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War Pigs launched as We Have Reserves: From YKTTW

Working Title: War Pigs: From YKTTW

  • Some would argue the Bush Administration would fall into this.

Tanto: Yes, and those people are in full violation of the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment and need to keep their politics to themselves in the name of peace and quiet.

  • Why is the 'King David' example under the category where it currently sits? [1] It isn't really appropriate in the 'we have reserves' trope; and [2] it isn't real (it falls under the 'Oldest One in the Book' category in whichever trope it REALLY belongs to.
    • Some Guy: The example does apply, but marginally, and for some reason the original poster didn't specify the reason why it applied. I have since fixed it.

  • The Wanderer: Removing this bit: World War I, just World War I... Various generals (most notably the British) were still practicing 19th-century techniques such as the 'human wave' and viewed soldiers as infinitely dependable and replaceable. This contributed to the high toll. because there's already a section on WWI above that. However, I'm also going to adjust that section a bit.

  • Some Guy: Removed (even when it was obvious that was not the Allies' way of operating) from the Okinawa section. While this may be obvious to us today, I'm really hard-pressed to see how the Okinawans could have possibly known that at the time.
    • The Wanderer: I don't think it meant the Okinawans would have known, but rather the Japanese military, the commanders and civilian leaders of Japan knew this was the case but gave deliberate misinformation to the Okinawans. The average Okinawan peasant wouldn't have known, but the big wigs for the army and state sure as hell must have by this time.

  • The Wanderer: a pretty big chunk of text from the real life section was taken out without any discussion or anything. I'm going to put it back for now. If anyone wants to argue the merits of one or multiple cases feel free of course, but until then...

Nedata:Most of those are highly debatable and an example of yourmileagemayvary.

priopraxis: why is gendo ikari here? He didn't have reserves.He had 3 soldiers.

Peteman: Can someone move the World War Z examples out of the Real Life part (I don't know which media they fall under), and just mention how their attitudes were inspired by Real Life?

I removed "Most North Vietnamese casualties came from a factor they had little control over - carpet bombing of population centers by the Americans." from the trope article. There was no carpet bombing of Vietnamese population centers. Bombing targets within cities? Sure. Civilian casualties from these bombings? Most definitely. But no carpet bombing of the cities, or anything that closely resembled it. - Tim Fowler