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Adam850: This one seems to encroach on Ruritania

Zeta: A bit, but Ruritania is how the areas are portrayed in "realistic" fiction where war and discord are the focus of the story, while Uberwald is how it is in horror and fantasy settings. More specifically, Uberwald is generally eastern Germany/Romania while Ruritania is the rest of eastern Europe.

Nezumi: Here's a bit I was going to tack on to the Castlevania entry, but decided not to. But, as I stated, it's worth noting, so I'm sticking it here:

It's worth noting that originally, the Uberwald was labelled Transylvania, after the province of Romania Dracula is most associated with in fiction and people's minds... but has more recently been retconned into Wallachia, the province of Romania the historical Dracula was associated with, a far too rare example of reality winning out over The Theme Park Version, although a bit odd in a series that has so little to do with reality.

Sukeban: Zeta, so what you say is that Ruritania is Eastern Europe by day and Uberwald Eastern Europe by night, just like the thing about Metropolis and Gotham being different views of New York? :D

Actually, I spent two weeks in Transylvania back in 2004, and except for the Carpathians (which aren't really high, but the old forests are incredibly scenic) it's mostly beautiful rolling hills. I quite liked the country.

Violet: I removed Gunnerkrigg court, word of god says its set in the UK, and its not really much like Uberwald anyway.
Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Removed Hostel. I haven't seen the movie itself, but the entry makes it sound more like an example of Ruritania than Überwald.