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Okay, I had to edit the 8bit section. I don't think one could argue that BM has any sort of attachment whatsoever to RM, or any person besides WM for that matter. —Lord de Generic

Can we get a Made of Win on the Questionable Content example? Seriously, BEST. HORRIBLE PUN. EVER.

What's the difference between the second variant here and With Friends Like These...?

I was thinking that the two types are different enough to deserve a split examples section, but I wanted to see what everyone else thought before I did it.

Morgan Wick: I second the split examples section, call for splitting the trope, and also ask for a clarification of the difference between variant 2 and With Friends Like These....
Koveras: Make it laconic please, I just don't get it. ^^;

Andrew: Deleted this Natter under the Batman/Superman examples. People who know can edit the example in a way that's not stupid:

  • That's grossly oversimplifying it. Batman and Superman were once known as the "World's Finest" (like the titular comic where they teamed up a lot). Then they became this trope during the beginning of the Dark Age. By the time of Grant Morrison's JLA they became better friends. By the time of Superman/Batman we could see that while they are on the exact same wavelength on many things, they were on completely different ends of the spectrum. The gap between their views had shortened by some since, but that's changed, what with Bruce's death and everything.

Steel Beast 6 Beets: Any reason of why the rest of the Shin Megami Tensei examples were removed?

Caphi: Move for a merge between the type-2 and With Friends Like These..., leaving Vitriolic Best Buds solely type-1 (one-way).