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Fast Eddie: Worst rename ever.

Lale: Was that before or after it was renamed back?

Citizen: It used to be something else?

Chris X: Off topic but... what Reviews in the Nostalgia Critic that has the running gag of M.Bison's "OF COURSE!"

Paranoid Android: Street Fighter (naturally), and pretty much any film review after that. Batman and Robin has a lot.

Rebochan: I forget how many, but it's the best one he does.

Rebochan I can't believe this page had no image! Well, it was a toss up between M. Bison, Pinky and the Brain, and Purple Tentacle. So you guys get Purple Tentacle. Because...because...why not!?

Chris X: I demand that M. Bison's picture is put on the bottom of the page.

Rebochan: If someone has a good screencap of the "OF COURSE!" scene, I'd be for it. I'll see what I can turn up.

Wascally Wabbit: Moved the image above the indexes, as it was easy to miss.

STrRedWolf: Added reference to Evil, Inc webcomic.

Fighteer: Okay, I know M. Bison wants to Take Over the World, but that's just a picture of him, and not even a particularly menacing one. Don't we have something a wee tad bit more relevant?

Wascally Wabbit: That picture [and the OF COURSE caption] are a meme from the Nostalgia Critic videos. I'd rather go back to purple tentacle at the top and the meme at the bottom of the page if thats possible.