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I think calling Pleasantville an example is missing the point a little bit. I'm fairly certain the movie falls more in line with Change Is Inevitable.
Removed this reference:
  • Yet another: "True Love" is the power that allows Wesley to survive the life-draining Machine in The Princess Bride.

Love didn't allow him to survive; "True Love" was the "what do you have that's worth living for" that convinced Miracle Max to make a revival pill.

No, it's simpler than that for him:

Max: If I help him, Humperdink suffers? Montoya: Humiliations galore!

And only then does Max do his work.
Looney Toons: Air Of Mystery, I snipped your "(Wow, awesome! - Ed)" from the Krull example because it really doesn't belong in the entry. You should have put it here.
Mister Six: This Doctor Who example—

Later, in "The Parting of the Ways", we are given the sense that Rose's love for the Doctor is what allowed her to gain godlike powers from the TARDIS to save the day.

— is that true? I'm not sure it is at all. The Doctor states that it happened because she stared into the Heart of the TARDIS. And again—

Though we're given a technobabbly explanation about DNA, the tone of the scene tells us that it's The Power Of Love that saves the day when Nancy reveals her relationship to her son in "The Doctor Dances".

—no, it's the technobabble. The schmaltz is because a woman has been reunited with her formerly dead son. Love has nothing to do with the mechanics of it.

Mister Six: In fact, I've just taken them out. If you have to contradict what's being stated to make it a Po L ending then it's not a Po L ending.
priopaxis:since this resolves the conflict in the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" it's one of the oldest in the book , n'est pas ?
crapface: whoever put in that line from that song I just got to say that was pretty clever of you.
Cassius335: Overdoing the page quotes a tad. FIVE?

Bob: I think the Outer Limits and 8-Bit Theater ones are the best. The Shortpacked one is third. Cut the other two?

Citizen: I'd prefer no more than two. Sacrifices were made.
Zephid: I think Love Redeems and The Power of Love should be lumped. I personally can't see too much of a difference between the two. If anything, Love Redeems is a subtrope of The Power of Love. (link to forum)

Bob: I suggest you Take It to the Forums take it to the YKTTW instead of the forums. It's why we have it. (link to YKTTW)
Mystery Man 23: What comic is the "Fiona returns to the Dream World" thingy from? If the name of the comic isn't found, I'll probably delete it.

Haven: Can someone expand on why the "Dragonaut" example is "how not to do it"? Or anything at all about how it's used?