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If you select the "Tactical Room" option during that mission, Forsythe himself appears to give you tips on how to win. Suicidal Overconfidence, or...?

Tanto: The War Room segments are not canon. They're more in the nature of humorous asides. (Check "Crash Landing"'s Tactics conversation.) Tabitha and Penny also give you advice, and they're quite a bit more evil.
Count Dorku: Why did the 8-Bit Theatre quote link "You won't be killed, Bikke" to Fate Worse Than Death? Was there any point where it was actually implied that would result? If yes, go ahead and change it back - I relinked it to You Will Be Spared, which seems to fit better.
Vilui: Whoever added Professor Moriarty either didn't read the trope description or has never read The Valley of Fear. He is a cold-hearted and callous killer. Removing immediately.