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unknown: I added "E." to Kevin's name in the page quote to further drive home the point of Hypocritical Humor.
Given Dragon Ball's variety in this regard (initially food related, then the Freeza's and the Bloomer's families), I think it deserves its own section, or put them all on the Dragon Ball page and put links to that in the different sections here.

Vampire Buddha: I think it's better to split Dragonball up. The way the page is now, it's easy to see if a given section gets long enough to be split off into its own subtrope. Giving Dragonball its own section would run counter to that.

Vampire Buddha: I've split a whole lot of examples into subtropes, which was discussed in this thread. I also took out a lot of crap witch was just natter, Meaningful Name, or only a single name. Also, the page is now divided by name theme rather than medium, which I think works better.

    What was removed 

Looney Toons: Argh. That will teach me to enter links without checking them. Sorry I made you fix them, U.

Ununnilium: Iscool. Certainly I've done the same more than once.

Kendra Kirai: Why did whoever it was unbold my Galaxy Angel names? I bolded the ones that were foods for a reason. (I mean, until I looked it up, I didn't know Blancmanche or Stollen were pastries, and Milfeulle I only knew because I had looked it up a while back)

Looney Toons: I did it a couple minutes ago because basically in my browser, the bold was obnoxiously large and obtrusive, and because we don't highlight the theme element in any of the other names in the other examples.

Kendra Kirai: In the other examples they're obvious or explained.

Looney Toons: <shrug> I won't play volleyformat if you change it back.

BT The P: Could someone explain what theme Antonio, Carlos and Jobim follow, 'cause I don't get the reference.

Ununnilium: Same.

Sukeban: Antonio Carlos Jobim was a very famous Brazilian musician — he wrote the music to The Girl from Ipanema.

Ununnilium: I'm going to dispute that "in French" counts as Theme Naming.

Later: Thus:
  • All of the important characters in La Pucelle: Tactics are named after French words (Alouette, Culotte, Noir, Eclair, etc.).

JonR I'm taking out the alleged shout-out to Ah My Goddess in Freelancer, because the Norns were Norse goddesses; the AMG goddesses were named after them.
Looney Toons: Moving Dark Puck's recent addition

  • In the Sailor Moon R movie, the main villain is named Fiore, which is Italian for "flower". As it turns out, Fiore is being controlled by an evil flower.

to Prophetic Names, because that's what it is. It's only a theme if there are at least two characters with related names.
Looney Toons: Chinstar, "Raphael" is also a Renaissance Italian artist.
Looney Toons: Corrected "portemunaus" to "portmanteaus" because that's the only thing I can figure it's likely to be.
Looney Toons: Removed

  • Celebrity parents tend to give their kids themed names. Take Gwyneth Paltrow for example with her daughter Apple.

because one name is not a theme. If Paltrow had named her kids Apple, Orange and Banana, that would be a theme. This, however, is like saying that the parents of an only child named "John" indulged themselves by giving all their children names that start with "J".
Looney Toons: Okay. Removed:

  • Sheep In The Big City had a ton of this including General Specfiic and his army including Private Public, Major Know-It-All and Major Embarrasement, then also the narrator Ben Plotz.

because a series of unrelated punning names is not a theme.

  • The Nightmare Fuel filled short Fingerprint Farm featured a farmer named Farmer Hand- who was not suprisingly- a hand- a rather creepy realistic disembodied hand at that.

because, once again, everybody in chorus, one name is not a theme.

  • Gwyenth Paltrow has two children named Apple and Moses.

because, maybe I'm stupid, but I can't see a theme linking Apple and Moses.

Nornagest: It's a little weak, but the thing that leaps immediately to mind is "Old Testament".

buttbutt: more than a little. If the Apple was the only food mentioned in the OT, there might be a claim for it, but right now we have "one fruit, one Biblical figure, one mom who shouldn't be allowed to name her own children." At that point "Apple and Moses both have five letters" is just as viable a connection.
Looney Toons: Deleted recent addition

  • Bastard! named practically everything after heavy metal bands. The Kingdom of Metallicana, the Demon Lord Anthrathrax, the Halloween spell. The well-meaning but pathetic White Knight Bonjovina (who is perpetually getting beaten up, something many metalheads would like to do to his namesake). The vampire Count Di Amon is clearly named after King Diamond, as they have the same distinctive facepaint. At one point, early on, the antihero Dark Schneider attacks a priest with a fireball spell, shouting "Slayer!". The defensive spell the priest counters with? "Stryper!"

because there's already an entry for Bastard!!!!, dating back to the original creation of this page.
Looney Toons: Moving

  • Every Scene in Dynamite Headdy has a name parodying that of some famous film, e.g. "Mad Mechs", "Stair Wars", "Fly Hard", "Fatal Contraption"...

to Idiosyncratic Episode Naming, because that's really what it is. And because Theme Naming applies to characters.

Sabre Justice: ...why does the trope description go on about the use of this in anime, when the page quotes and most of the examples are in English?