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Sikon: Actually, Neon Genesis Evangelion doesn't start the first episode this way — it just flashes "2015 AD" and begins with Shinji's arrival in Tokyo-3, skipping all the backstory, which isn't revealed until later. The year alone hardly counts as Opening Scroll, especially given how many other shows do that — it should probably be a trope by itself.

Seth: We have one of those, it was another one with a Hey Arnold! picture. Title Card i think, could be mistaken though. Later: No it was Title In - anyone would be forgiven for missing it though - it is one of the oldest pages on the wiki.

Morgan Wick: And it has five inbound links.

Yoshi348: This isn't something I'd just barge in and edit, but I've often heard people refer to this as a mark of death. It seems whenever you get an Opening Scroll in a movie, the movie that follows is inevitably going to suck unless it's Star Wars. Are there any other counter-examples to this, even debatable ones?

Arakhor: Well, there was the 80s film Legend, which had an opening scroll, I believe, and which featured Robert Picardo and Tom Cruise. Don't the Lord of the Rings films start with a scroll?