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Bluetooth The Pirate: I got the specific name of this device from a friend who went to MSU's anime club with me. Whenever we'd see a roh-koku, he'd say "They must be rich",
and I'd say "Why?",
and he'd say, "They have The Thing That Goes "Doink!"".

Thanks by the way, LT, for filling in the real name and the Noh references. I just couldn't remember them. I think many more anime fans in America will know it by my name though. :)

Looney Toons: I didn't do the real name, someone else did, but I did put the Noh stuff in. That's really the sound you hear in Tenchi, not the waterclock. By the way, my wife was very amused by the entry, so ten out of ten points to you for style! Oddly enough, I thought of doing this entry myself months ago, then forgot all about it except enough to know I had forgotten something I wanted to do. I'm glad someone else remembered for me! <grin>

Red Shoe: (channeling Abbot and Costello) Noh theater has been practiced in Japan for many years, and Noh actors are highly revered. There are Noh plays performed in Japan to this very day, and Noh fans flock to Noh performances. Do I have a favorite form of Japanese theater? Yes. Noh.

BT The P: They did that on MST3K once, The Abbot and Costello thing with Noh and Kabuki. I can't remember which episode.

Looney Toons: Gah! Kabuki! That's what I meant when I was typing in "Noh"! Argh — how stupid can I get?

Looney Toons: (A day or so later, when I've calmed down) Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the original English version) also had a bit along those lines — in a game of "Theater and Film Styles", one style thrown out by the audience and used by Clive Anderson was "Japanese Noh Theatre". One of the two comedians immediately started speaking in Mock Japanese. The other just looked at him and said "Noooooooo!" Lather, rinse, repeat. <grin>

LTR: For what it's worth, I was playing Katamari Damarcy the other day, and one of the objects lying around for you to roll up is one of these. The game is already pretty outlandish, but I don't think I helped clarify anything when I said aloud "Hey, it's one of those things that goes doink!" when I saw it.... all thanks to this entry.

Ununnilium: why was the Katamari example taken out? (And it's Damacy.)

RedBeardSean: I think I need to build one of these for my front yard. I'm neither rich nor Japanese, but it's still very cool. :-)

Bright Blue: I'm not a huge Kill Bill fan myself, but does someone else with better knowledge of the films want to describe the presence of this thing in the first film's final fight scene?

Pamacii: I do believe it is either episode 12 or 18 of Ouran Host Club that it makes an appearance (I'm pretty sure its 18, but Ill have to go rewatch it to be sure)

Masami Phoenix: Re-adding the Ranma example

Fast Eddie: Having some trouble seeing how an absence of one would be an example:
  • Absent from the Inuzukas' otherwise nice place (ep. 184). Surprisingly, the sound of barking dogs was also absent...

Big T: Whoever put the picture after the first paragraph practically deserves a Made of Win. It's the first time I've seen an image on this site not have that pesky one-line wrapper.

Dracula On A Bike: I removed this
  • The actual sound of one accompanied all of the episode titles in Tenchi Universe.
because, as mentioned above, it's actually the tsuzumi and okawa that is heard there.

Sabre Justice: Why is this thing considered a sign of wealth anyway? With some instructions, bamboo, tools and pipe, I could probably build one of these things in a day.

Azaram: At a guess, pre piped running water, you had to have a spring constantly running on your property, or some other source of moving water... Showing off that you had the time and extra resources to 'waste'...

Fedora: Why is this in board games? I'd fix it myself, but I'm kinda.. new. Unless it's meant to be there, but I don't see how.

Dark Sasami: Is the thing that goes bong-bong the same as the thing that goes doink-doink? They both point to Law & Order.