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Greenygal: Deleting the line about powerful mages in Vanyel's world having silver eyes, because their eyes actually bleach to blue; Vanyel's eyes are natural.

Meta4: Removed the Gunnerkrigg example (which I'm pretty was added by me in the first place), since grey eyes are covered by Common Eye Colors.

Ophicius: Green eyes are covered by Common Eye Colours. Also Conversation in the Main Page.
  • Harry Potter's excessively green eyes.
    • Similarly, the wizard characters in the hopeless HP rip-off Septimus Heap all have bright green eyes.
      • This troper holds that the above poster is some sort of fool who fails to understand that you can write a story about wizards without ripping off Harry Potter. Septimus Heap is an adventure story. There is no wizard school. We don't even know who the titular character really is for most of the first book. The only thing it has in common with Harry Potter is magic and using the main character's full name in the title.
    • This troper would like to point out that, since his mother, four of his aunts and two of his uncles, his three brothers, and his eleven cousins has the same sort of "excessively green eyes", this might not be so odd after all because it turns out that real people have them too.
    • Another troper herself has unusually green eyes, and has since childhood.

White Rose Duelist: About half of the examples on this page amount to "this species that doesn't exist in Real Life has eye colors that are not common to humans." Are any of those actual examples of this trope?
  • Shyria Dracnoir: From my understanding, this page is just a collection of any unusual or fantastic eye coloration that shows up in fiction, so yes. As for discussing the characterization regarding those colors, well, this page's a bit less precise.