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Andrew: Why is pedophilia misspelled so many times on this page? >_>

Kizor: You mean p-a-e-...? I think that would be the British spelling.

Citizen: Damn the British and their unnecessary vowels! *shakes fist*

LKArtillery: Why don't we change it back to "Pedo?" As far as I've seen, nobody else on the internet spells it that way, and I was massively confused by the title when I saw it. Besides, I may not be British, but I read it as "Pie-edo Hunt". Also, call him Paedo Bear, and you will get raped.

Wheezy: I'm also American, but I think you guys are being stupid. "Change it back?" It's an alternate spelling, not an incorrect one. Almost all British people I've seen, both IRL and on the internet, spell (and pronounce) it that way.
The article states that a quarter of pedophiles are female. I have strong doubts this is the case; some sources even insist that pedophilia is exclusively a male trait. Note that pedophiles are attracted to in plural, children. Mary Kay Letourneau probably wasn't a pedophile, since she was only attracted to one child and still seems to be attracted to him even though he's now very much an adult. I'm not saying there has never been a female pedophile, but I really don't think the rate is as high as 25%.

RedViking: I think you're relying too much on strict definitions. Remember, there's a huge Double Standard between male and female pedophiles so it could very well be that high, but many people are not ready to believe it.

Some people are ready to believe it, but highly skeptical considering how many women seem to want older men. ...Or So I Heard.
ShyriaDracnoir: What scares this troper the most about this sort of mentality is this; most families like to collect images of their children for sentimental reasons. Some of these pictures might involve nudity (say, "Baby's first bath" or the dreaded "Embarrassing baby pictures". Now, considering some of the examples in the real-life section, how long would it take for a parent or child to get in trouble for posting them to a personal blog or even having them in the first place? (Even I doubt that the situation will actually get that bad; what bugs me is that I would hardly be surprised if it did; the system is just THAT screwed up)
Haven: Preserved a Made of Win worthy comment:

  • This also applies to every form of player-to-player communication in every single video game, ever. XBox Live has also been cited as a hotspot for pedophiles seeking victims.

This troper just wants to blame this trope for her obsessive-disorder intrusive imagery. Having this problem stinks even if you know what it is, and when you're fifteen, don't know what it is, and spend nearly a year constantly panicking that being in the same room with a child is turning you into a paedophile, it's about the most un-fun thing ever. The whole business wouldn't even have occurred to me if not for the whole witchhunt thing the culture has going on. Then again, if I hadn't been panicking about that I'd probably have been getting obsessive intrusive imagery about *murdering* children or something, which is probably worse ...

[Mercuryin Retrograde]: Why would anyone have 'strong doubts' that 25% of pedophiles are female? I actually have strong doubts that the percentage is _that low_. Is there something innate to men that makes more of them prefer children? Or are women shielded from suspicion by society's attitudes towards females as innately nurturing and good? I have to confess I'm extremely suspicious of positions that rely on the gender essentialist notion that 'men are innately more evil'. Also anyone who has been a victim of a female pedophile knows that there is extreme stigma to speaking out—I would say the vast majority of us remain completely silent.

Max: Not just female pedophiles, either. There's this weird multi-cultural belief that women are "weaker" than men, and therefore being victimized by one makes you (if you are a man) weak. Also, the "people" who believe it's impossible for a woman to molest anyone. I'd wager that the statistics are vastly skewed towards men being pedophiles (and rapists,) simply because people are just plain stupid.

Ultimatum:There is still alot of natter in the Real life examples section,even after myself and another Troper removed some of it.Prehaps what is needed is an example excluson for the Real life examples on this trope?Since it generates by far the most natter?