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Silent Hunter: I've broken down the war films by theatre, since there are distinct tropes for each.
Silent Hunter: I put "solving the Enigma (again)" because a) it flowed better and b) there were several lock-outs from parts of the coded messages, as that film depicts.

Shoebox: Would just like to compliment Silent Hunter and whomever else may have been involved on a really beautifully-organized page. Kudos!

What Exit?: This is the best summary I have seen on TV Tropes. Great job!
Silent Hunter: "Montgomery, meanwhile, shan't return". What does that bit actually mean?

Skgoa: taking out "You also have to remember that the heaviest bombings, such as civilian areas in Germany and Japan, Dresden and the two atomic bombs, were necessary to hit military targets before smart bombs were invented." because it simply isn't true. the allied strategic bombing campaign targeted population centers (and especially those parts where the working class lived) to decrease the german war production (did not work, production increased until the end) and to hurt the moral of the civilans(failed spectacularly and drove the germans to "Total War"). regarding the given examples: Dresden was not a military target and I am not sure about to japanese cities. it should also be noted that "smart bombs" killed plenty of civilians in recent wars.

also taking out "Just don't forget that the Axis (with initial cooperation from the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe) started it, and the monstrosities committed by either side lie therefore on the Nazis' (and in the case of the Far East, the Japanese imperialists') feet." because its just stupid. I don't want to defend the Nazis, but saying "commiting atrocities is OK because the other guys did it first" is a big logical fallacy.

Silent Hunter: You'll actually find that the German petroleum production effectively dried up in 1944, stopped by Allied bombing. The Germans also had to focus on fighters rather than bombers.

Dresden had plenty of war factories.

Vert: Someone please read the America Wins the War article, specially the T Vtropes part in the list of tropes. Then read this one. See the problem with this article? If not, then quite simply: it needs to be changed/overhauled/transformed badly, as in its current form, its simply horrific.

TurkishDelight: Agreed. The Normandy invasion the 'climatic battle' of the European Theater? At the time of that invasion there was a massive offensive in Eastern Europe pitting the Soviet Union against twice as many Germany soldiers as the Western Allies faced in Normandy, and resulting in an even more catastrophic defeat for the Germans than the one they suffered in France. It doesn't get a mention because it's not Hollywood History; no westerners involved.

I'm going to see if I can clean up this article a bit when I have time.

Das Auto: By the length of the example section we should probably use folders.