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Ununnilium: I don't think Frozen is as common as the rest of these.
Tanto: Did some general cleanup of this page:

  • Removed a lot of the specific examples and exceptions.
  • Added the line about cures in the description.
  • Removed "curse" -- the whole point of this entry is that the conditions have consistent effects, so including one that "rarely has consistent results" is kind of the antithesis.
  • Added the Meta-Effect condition -- that could use a better name, incidentally.
  • Removed "removed", because I've never seen or heard of it.

Nirual: A common variation of these in an RTS is a effect that allows the user to share the affected units vision. Anyone got a good general name for this? In StarCraft it's a parasite, but parasites are also a common variation of poison in other games.

Tanto: Burns don't have a consistent effect, to my knowledge. I've only seen it in Pokémon and Baten Kaitos, and it's gotta have more that a couple examples to go here.

I also don't think "helpless" is an official status effect.

Evidently my rant regarding this was erased during the crash, so I'll have to repeat it... This trope is not about the exceptions. The whole point of this trope is that the effects have consistent, predictable effects from game to game. If poison does something entirely different in some random game... well, who cares? It's not relevant as far as this trope goes. It needs more than that one example to go here.