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LT, This may interest you...

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Kilyle: I've recently become interested in in-depth discussion of series that have a lot worth discussing. Buffy has a lot of sites; Harry Potter has the Sugar Quill; does anyone know of a site like this for Trigun? I'm interested in discussing such points as Vash's bloodguilt for his brother's millions of murders, since he did not kill his brother when he had the chance (after his brother had clearly stated his plan to murder everyone on the planet), and how the series fails to adequately address this point by making it seem, in the end, that Vash achieved his primary goal (redeeming his brother) while achieving his secondary goal (not killing—by his own hand, at least).

Xander77: While I'll point out that "Google is your friend", Vash DOES kill by his own hand. Furthermore, one of the major points of the final episodes is that Vash no longer tries to live his life purely according to Rem's ideals.

That's debatable, since he apparently does this says that while carrying the still-living Knives instead of finishing him off. —Document N

Cassy: He does kill Legato, and the manga makes clear that he did destroy July City while trying to kill Knives in an Unstoppable Rage / automatic mode / "voice of his DNA" moment (induced by Knives). It's different in the anime.

Silverevilchao: Not really. It is strongly implied in a flashback in the last episode that in the final moments before firing that giant...Arm Cannon Angel thing, Vash was intending to kick Knives' ass with it...which he did. the way, the ending was awesome and all, but what the hell does he intend to do with Knives? I mean, bringing him back to the town like that in the end, is he insane?! Is he hoping that he would change or something?

What do you call the death/ending trope in which you kill off main characters essentially just to make the ending more dramatic and because, since it's the end, you don't need them anymore? Grim Fandango also had it somewhat with Salvador. —Document N

Update: Sacrificial Lion looks like what I was thinking of. —Document N

Also, wasn't there a trope page earlier talking about the unrealism of thinking that shooting someone in a non-vital area means they're guaranteed to survive? —Document N

Cassy: That's Only a Flesh Wound. Thanks for pointing it out, I've just added it. :-)

Cassy: I removed this:

"More bleak stuff happens. The end. Roll credits. Cue vague hope for a happy ending. Resume credits.

Two thumbs up. Bob says check it out. Not to be confused with Bob who, while he liked most of the series, thought that Legato and the Gung-Ho Guns did their job a Knights Of Cerebus a little too well, making the end of the series to depressing."

Cassy: Too many spoilers + too subjective in my opinion.

Eriksson: Now that we have a Reviews feature in place, I suggest that the original author of this page come forth and put his review there. Also, anyone want to put up a neutral description? I would, but I've only seen the first 2 episodes, so... Wow i did the test thing with vash and he was 152 and 50+ is the highest it talks about.

MistahFixIt: More Dakka <- How Did We Miss This One? I mean, as I posted in the description of the trope, a BAR is torn to bits by a Mook Army's gunfire. (Though, to be fair, 'Fat Guy' did half the work for them...)