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  • In a later episode just before the election, Bush himself appeared in a sketch where he said he was "ambilavent" about being on the show, as some of its material is "offensible".

This is more a Malapropism.

  • From Real Life, anything that boxing manager/promoter Don King says.
  • William Shakespeare, Lewis Caroll and Edgar Allan Poe were good at coining words.
  • And don't misunderestimate George W. Bush's ability to do so, either.
    • This troper insists that subliminable means "not actually subliminal, but apparently meant to be". Thanks for naming that, George!

I'd argue that just "making up new words" misses the point of this trope; thus, none of these are examples.

Thus, not an example.
Mike Rosoft: Until/unless this page gets Troper Tales, I am going to include it here: On The Other Wiki, a user created an article about a bogus word "Antidisrevisionmentarianism". When it was nominated for deletion, he argued:
It's a perfectly cromulent word. Perhaps it needs further etymologic fleshing out and placement into the wiki dictionary.
The response?
It's a perfectly feculent word and needs flushing out.