
02:07:38 PM Jul 31st 2011
Added The Protomen :)
01:54:40 PM Sep 4th 2010
edited by Sen
I'm thinking of adding a "God of Tracking/Demoscene". Who should it be? Awesome? Basehead? Necros? Darkhalo? Radix? Jogeir Liljedahl? Warder? Nightbeat? Siren? Hunz? Lizardking? Elwood?
11:05:00 PM Aug 11th 2010
Nobuo Uematsu should be in here for something. Video Game music? Character Themes? Battle Themes?
05:06:06 PM Jul 19th 2010
Mind you I'm not a music junkie and I don't really know jack about musical groups and such, but how can Queen not be in here?!
05:07:57 PM Jul 19th 2010
Find a reasonably open title and add them yourself, then.
05:10:03 PM Jul 19th 2010
edited by NoLimit
Like I said, I don't really know jack about musical groups so I can't really do it. Yeah, I know. I'm being extremely unreasonable. T__T I was hoping that perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge about it would help add them in. Again, very unreasonable of me.
01:44:36 PM Jul 24th 2010
Queen, Gods of... ah, damn, I'm stumped as well. This is a really pressing problem.
02:21:21 PM Sep 5th 2010
edited by MiniKaylee
If we can't think of a suitable title, I suppose they could be added under followers. Still have no idea whose followers, tho.
02:30:23 AM Aug 24th 2011
Gods of Theatricality? Awesome? Theatrical Rock?
11:53:32 AM Jul 14th 2010
I'm planning to add a God of Stadiums, but who should it be? Bruce Springsteen? Peter Frampton? Bob Seger? Please give your opinions.
08:55:57 PM Jul 7th 2013
Seger always wins.
07:53:52 AM Jul 8th 2010
Right, I'm thinking a god for Record of Loudness War (the CD-destroying kind) would be a good addition. But who would fit? Vlado Meller? Oasis? Howie Weinberg?

Or would that go in the pantheon of evil better?
06:14:42 AM Jul 9th 2010
Nevermind, gone ahead and done it anyway. Wiki Magic exists afterall.
07:26:40 AM Jul 8th 2010
So, er, you can just add stuff to this page? I thought it was supposed to be submitted for approval like in the YKTTW first or something.
12:29:12 PM Jul 8th 2010
Nope! You can add whatever you like, so long as you understand that if someone else feels that it doesn't quite fit or has incorrect formatting, it'll be modified accordingly or even deleted outright. It's kind of like adding entries on the main pages that way.
12:51:06 AM Jul 9th 2010
'kay, that's cool. I'm at a bit of a loss to understand how it won't quite fit considering this is already a pretty wide-ranging list, but eh. Happens, I guess.
08:40:00 AM Mar 7th 2010
edited by GuesssWho
Why is James Joyce on this page?
03:55:54 PM Jun 3rd 2010
Why isn't Daft Punk listed? Are they in another house?
04:44:12 PM Mar 6th 2011
Yeah, Joyce should be in literature.
09:58:55 AM Dec 12th 2012
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