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Pig_catapult says: This is the right way to spell it. It's pronounced (roughly) "yoh-oo-kah-ee". I know that localizations love to truncate the "u" off of words like this, but it's not the same word anymore.

Pig_catapult also says: For example, it's particularly egregious in words like "youko", which is an uncommon Japanese word that approximates to "magic/supernatural fox", but, if changed to "yoko", becomes a woman's name meaning "good girl". I've found that this causes Narm when, for example, reading Yuu Yuu Hakusho fanfiction about Yo(u)ko Kurama, because he, of all people, is most definitely not a good girl.

Dammerung: Your solution was best, thanks.

Pig_catapult: Yey! ^.^ I'm glad it worked well.

SpiriTsunami: Oh, no, another locked article! They screwed up the indexing (using the wrong spelling) when putting it on the Trope Names From The Japanese index, and now it can't be fixed.

Kamei: Is this locked forever? What's up?