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ILP: I moved Suzumiya Haruhi from Anime to Literature, since it is a series of light novels before an anime, and the aspects described by this trope are far more evident in prose form than animated form.

Some Guy: Merged the two separate 300 entries. Went out on a limb and assumed that the movie is more well known than the graphic novel.

  • The Maxx, who was a homeless man who believed he was a superhero. Or something...

The Maxx is not the narrator, or at least not beyond the first ten issues.

What about the Tsukihime fan disc - one of the stories is told from the perspective of "Tohno Shiki" (the protagonist of the original game) who is looking for a serial killer. At the end of the story it turns out to be that the protagonist is just pretending to be Tohno Shiki and is actually the serial killer himself.

I'm slightly confused. Does this include narrators who have a motive to lie, but can't be caught doing so?

Man Without A Body: Changed the bit about The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. When the asylum director puts his glasses back on, that doesn't mean that he really is Caligari. That just means that the Caligari character was based on him. And if it wasn't a dream, then why is Cesare still alive?