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From YKTTW Working Title: Toyless Toyline Character

macroscopic: Some info from the YKTTW that was either unclear or unnecessary:

  • The newer comics have Drift (unclear what this was in response to).
  • Tamaru (BIONICLE example?)
  • Most other LEGO toylines have some characters who do not get toys.(could be expanded upon)
  • Some Ben 10 characters. (expand)
  • None of the female Avatar characters got an action figure. (the film? Avatar: The Last Airbender is covered)
    • Some of the males never got action figures either.
  • Only Yoko got action figures in Gurren Lagann, until much later on when Kamina did. (Gurren Lagann is not Merchandise-Driven)
  • The villains have drifted toward this status in Power Rangers.
  • The protohumans from Beast Wars.
  • Another transformers one: the ark. (no reason to think there would be toys of the protohumans or the Ark)