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Working Title: The Psycho Rangers: [[ From YKTTW]

Jisu: Do we really need "the"?

Cassius335: Yes.

Ununnilium: Why?

Cassius335: Because that's how the originals are always reffered. They're always "The Psycho Rangers" never just "Psycho Rangers".

Cassius335: *frowns at the One Piece example* Ok, who's opposing who there?

Jisu: It took me ages to figure out that mess of an example, too. Hope I cleared it up.

AndyWaltfeld: Think that WITCH example needs removing. Y'know, since the presence of CHYKN actually makes them retroactive Legacy Characters.

Cassius335: It can't be both?

  • If you squint real hard, the Axem Rangers from Super Mario RPG may count as this.

Not really. They're Power Rangers-esque antagonists, but they're not Evil Counterparts of a team in the game.

The Adversary:

Red - Mario (leaders) Green - Mallow (unfit, spellcasters) Black - Geno (Stylish, fast, frail) Yellow - Bowser (Big, fat, lots of HP) Pink - Peach (Only females of their teams, they have the same magic speciality: healing)
I think you're trying too hard to fit all the Sailor Moon villains into this. The Ayakashi Sisters, yes. The Witches 5, yes, in the manga only. The Shitennou are depicted as being in romantic pairs with the heroes, which isn't the same thing — and anyway that's only in one picture, and there's controversy over whether it's canonical. The Amazoness Quartet have the colours, but nothing else relating each one to a particular senshi. The Animamates don't even have the colours.
Cassius335: Ecliptor, stop adding the caption. They aren't a Five-Bad Band.

Ecliptor Calrissian: Okay, maybe not, but this just sorta begs for a caption. Someone should add one.

Maggoty Anne: Would the Pushing Daisies episode "The Norwegians" fall into this category, or another? The counterparts weren't evil, and only held a passing resemblance to the protagonists.

Some Sort Of Troper: Actually those fall into the newly minted Similar Squad which brings up a point I wanted to mention: when it was in YKTTW Similar Squad got a lot of "evil counter part" examples which people kept saying "Oh that's Psycho Rangers" "Yeah, Psycho Rangers is a subtrope" etc. I moved those over here as well as taken bad fits here over to the other place. Now my question is, how well do Psycho Rangers fit into the Similar Squad mold- being a group that practically verges on being Expies, reflecting qualities in the team rather than just being tailored to defeat them?

Cassius335: I get the feeling it may be a related trope rather than a sub-trope; it depends where your cutoff point for "similar" is....

Jordan: I've watching Gundam00, and wondered if the Trinity siblings might count as one of these- They have a Robot Buddy that is the (for lack of a better term) Evil Counterpart of Lockon's, although the siblings themselves aren't really opposing specific members of Celestial Being. It's more like they are characters who seem like stock hero types at first glance (Johann as The Stoic and Nena and Michael as Hot-Blooded) but they are quickly revealed as nuts.

handshucker: The Psycho Rangers? That name sucks, Doppleganger Squad is a better name!