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Citizen: Ancient Red Dragon breathes fire! Another one bites the dust... ^^
  • "Ursula Le Guin's Earth Sea series has an interesting take on dragons."

Um... don't elaborate or anything. >:/
Moving this to discussion:

  • Beowulf kills a dragon and then dies of its venom, awoken after a servant steals a cup from its treasure hoard. There's also much confusion over whether Grendel and/or his mother are dragons, ogres, demons, monstrous humans, or something else entirely.
    • Grendel, at least, is a Draug, isn't he?
      • OK, so what's a Draug?

Ununnilium: "look them up in the Other Wiki" No, no, no, no, no. We exist to give at least enough detail as to how something fits the trope.

Chandagnac: Sorry about that. I couldn't think of a way to write about them that wouldn't result in a massive paragraph. Whoever edited it (you?) seems to have managed it, though. Damn, I'm ashamed.

Fast Eddie: Shame? Tropers have no shame. Massive, curvy paragraphs, sure. Shame? Uh-uh.
Ununnilium: Conversation in the Main Page:
  • Ba-dump-bump!
  • Just about everyone has ripped off Bahamut and Tiamat (at least Yu-Gi-Oh changed the names...)
  • In fairness, those two do come from mythology - Bahamut from Arabian and Tiamat from Mesopotamian.

Ozy and Millie's Llewellyn? *English*?

The name is 100% Welsh (it's not as if there aren't a bunch of "ll"s and "y"s to give the game away), and given the age of the character, there's no way he's English.
Citizen: I just don't like that quote style, Meta. The smaller text size helps set the quotes apart from the main body, for one thing. =/
Peanut: In the main page there is something about half dragons as a result of a dragon assuming a human form. Would the offspring hatch from an egg or be born like a person would be?

Houdini - There's gotta be a better picture than this. come on.
  • Geoduck - I posted a detail from one of Paul Kidby's Disc World illustrations. Hopefully he won't sue.