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Looney Toons: Why delete Cordelia from the examples, Gorgias?

Drop Dead Gorgias: She's already listed as an example of The Libby, which is listed as a type of "Rich Bitch".

Gus: Is they much distinction between the entries? (Rich Bitch and The Libby, that is.) Having never seen Sabrina, it is hard for me to tell. Both entries seem to be about the same thing.

Drop Dead Gorgias: Well, The Libby seems like the junior Rich Bitch. The distinction seems important because The Libby seems to be motivated by peer pressure and insecurity (and in many of the cases, reform before the end of the show), while the Rich Bitch is usually just pure evil.

Gus: Ah. Shifting some examples around seems to make it a little more plain.

//Should i move Veronica Di Angelo from the Saddle Club over to the Libby? she's a teenager although the SC is set around a pony club not a high school (and is a Chick Show of course)

Gus: Sounds like you should.;)

Jefepato: I'm curious about the Butch Hartman thing, as it's an accusation that comes up repeatedly on the wiki and I can't find related information elsewhere. It seems particularly odd since in Danny Phantom, Sam is also rich, and generally presented as much less flawed than Danny or Tucker.

Scifantasy: I'm guessing here, but here's the thought: Sam is an exception because she quite literally hides her wealth from Danny and Tucker for a while and is downright ashamed. Generally, rich = popular, and popular = beating down on the unpopular. (Dash, Kwan, Paulina...)

Anima: Can someone fix my crap code from the Draco Malfoy example?
  • Emma Frost from the Marvel Universe subverts it; she's a Rich Bitch who also happens to be a Super Hero. As nasty as she can be, she will ultimately do the right thing (or what she considers the right thing, at least). Of course, she started off as a supervillain, and a particularly sadistic one at that.

Real Slim Shadowen: Given that we had a White Queen entry under Comic Books already, I have no idea what this was doing under Live-Action TV. If there was a live-action TV show—and I don't recall one, but I could be wrong—this was a very poorly-worded example, as it wouldn't be the Marvel Universe but the TV's adaptation of the Marvel version.