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Fast Eddie: Moving these into discussion:
  • The following stuff are clearly tropes, but either we don't have them, or this troper just failed to find them. Do We Have This Ones? Invoking Wiki Magic!
    • Mentioned above: how is it called when the movie ends with the hero lonely and proudly Riding into the Sunset, exept there's no actual sunset?
    • After Mattie boldly crosses the river mounted to catch up with two men who wanted to leave her behind, Rooster says: "She reminds me of me". We all have heard this a million times, haven't we?
    • It's clearly a trope we frequently see: an alcoholic hero drinks like a fish, but suffers no consequences, firing, fighting and so on like sober. Well, in this movie it's curiously averted: at one point Rooster gets so drunk that he falls from his horse.
    • A lawyer whose name makes any businessman tremble: J Noble Daggett ("You've heard of the Great Arkansas River Vicksburg and Gulf Company? My lawyer forced them into receivership. They tried to mess with him")
    • It's strange, but among the list of death traps, or anywhere else this troper searched, there is no Snake Pit. This one's Older Than Dirt, could it have been missed? Well, the pit is one of the Chekhov's guns (mention a pit with rattlesnakes in it, and you can be sure that someone is going down there) and the cause of the Damsel getting Distressed.
    • Rooster is after the outlaw leader, Lucky Ned Pepper. When they last met, he shot Pepper and messed his lower lip, but Pepper was lucky to get away and hold the grudge. Not that they were old enemies or rivals, since they only met once, but this kind of unsettled score rings a bell... And mutilating one's face must be a trope, too..
    • Mattie crosses a river on her horse. However, the next minute she's arguing with her companions, perfectly dry. Seen It a Million Times.
    • In the Deadlands: Reloaded table-top RPG rulebook, there's an advantage "True Grit" which rises Grit attribute, making the character braver.