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Seven Seals: This trope is different from New Powers as the Plot Demands, but we should take care to sift out the overlapping bits. It's only a proper Re-Power if the character's powerset gets reinvented completely, not just when a new power is revealed. In that sense, secondary mutations are usually more NPATPD than a repowering.

The Silver Age Superman probably doesn't count as an example here either. He's had a mishmash of powers, some of which stuck, some of which didn't, but the basics (flight, super-strength, invulnerability, staunch morality, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and a nice uniform... wait, I got off track there) were always there in the Silver Age. (Yes, this is taking into consideration that flight was tacked on too.)

The 90s Superman Red/Blue, on the other hand, is a perfect example.

Duckluck: I'm with Seven Seals, lets drop the superman/secondary mutation part — it just confuses the matter.

Ununnilium: Okay, pullin' 'em out.

  • Secondary mutations among Marvel Comics' mutant characters qualify. The basic premise is often used to Retcon Made of Iron or Power Creep, Power Seep, but sometimes this is elaborated to give a character a completely new power.
  • Superman's Silver Age version is infamous for this, but modern fans generally accept only a certain number of specific powers to him. This may be more a factor of repetition in the media, since interestingly, many of his 'proper' powers have no logical connection to each other.

Filby: Removing this...

  • In-canon, Batman actually DID receive an invite to the Sinestro Corps, and one of their power rings, alerting Hal Jordan to their existence. This was rapidly ignored.

...because it wasn't really ignored so much as a minor plot point that needed no further insight, and the main example says as much.