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Working Title: Spin To Deflect Stuff: From YKTTW

Cassius335: Removed the picture (twice) for being too big (even for my taste) and kinda blurry. Incedentially folks, you don't have to add a caption to a picture.
Adam850: Gah, enough with the natter on this page. If you're going to contradict an example, just edit the existing example!
Kriegsmesser: Adding a real Barrel Roll picture. I'll try to keep the size low.

Willy Four Eyes: The current picture link doesn't work. Is there another one somewhere?

Kriegsmesser: I'll reupload it to imageshack.

Noaqiyeum: "Barrel roll"? I do not think that means what you think it means. "Baton shield" would be more appropriate, I think.
Twilight: Anyone know what the guy doing the markup on the X-men example was trying to do? I tried fixing it but everything I tried redlinked so I put it back to what it was before.