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Roundelais - Sailor Moon has become the archetype of the Magical Girls' transformation sequence, although Wedding Peach? predates it. Is this correct? I thought the first run of Sailor Moon started in 1992, while Wedding Peach didn't air until 1995...

Susan Davis - Yes, Sailor Moon predates Wedding Peach.

Looney Toons: My error. I got my notes mixed up.

Kendra Kirai: Just as a rather pointless nitpick, I believe W.I.T.C.H. and Winx Club are italian, or french, in origin. Not really 'western' animation...

Ununnilium: Sure. Western Europe. `.`v In this kind of context, "Western" = "land of the white guys", basically.

Kendra Kirai: Italians are considered white? And alright, I see. :)

Amrita: I'm new here so I'm not sure what I'm doing exactly, but I thought I'd mention that a good example of the rare 'magical boy' transformation sequence happens in the anime Yugioh. There are actually at least two fully different transformation sequences I can think of (the main one that runs through most of the first season, with all the spinning and the shouting of 'Yugioh!') and a second that occurs at the beginning of the Battle City arc with some spinning and belt-flipping. I'm not sure if this counts or not considering they're technically two different characters swapping out for each other in the same body, rather than the same character getting an outfit change. However, there are true transformation sequences in the spinoff series of Capsule Monsters every time Yami or Yuugi activate their armour.

Citizen: Well, Nanoha StrikerS' shota does have a sequence, albeit a very short one (short because it doesn't have any of the nudity of his female comrades thank goodness).

cassius335: Where did that picture come from?

Adam850: Yeah, I agree with the UT above. I don't get it.

Citizen: Evidently the bad guys got bored waiting for Moon's transformation sequence to finish and started playing cards. The picture is too big for my tastes and is hosted offsite, but other than that I don't see any problem with it.

Scrounge: Is anyone else ever disappointed when they skip a transformation sequence? Or, more glaringly, when they don't make one that seems to be warranted? (Yes, I'm looking at you, third and fourth seasons of Ben 10.)

arromdee: Deleted:

  • Midly subverted with Jem. Even know Jerrica stills have to use a catch phrase to active her Jem holgram—it appears on with in a few seconds.

because it's incomprehensible.
Citizen: If you're ever looking for a replacement, here's one idea... =P

Kizor: Note to self, become genius Japanese Hollywood producer. Make series where a Magical Girl spends most of her time flying around zapping evil, but have it focus on dealing with her often-neglected home life and relationships. This is solely to make a Transformation Sequence where the heroine sheds her sparkling uniform and pastel color scheme for sensibly styled black hair and a mundane schoolgirl outfit.

Cassius335: Removed...

  • Played quite strait in "Martin Mysteries" animated series. While the main character doesn't transform, his magical watch can be changed in many different and useful tools, each one with a separate (but similar) transformation sequence. It worth to notice that in those transformation sequences Martin always wears his current outfit.

... the watch doesn't transform, it just summons the required item from Hammerspace.

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  • Also subverted in the second season where Vita attacks Nanoha during her transformation sequence, and Nanoha throwing an attack just barely after finishing her scene

Vita attacked Nanoha twice before Nanoha's transformation sequence (i.e., while in civilian clothing). Never during.

Servbot: Moved old image to Transformation Is a Free Action since really, that image was made for that page. <<

Cassius335 Good spot, though now this page looks kinda nekkid.

Sharm Hedgehog: After seeing the page image, I'm going to have a really hard time taking Tatsunoko VS Capcom seriously... 0_0