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Nezumi: ... When I first saw this entry's name, I thought it was going to be about the "Map split into pieces" flavor of MacGuffin.

Sikon: Nope, that's the Gotta Catch Them All flavor.
Tanto: Avatar doesn't really count here.
Prfnoff: Removed the image, for being an off-site link, and because "it's really too dark to see the map, anyway," as the review says.
Trimeta: Should some mention be made of Xendric (a continent in the Dungeons and Dragons setting Ebberon), where due to A Wizard Did It you not only have tropical rain forests next to arctic tundra, but the geography changes when you're not looking? Also, two different caravans can travel the same path but have orders of magnitude different travel times, even though neither party thought it was going at an unusual pace.
Tamfang: "Tolkien himself Lampshaded this" where/how? If this line refers to the upheavals of the Elder Days, that's already mentioned in the main paragraph.
  • I finally got around to answering this! You see, Tolkien was quoted as saying that he mapped out ME paleogetically, not geologically. Or so I heard.