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Lale: Since, like the entry says, Endymion is Sailor Earth, wouldn't a better name for this trope be Sailor Eris? There's no shortage of Fan-Art and Fan Fic featuring her.
  • Katsuhagi: Endymion is never called Sailor Earth, since Sailors can only be women, so it doesn't quite count. However, the Sailor Earth concept is fairly common and has been around for a while (while Eris was only recently named), so I think it's a good enough name.

Ununnilium: Agreed. Back when Sailor Moon made up half of all anime fanfic (with the other half being Ranma), you couldn't swing a mythologically-named cat without hitting a Sailor Earth, and Sailor Eris was nowhere to be seen; she's a new phenomenon.

Though, this may be justified, when you consider that the games feature an Economy Cast so we only see a small handful of law enforcment officers. Though, creating Sailor Earth's for this series is actually justified (even vital) to make up new suspects, victims and criminals if the fic involves a new murder mystery for Phoenix or Apollo to solve.

Pulled this out of the Ace Attorney entry. Just making up a new character doesn't mean they're a Sailor Earth; it's specifically taking the structure that the main characters fit into and coming up with someone else who could fit into that structure.


Nohbody: Someone who knows Chobits (which group doesn't include me) may want to review the example given, at the end of the example list. It looks like the previous writer (I'm too lazy to check the history :P ) forgot to finish his/her thought.

Andrusi: Or someone deleted an example following it and accidentally selected a few lines too high. I was coming here to say the same thing.

Shay Guy: You know, it's funny that more Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic writers don't use the F60 block of chapter five of the ICD-10 for Sailor Earth characters.

Looney Toons: Snipped the following for being natter:

  • By the way, a note to the creator of the page image: that's not the (alchemical) symbol for Earth, that's infinity. Earth is a circle divided into fourths by a cross inside it.
    • Actually, the creator is an acquaintance of this troper, and I believe he chose the infinity symbol for originality... because almost every single other Sailor Earth has the earth symbol.
    • Creator here. Yes, I know that the symbol for Earth is the circle with the cross and the following comment is correct. I picked the Infinity symbol because every sailor earth fanfiction site uses this. In my storyline, the Circle with the cross is used for Endymion/Mamoru and my character has the Infinity symbol. Also, I am a she, not a he. Thank you.