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I just wanted to mention that I hate this trope and wishes that it'd burn in a very hot place. It seems that as soon someone posts anything mildly geeky on youtube or similar, people go all "you need to get laid, loser!", like geekiness and sexual deprivation goes hand in hand (which it don't). It seems that if you spend any of your waking hour on anything other than eating, sleeping and desperately trying to get laid (I highly doupt that the people who use that phrase gets all the horisontal tango that they claim to get), you're a loser...

Semi-Known Troper: You really Do need to get laid! .... .... (Sorry, it was impossible to resist) ;)

Caswin: I'm with the Unknown Troper on this one. This line fails on a variety of levels.

Removed the Avatar example. Aside from the key point that the line has never been used within the series, Zuko's mood hardly changes significantly up until his you-know-what. Still hissy, still self-conscious, still quick-tempered, still had daddy issues. Even if his mood experience an improvement, it can hardly be accredited to Mai's presence. You'd this would be prior knowledge to anyone who's watched episodes like "The Beach" or "Nightmares and Daydream".

This troper is adding that her aunt's reaction upon seeing the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was "Oh, and of COURSE Elizabeth just HAPPENED to be ovulating that ONE DAY she had sex." Would like to use that as an argument that outside of "movie logic", it's quite probable that kid is not Will Turner's, unless Elizabeth spent the next month or so on the Flying Dutchman boinging frantically with Will every chance she got.