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The Evil Dr Bolty: OK, an example that I really do not get at all. The entry for Merchandise-Driven says that it's the reason that Songbird is still on the team...when...she has no merchandise. She's more there because she's the closest thing the franchise has to an icon, but I don't know if there's a trope for that.

Binaroid: I haven't read the issues in question myself, but I think this came up in the Warren Ellis run, when Osborn was discussing his Thunderbolts' in-universe toyline (part of the Villain with Good Publicity theme). The scene seemed to be mostly setup to a parody of the "Mary Jane does laundry" statuette starring Moonstone.

Radlum: In Issue 111, Osborn tells Songbird that she's still on the team because she is "passably atractive (...) and quite toyetic", her image and abilities easily suggest toys based on her.

715: Don't forget Tweens girls love her (The One-shot about her)