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That Kid Laughing launched as Stock Sound Effects: From YKTTW


Looney Toons: I've removed part of my recent entry

ranging from a 1960s LP of the original Kipling Jungle Books stories all the way to The Bloodhound Gang's recent hit, "The Bad Touch"

because I just listened to "The Bad Touch" yesterday and didn't hear the wolf sounds I thought were on it; I must have been thinking of a different recording, but I can't remember which now. And without at least two examples on either end of the span, there's no point in putting any in.

Morgan Wick: Or they may be added to the video, where, if I recall correctly, the band members are all in dog costumes. But "recent" is odd for a late-90's song these days (would you have called Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" "recent" in 1996-7?) and I doubt I would call it a "hit"...

Looney Toons: Meh. It's all perception. I first stumbled across it not long ago in a deceptive context that led me to believe it was more recent than it actually was. Correct it as necessary. Besides, given how long these pages may last, we should avoid using "recent", "next year" and other relative terms.

Cybersteve: There's a stock metal crunching noise used for car crashes and things. I've been noticing it everywhere lately. The best instance I can remember is in the "Look Around You" episode 'Iron' whenever iron is dropped.

Silent Hunter: What about stock radio sounds? I've encountered two that might be:
  • "One One, Sierra One One"
  • "Seventy-Eight Straight Track Cupcake" (at least that's what it sounds like)

Licky Lindsay: In my mind, I always imagine a piece of studio equipment with a row of buttons, each of which produces one of the Stock Sound Effects. Every single movie studio, TV station, and radio station has an identical one of these machines. All somebody has to do is hit the "Wilhelm Scream" button and voila, there it is. Is this anywhere close to how it really works? Because it's the best explanation I could dream up.

Willy Four Eyes: What about the "Goofy Holler"? It's been used in a lot of Disney cartoons...even some that don't even involve Goofy.

dkellis: I'm not sure whether to add in another "stock radio sound effect" which I've personally only heard in one place, but which other people swear up and down are everywhere else. It's a sort of police radio going "105 North Avenue...", which can be heard in City of Heroes around police drones.

Is Audible Sharpness one of these? —Document N

Three stock effects I've noticed: a) Generic "high mountains" wind gusts, which repeat twice. First heard it in Railroad Tycoon II, and have since noticed it in some recent TV shows. b) Generic "emergency dispatcher" sound, a woman rattling off a series of numbers followed by something unintelligible, sometimes with firetruck sirens in the background. Used when you build a fire department in Sim City 3000. c) A rather recent one, which I can only describe as a very distinct piece of radio noise, similar to what you might get when tuning an old model receiver. I've heard it in the Battlefield2 menu theme, in Call Of Duty 4 as the background noise for most radio transmissions, both in single player and multiplayer and in Jericho season 1 episode 2, when one of them is tuning an old radio, just before picking up a Morse code transmission. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed it. Fourthly (but I said three...?) and to make this wall of text even longer, is it just me or did the Godzilla movie popularize a very odd sound effect, the one when he steps on a car? I recall it was used in an old download accelerator application, aptly named Go!Zilla. Phew, that's all... - cctoide

Sikon: I have noticed that two sound effects from Stargate SG-1 are used in some animated series my little brother watches (I don't know which ones):
  • The siren during an off-world activation of the SGC's Stargate (tuuuuwa tuuuuwa tuuuuwa tuuuuwa...)
  • The zat gun shot (this one was possibly reused in Totally Spies!, but I'm not sure).
  • This troper could swear that the creaking noise of a door sometimes heard at the SGC is identical to that which can be found in Worldof Warcraft.

There's also that annoying high-pitched "outdoors sound" that I first encountered in Neon Genesis Evangelion: wiu wiu wiu wiu wiiiii, wiu wiu wiu wiu wiiiii... I've also heard it in RahXephon, Excel Saga and Death Note, but never in real life — and I have no idea what's supposed to produce it.
  • That's cicadias chirping, and I swear I've heard that exact sound effect somewhere that isn't anime.

There is this stock sound I hear all the time, usually in police shows or whenever there are police around. It's a female announcer on a radio going "13-80-61. 13-80-61. [usually unintelligible at this point] sector six." Does anyone know where this clip originated from? - Daggertrout

The cuccoo sound from Legend of Zelda gets used a lot: it's a classic chicken/rooster sound. Many cartoons use it to establish the sun has just risen

I think I noticed a stock crowd-sound not listed here. Crowd-Sound. I noticed it in every Starlancer briefing and in Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode "A Disquiet Follows My Soul", when Adama walks by the mess. Just my imagination or anyone else notice it somewhere?

Would the sound that that Sylux makes in the opening of Metroid Prime Hunters count as a godzila roar? <- Link to a video of the opening

You might have to hurry on this one, because I can't imagine that IHOP will keep it on their site for long (and I can't find a link elsewhere): the warping noise when the pancakes knit together on the ad that's currently on the IHOP front page is damned familiar. I've heard it a billion times but I can't place it. Anyone wanna give me a hand?