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Prfnoff: Even here, we won't have canon examples. I've already relocated several canon examples to Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue".

Rebochan: We are going to have these examples so long as you're the only one that wants them to go. If you are not, discuss it on the Canon Sue discussion page so everyone involved gets to contribute an opinion.
Decide the fate of the examples here.
Prfnoff: Took the Canon Sue examples off this page, since we've decided to keep them in the main page. I may never be able to atone for unilaterally deleting them. Nevertheless, this is not an example of Parody Sue:
  • Bastian Balthazar Bux in the second half of The Neverending Story is a deconstruction of a Marty Stu. Once he gets to Fantastica, he becomes handsome, smart, uber-competent, gains the protection of the magical amulet AURYN which grants his wishes and gives him power over everyone, and the best friend of Atreju, the hero of the first half of the book. However, his overconfidence is manipulated by the witch Xayide, who convinces him to attempt a coup d'etat against the Childlike Empress, and each of his wishes makes him lose a memory. He almost loses himself until he overcomes his selfishness and desire for power and reverts to his old self, only far more self-confident, and goes back to the real world.

Rebochan: Eh, these tropes are still a mess, you were only trying to help. At the moment, I don't have the time nor patience to start another YKTTW discussion, nor do I want to deal with the fallout of these pages somehow finding a way to become even worse, or simply ceasing to exist. Anyway, you're right, that's definitely not a deconstruction.
HOW is Hinagiku a "parody" Sue? She's played completely straight, pretty much everyone in universe likes her, but not everyone is utterly devoted to her (so it's not going to the over-the-top that Parody Sue implies), people make passing comments on how multitalented she is, but no one snarks on it... Hinagiku seems to me more or less a straight Canon sue.
Master_Prichter: Someone please explain to me, convincingly, exactly why Medaka from Medaka Box is a Parody Sue. I know I don't find her funny, and I know I'm not in the minority. Even in this article, she's not mentioned to be funny, just overpowered. If this remains unanswered for 1-2 days, I'm removing her from here and restoring her to God Mode Sue status.

For what it's worth, the reason I don't find it funny is because it's not contrasted to anything. Not herself (No part of her personality is non-awesome) not others (There are no super-weak characters to draw humour from) and not to our expectations (By chapter 2, there's no surprises when she uses a new skill).

Jerrik: I wouldn't say she is a parody in the sense that she is meant to be funny, but I think she still is an example. She is suppose to be awesome in every way, and the story reflects that. It's rather obvious that she was created as a Mary Sue, and the other characters lampshade it constantly. She isn't a straight example because the actual plot consist mostly of things that happen because of her rather than things that happen to her. She probably fits better here than in another category.