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Kalle: ... if that NSYNC example involved Chris's girlfriend, then good golly, do I have a case of Old Shame right about now.

Nornagest: Would Marcelo Carbuli (husband of Nightwish's former lead singer Tarja Turunen, received quite a bit of flak from the band during the split) count as a male example?

Lua: Hell yes. I'm pretty sure the rest of the band partly blamed him for Tarja's sacking.

Sjach Vyrlim: I would say that the fact that I came to this page to ask the same question would make the answer a yes. Think about this. Master Passion Greed, the only Nightwish song with swears in it, is about him.
iamtroper: Cut out "If Lauri Ylönen, the lead singer of the Finnish band The Rasmus had a penny for every Mary Sue he got paired with in fanfiction, he'd be a millionaire by now." It doesn't seem to be an example.

Danel: While I know little about the specifics, I think this should be dialled back a bit... saying that she deserved to be murdered is probably a bit much.

  • Nancy Spungen is an inverse of the Yoko Oh No syndrome in that, by all accounts, Nancy was a manipulative bitch and mentally unstable starfucker who, as she seduced Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious (not to be confused with the professional wrestler of the same name), fed his already toxic drug addiction problem to the point that not only did she wreck the group, but ultimately caused her own death as far as leading to Sid murdering her in a drug-fueled, blackout-causing Unstoppable Rage. Their relationship would be glamorized in the 1986 movie, Sid and Nancy, which was roundly vilified by pretty much everyone who knew the two as far as whitewashing Nancy's entire persona and painting her as Sid's soulmate.

Johnny E: Best. Trope name. Ever.