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Jisu: Regarding the Fate example, I don't think the original poster meant to say that the phrase "Chaotic Good" made no sense. Considering that the character in question fills the role of Dragon twice, is half of an Evil Duo, eats souls on a regular basis and also happens to be a Stalker with a Crush of the main haremette? Yeah.
Citizen: Fate example had too much discussion, trimmed back down. Let's not get into a discussion about all the various interesting ways Nasuverse characters can destroy the world, please. Also, removed the Tsukihime example, as side material stating that Arc is about four times as strong as a Servant is just a comparison of strength, not an absolute number.
Real Slim Shadowen: This:

  • The Greek letters were a mix of power level and ability to go undetected by non-mutant society. Hence, Iceman was an "omega"-level mutant while someone like Nightcrawler—for instance—would be relegated to alpha with his holo-watch on or beta without. completely inaccurate.

Paireon: Another amusing Marvel example: on the 1-to-7 stat scale they use to rank their characters, Rogue was given a 1 for intelligence- which is basically anything from the IQ of a rock up to that of a mentally handicapped person. Apparently not having much of a formal education makes you automatically a retard. Oh, and Punisher is physically stronger than Wolverine by a whole degree of magnitude. I'm not a fan of a lot of things that go with the ornery little hairball, but to say his muscular capabilities are significantly lower than a guy who probably trains and fights about as much and who doesn't have the advantages of a healing factor is ridiculous.