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Jisu: Um, Gracie Lizzie, why did you undo my edits? "Boy" shouldn't be capitalized there and a menu is easier to read and understand than a clunky one-long-sentence paragraph.

Sikon: Uhm... I don't know what Russian dub the poster watched, but in the 2x2 one (later reaired on TNT), Metalia remained a queen.

YnK: Uhm... I don't know what Russian dub you watched (AFAIR, there is only one), but in the episodes I watched (still have them on my PC, and they are from the 2x2 dub, with TNT logo), Metaria clearly has male voice, and is clearly referred to as "Король Металлия" in Russian — that's "King Metallia"). This is actually a well known screw-up. Among others.

Nlpnt: This title shows up on a site search for "ninja"... shesamaNINJApan

Arrow: I assume the picture got pulled due to the confusion on what Vivian actually is, but couldn't someone just put the original pic of Trini back up in its place?

Lizuka: I'm just now looking at the discussion page, and was not aware there was a previous image on here before I edited that one in. If anyone has a problem, feel free to remove it.

Kuzlalala: Just wondering... is "Reaker" a boy's name or girl's name, because it's the name of a mog knight from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Sabre Justice: This article's page picture should really be Birdo.