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That Other 1 Dude: About the thing from The Batman Vs Dracula. From what I saw the match was more or less a curb-stomp on Dracula's part while Batman lured him into the sunlight machine. Even if that did happen it would fall under Lowered Monster Difficulty and not this.

Props to whoever added the quote at top. It's the funniest, cleverest I've read for any entry in the context of the subject matter discussed.

Pavlov: Moving all the Superman vs Venom natter here for safekeeping. Personally, I think Binchou-tan could kick both their asses, given a motivated author.

  • Maybe Supes was trying to think of a way NOT to kill him? Or fixing a bridge with Heat vision in an alternate future at the same time? Also, Supes would clobber the Juggernaut.
  • Supes has clobbered the Juggernaut. He took Juggs down with one punch in the first issue of Marvel vs. DC.
  • Superman tends to put mental blocks on his own powers as not to immediately kill everything in his path, which is the ONLY reason this could happen, although as far as Juggs goes, magic + infinite stamina = win over Supes.
  • Unless Supes tosses him in space. He flies. Juggernaut doesn't. He's also faster.
  • By all means, let's discuss that here. We need a couple more of these circle thingies about who'd beat who. And didn't the Venom thing happen to Superman during Final Night, you know when his pow.... wait now this Troper fell into it. It's a trap! It's a trap!

Robin Zimm: Looking at the wicks for this page, it seems a lot of people are taking the title literally as any instance when a character's power increases or decreases — when the page text claims to speak only to power levels being shunted up and down to balance crossovers in a universe. Perhaps make this an index, make a new page for the current content, and link that and tropes like So Last Season.