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  • Would the start of Bioshock fit this trope?

Uberschveinen: No. In fact to some extent it subverts it. Even the forced landing of the plane on the water has the realistic effect of obliterating the wings and segmenting the fuselage, as well as knocking the player unconscious.
A few things: (1) Did Jedi Knight have this? I'm pretty sure Dark Forces didn't at least, but that's partly because you can't go underwater. (2) If not JK, maybe Red Faction is the exception I'm thinking of. (3) Something should probably be said about how exceptions can happen if the water is outside the explorable bounds of the level. Halo 2 had a big problem with that, where you take no fall damage at all even for extremely long drops, unless you're dropping to somewhere the designers didn't want people to get to. (And of course no game lets you survive a fall into water that's part of a skybox, since it's not even really there.) —Document N
Uberschveinen: Someone's inevitably going to mention the story of guy who fell off a half-built bridge and threw his hammer first to live. This is not true. The individual in question did fall from the Syndey Harbour Bridge (he fell from the roadway, 50 metres above the water), and he did live as a result of letting his hammer hit first to weaken the surface tension of the water. However, the impact was still so fierce that it broke every bone in his legs and half his ribs, inflicted massive internal damage, and fused the soles of his shoes to the skin of his feet.
Dentaku: I'm a bit baffled by all those categories at the bottom of the page. What purpose do they serve?

Random832: Of course, the whole "like concrete" thing is false. From the heights involved here, concrete still hurts a lot worse - if water will knock you out, concrete would kill you; if water would kill you, concrete would make you go *SPLAT*