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Adam850: Too lazy now to add Eureka Seven as an example.

Ununnilium: Taking out...
  • This applies even to the Transformers, who are all unique robot people. The first thirteen Transformers created by Primus have yet to all be identified, but those who are known, such as Vector Prime and the Fallen, are known to be possessed of incredible power. Granted, Vector Prime didn't do quite so well in combat, but he could manipulate time itself, which qualifies him for this anyhow. The fallen, on the other hand, was unstoppable short of divine intervention from Primus himself.

...because this isn't this trope; there's no prototypes, no mass-production models, or any of it.

Charred Knight: I have no idea why Sky Girls an anime aimed squarely at Lolicon had Lolicon striked out. Just because its not Moetan, and that Nymphet show doesn't mean its not Lolicon.

Should "The Last Starfighter" be here? Didn't all the other pilots and standard Starfighter craft be destroyed in the attack on the base, requiring the titular "Last Starfighter" to use the original prototype Starfighter? Though I can't remember how much better the prototype was compared to the normal ones.
  • Nh-nn, the Starfighter in the film isn't the original prototype, it was a standard Starfighter kitted out with prototype parts. Power-wise though, it was generally about twice as powerful in most areas compared to normal ones, and had a 'death blossom' weapon added on (that burned out a chunk of the ship's the ship's circuitry when they used it, being an untested prototype and all).