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Willy Four Eyes: The image of Shizuru is just a placeholder until someone can find the much more wicked-looking Naraku picture that got lost in the crash. I'm working on cleaning up the markup for this page, too.

Nerdorama: Actually, I did mention Rei Ayanami before that "how has no one mentioned" bit was written. Since she fits better under the exceptions section, though, I removed my original line. Same deal for Lina.

Also re-added a couple of examples of mine that look like they were nuked by accident. If they were cut for a reason, take them out again I guess.

{{1wngdngl}}: What about the Sharingan? And Nero and Rosso in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus?

Zephid: What about this one?

Big T: I personally think she's quite cute, despite the red eyes. To the random passerby, she would probably be seen as a subversion.

Zephid: Granted, but I thought this trope was about characters having red eyes usually turning out to be villainous, as the girl pictured does. A subversion would be a character with red eyes not being villainous, wouldn't it?
vega: I'd like to mention Gyir the Stormlantern, from Tad Williams' Shadowmarch series, as an example and eventual subersion of this, simply because he is so badassed and awesome. He's a fairy warrior from beyond the Shadowline, initially acts as the Dragon of the enemy general Yasammez, but in the second book becomes a central character, and a beautifully drawn one at that. He becomes more and more sympathetic while still remaining thoroughly alien. His appearance is a reflection of his alien-ness; beyond having unearthly-pale-skin and unearthly-stretched-out build expected of Noble Fairy Tolkinish Elf-types, and the glowing red eyes that make him an example of this trope, he has no face below the bridge of his nose. (hell with Legolas, I say: Gyir is sexier. [/bizarre fangirl moment])
St Fan: I have qualms about the Order of the Stick example. Looking at the comic page, Vaarsuvius' eyes glow pink and not red, as this frequently happens when s/he power up a spell, thus not making it a straight example of the trope. There IS a straighter example with Sabine, so it is worth replacing it.
Excel-2009: Man what you talking bout. Yukari is at her funniest when angry.