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Nights1stStar: Out of curiosity, where in Code Geass does the "prepared to roll a 1" quote come from?

Meocross: the "Self Decapitation by Dice" Sent me into UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER to the point that my flesh and stomach felt numb. ahhh my gawd......

Peteman: I and a friend of mine have lower than average luck with dice. However, two of my other friends have really awesome luck (at least compared to me). The number of times luck has come through for them boggles the mind. We generally refer to it as "luck stealing".

Sikon: The tropers can't be serious... really... if they really believe in all that, it's just sad.

Patsy: This is possibly the silliest trope here. That is all.

Seanette: I fail to see a problem here. This isn't The Other Wiki, after all. Fun is a major part of our agenda here.

Daviot: Agreed. Fun, education, and the ruining of free time. It's a package deal, really. Fixed the one "Please fix this" editing mistake, by the by.

Inquisitor: I always thought it'd be good to have a number generator seeded by 4chan /b/'s postcount. Gives that board's name(Random) a new meaning. Anyways, Seamus Young talks about how, to fit the even spread that results from a recording of the results of a die roll, it really IS less likely to roll a given number twice in a row rather than any other number.

Shendal: @Sikon: If you had a solid year of hard work and sacrifice dashed away on a single natural one, you'd believe in a malevolent god of the dice as well. Rest in peace, half-elf ranger...

Blork: @Inquisitor: You realise that Shamus' post was a joke based around this fallacy right? An even spread of numbers is only the expected result of a series of die rolls and to be reasonably sure of getting an even spread you need to roll a large number of times. It essentially comes down to the fact that out of 20^n possible sequences resulting from n rolls, a huge number correspond to an even spread or something close, while only one sequence corresponds to all twenties.

Nimbostratus: I'm not entirely sure, but I think a panel from today's Sinfest strip would be GREAT as the page image for this. [1]

Fire Dragon: I find that the Random Number God favors and disfavors certain weapons. One character in a D&D game I've participated in hit quite frequently with all weapons except the weapon we have since dubbed the -5 Crossbow of Missing.